Bookcase and libraries for home - 50 photos in the interior

To date, bookcases and libraries for the house have not lost their popularity. People all also read ordinary printed books, despite the abundance of electronic information in gadgets. Ideally, when the house can allocate a whole room under a spacious library, where you can store books and read them. However, many of us live in small apartments, so the best solution is to put the bookcase in one of the rooms. In this article Dekorin will tell you about this subject of the interior.

Bookcases and libraries for the home

A traditional model of bookcases is a rack with open shelves. This is how you can decorate the interior with the help of books, because they will all be in sight. This version of the bookcase can stand alone or be built into the niche. Often an open rack is supplemented with closed shelves and lockers. You can even find models where closed and open shelves are staggered. So, on the open shelves you can put books that you want to keep in sight. In closed lockers, you can add household items and other books.

The next variant of the bookcase is a rack with glass doors. So, all books will be seen, but they will be protected with doors. On the glass in such cabinets you can put a barely noticeable tint. Thanks to this book will be protected from the sun, dust and moisture. This closet is suitable for people who are going to store valuable books.

Connoisseurs of beauty can look at bookcases with illumination. Such furniture looks quite impressive, and besides the additional lighting on the shelves for books does not hurt. An example of bookcases is in the photo below.

If you have a lot of books, it's logical to choose a rack that is high up to the ceiling. This model will save space and accommodate many more books. However, for such a high cabinet just need a ladder to reach the top shelves. For safety reasons, it is better to install a handrail next to the stairs. In general, this design looks solid and impressive, and also gives home comfort and comfort.

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Bookcase in the living room

Where else, if not in the living room, can you comfortably sit down and finish reading the next book? It is in this room that most people prefer to keep their books.

By the way, if the room has a fireplace, the bookcase will look very good next to it. So, if the fireplace is in the middle, then on either side of it you can put bookshelves, and directly above the fireplace install the TV.

Bookcase in the living room без камина можно расположить вдоль одной из стен. Так, например, верхние полки для книг могут быть открытыми, а нижние — с дверцами для хранения каких-либо вещей.

Want to save space in the living room? Install the bookcase right around the doorway. It not only looks unusual, but also allows you to store a huge number of books.

bookcase in the living room, photo 14bookcase in the living room, photo 15bookcase in the living room, photo 16bookcase in the living room, photo 17bookcase photo, photo 18навесной bookcase, photo 19antiquarian bookcase, photo 20fireplace bookcase, photo 21bookcase in the living room, photo 22

Bookcase in the nursery

For children, a bookcase is a must, because kids always like to read interesting books and fairy tales. However, the storage of a mini library for the child should be carefully thought through. So, the bookcase in the nursery should be of appropriate height. The child should easily reach out to any book in the closet. Such furniture should be of high quality with sufficiently processed corners.

You can choose a locker of any design, ranging from calm tones and ending with bright models that kids like so much.

A simple and original way to decorate an open book rack is to finish the wall behind it. Such a rack will look bright and original, which means that the child will want to approach him more often.

Choosing a bookcase in the nursery, be sure to consult a small host of the room.

bookcase, photo 23bookcase in the nursery, photo 24bookcase in the nursery, photo 25bookcase to the children's room, photo 26bookcase in the nursery, photo 27bookcase with your hands, photo 28bookcase with table, photo 29

Bookcase in the study

It is difficult to imagine an office without a bookcase. It is this situation that can not be better tuned to the workflow. Usually the cabinet is set up with wooden bookcases and racks from the floor to the ceiling. But this is not the only option. If the room is small and there is no possibility to allocate a whole wall, the bookcase in the cabinet can be installed around the window opening.

There are times when there are very few books, and then a small locker can be allocated to store them. Again, start with your own needs and the number of copies in your library.

It is good, if in the office a bookcase with a table is combined or goes with one set. In this version, the cabinet will look more impressive and solid. In the photo below, see examples of bookcases located in the office.

bookcase in the study, photo 30bookcase in the study, photo 31bookcase in the study, photo 32bookcases and libraries for the home, photo 33bookcase with computer table, photo 34

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Designer bookcases

Designer bookcases призваны подчеркнуть вашу уникальность и оформить пространство в интересном для вас стиле. Существует множество дизайнерских книжных шкафов на любой вкус, начиная от шкафа в виде колеса обозрения и заканчивая шкафами необычной изогнутой формы.

Perhaps the most unusual design option is the bookcase in the door. It turns out that this happens not only in films. So, the door is equipped with open shelves, where you can put books in one row, and there are casters from below to avoid the sagging of the door. See modern design bookcases on the following photos and enjoy the beauty.

designer bookcases, photo 35bookcase photo design, photo 36bookcase photo design, photo 37

Bookcases in the interior: models

There are many models of bookcases, among which are:

  • Corpus bookcase.
  • Built-in bookcase.
  • Modular bookcase.

Most often they use case models, because they are functional and mobile. Conveniently, it is possible to rearrange such a cabinet to any other place.

Built-in bookcases are often equipped with sliding doors. They are located in a niche from floor to ceiling and securely attached to them. This closet does not exactly fall, so this model can be considered the most reliable.

bookcase, photo 38built-in bookcase, photo 39built-in bookcase, photo 40

Modular bookcase is a very interesting and modern design. So, all racks can be combined with each other, which is very convenient.

modular bookcase, photo 41modular bookcase, photo 42

In any case, the bookcase in the interior should look appropriate and harmonious.

Bookcase in modern style

Choosing a bookcase for the house, it is important to consider not only its functional side, but also the design. It is necessary to think in advance in which room the closet will stand and how well it will fit in the interior.

bookcase in a modern style, photo 43bookcase in a modern style, photo 44

So, for example, the bookcase of the classic is ideal for a room in the interior of which natural materials predominate. The design of such a bookcase differs openwork carvings in a wood array.

bookcase classic, photo 45bookcase classic, photo 46bookcase classic, photo 47

As an alternative, you can choose an antique bookcase. Typically, these cabinets differ in regular shape and strict design.

old bookcase, photo 48Ancient bookcase, photo 49

Choosing a bookcase in a modern style, it is worth paying attention to simple minimalist models. Such cabinets can have glass inserts or a steel finish.

In this article, we examined various types of bookcases and the possibility of placing them in the living room, nursery and study. The bookcase of the house is very convenient, functional and the opportunity to decorate your interior is interesting.