How corner shelves can decorate interior design

The space in the corners quite often remains untapped, despite the fact that many modern houses are keenly questioning: "where do you constantly accumulate trifles?". It is for such situations and there are stylish and practical corner shelves. They not only help to turn a useless corner into a convenient storage for books, decor and similar things, but can also serve as a decoration and stylish accessory for any room.

In this article we have collected several examples of functional and beautiful corner shelves, which look great in the design of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway etc. Wall and floor, built-in and suspended, shelving and shelving - modern corner shelves can have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles to perfectly complement your home.

So, you want to save space in the apartment? Do not you like emptiness in the corner of the interior? Do you want to make the design of the room more unique? Or maybe you do not know how to present all your books, dishes, souvenirs and other decor in the most favorable light? Then the corner shelves are the first thing you should pay attention to.

Stylish Corner Shelves (photo)

Kitchen, bathroom and hallway are the most problematic rooms in the house in terms of the need to store a large number of small things in them. Thick floating shelves are already a fashionable trend, and open corner shelves also help to save a lot of space and make the room look freer.

Wooden shelves for kitchen walls Floating Corner Shelves in Kitchen Interiors Design of a small bathroom with corner shelves Built-in corner shelves in the bathroom

In the hallway, the corner shelves can simultaneously function as a stylish clothes hanger or stand under bags and shoes.

Corner shelves in the hallway designShelf with hanger for hallway and corridorTransparent shelf in the corner of the hallway

High and narrow floor angular shelves (shelves) can look very elegant even with the simplest decor.

Elegant corner shelves for decor in rooms Stylish corner shelf (shelf) on three legs Corner shelves of unusual materials

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At the same time, some corner shelves can have a very stylish and original design that will catch your eye and transform the entire shape of the space.

Corner shelves for unusual interior design Rounded corner shelves for the living room Beautiful geometric shelves for the corner of the roomHigh shelf for uncomfortable living room corner

If you like to read and constantly buy new books, then pay attention to the book corner shelves and racks.

Library in the shelter - corner shelves High corner bookshelves Corner shelves for books and decor on the wall

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In the last photo you see how the corner shelves can act as a home office (on the left) or a simple decoration for the living room. And in the following images you are presented with really amazing corner shelves, encircling the angle between the walls in the corridor and other spaces.

The idea for decorating the corner with shelves Corner shelves in the corridor Corner shelves for two rooms

We hope that after these photos you no longer doubt that corner shelves can help make your interior design more functional and interesting. It remains only to note that beautiful corner shelves, like any piece of furniture, can be manufactured by you yourself (see the photo below). Thank you for reading Dekorin!

Shelves for decoration by own hands