Fashionable interior design 2017: 7 popular styles

Planning to do repairs? Then meet - 7 leading styles in interior design for today. Descriptions and photos below will help you choose a fashionable finish, furniture and decor for each room, so that they match the main trends of 2017. You will learn the secret of the popularity of loft and provence, how you can create a modern interior design with old things and much more. Be in the trend!

What's new brought interior design in 2017

Some styles of design in the interior quickly appear and go out of fashion, others (the same Provence) have enjoyed our love and admiration for many years. Periodically we remember them and again bring them to our homes and apartments, but already interpreting according to the new time. 2017 was the year when the interior design entered a new one in the form of a well-forgotten old:

  • Quality furniture with a simple and functional design in the spirit of times of mass construction of the 60's;
  • Pipes, lamps and rough industrial-style products that recall the flourishing industry in the last century;
  • "Bohemian" kind of dwelling with numerous art objects, bright and unusual things;
  • Tiles, curtains and carpets with ethnic motives;
  • Nostalgic decor in the form of posters, clocks, appliances and other things in retro style.

The original decor and simple furniture perfectly complement each other against the background of brick, concrete, wooden or solid walls. Indoor plants and other natural accents compensate for the unnatural appearance of industrial parts. 2017 attracts us with contrasts, but this does not mean that there was not room for home comfort and warmth. Look at the review of 7 fashionable styles and beautiful photo of interiors!

1. Interior design in style loft and indastrial

Loft style is a new trend in interior design inspired by the homes of the creative intelligentsia in the early 1900s. They equipped under the apartments attics of abandoned industrial premises, from which the key features of the style stem:

  • Naked brick and concrete walls;
  • Open pipelines;
  • Industrial tables and lamps;
  • Rubbed wood on walls and ceiling.

These features lie at the base of the loft and industrial design, but on this similarities between them end. In interiors in loft style, there is a variety of furniture and bright decor in the bohemian spirit: paintings, posters, records, figurines, colorful fabrics. At the same time, the industrial style is often mitigated by rustic motifs and wooden furniture. The use of dark colors gives the industrial design a chic and in some places an antique look.

Fashionable interior styles - Loft style apartment designPopular design styles in the interior of 2016 - 2017Industrial Interior Design 2016Loft interior design - photo 2016 modern ideas

2. Style interior retro-minimalism in the spirit of the 60's

In the middle of the 1900s, the furniture design flourished almost all over the world. It was then that the world appeared cult objects Saarinen, the four Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen and others. In the production was introduced cast plastic and plywood, improved the varnishing and finishing of surfaces. In the USSR signed the "Decree on eliminating excesses" and began to produce ergonomic furniture in the style of minimalism, which you can learn in detail in our article History of the development of Soviet furniture.

Simple, elegant and natural forms of furniture in the spirit of those years returned to interior design in 2017. They are complemented by colorful fabrics, expressive lamps and vintage decor from different styles to give the room an original eclectic look.

Modern trends in interior design 2016 - retro furniture Styles in the interior - photo of the retro minimalism designPopular styles in the interior - retro minimalism in the spirit of the 60's The most popular interior styles are retro on photo

3. French Provence country style

We love the style of Provence because it warms the interior with warm tones, wooden furniture and patterned fabrics. Cheerful blue, pink and lavender shades against the background of beige and creamy walls bring a sunny mood to the house. Painted vases and flower pots help to give the rooms the charm of a French village. To make this design fresher and more appropriate fashion, in 2017 designers began to add industrial lamps and vintage metal products, for example, chairs, shelves and shelves.

Fashionable interior design 2016 - Provence bedroom and kitchen Interior styles - Provence living room on the photo Design styles in the interior of the living room - modern Provence New in interior design 2016 - Provence kitchen Interior Design 2016 - photo new items for the bedroom

4. Scandinavian interior design in apartments

Another style of the interior, which was formed in the middle of the last century! Despite the fact that most people associate the Scandinavian design with IKEA, today it offers many different ideas for the design of small apartments. In 2017, we collected a selection for you 15 stylish apartments in Scandinavian style, where you can appreciate it in all its glory.

Fashion trends in interior design 2016 - Scandinavian style Trends in interior design 2016 - Scandinavian styleInterior design photo 2016 in Scandinavian style Fashionable interior design 2016 in Scandinavian style

5. Bohemian decor and style of interior (boho)

This can not even be called a fully formed style, nevertheless bohemian decor today is at the heart of many breathtakingly bold and avant-garde interiors. Original patterns and colorful colors, an abundance of pillows and carpets, decorative trifles on every horizontal surface - the key to this design is to purposefully create a sloppy and careless look.

Add here works of art, ethnic motifs, souvenirs from eastern countries and animal skins, in order to emphasize the absence of boundaries and barriers for you, and your bohemian interior is ready!

Modern trends in interior design 2016 - bohemian decor Bohemian style in the interior of the bedroom Bohemian interior design - photo 2016 modern ideas Bohemian interior design 2016 - photo new items for the living room

6. Modern urban design of apartments

The design of interiors in urban style represents a cosmopolitan environment, with all the contradictions and contrasts arising from it. Glamorous shine and screaming graffiti on the walls, modern minimalism and wealth of ethnics, smooth plastic and a shabby tree - this style is expressive and able to impress your guests from the doorstep. Choose for him low and wide furniture, thin fixtures, geometric patterns and shapes, mirrors and decor of metal. Decorative jewelry should be allowed to express your creative nature and attitude to life.

Modern urban style in the interior - photo in the living room Popular styles in the interior of the living room - urban design New in interior and design 2016 - photo of living room in urban style Fashionable interior design 2016 in urban style Popular styles of interiors in the design of the living room - photo 2016

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7. Interior design 2017 in the style of the chic chic

The style of the interiors "shebbie chic" was certainly invented by fans of flea markets. For him, the "old" kind of furniture with scratches on wood, cracked paint and other signs of wear is noteworthy. At the same time, the decor for the room in the style of the chebbly chic must be soft, cozy and lush, creating a sense of luxury. Light pastel colors, classical carvings, forged parts and exquisite fabrics are other characteristic features of this design.

Design styles in the interior - the chic chic New in interior design 2016 - the style of the chic chic Interior Design 2016 - photos of novelty shebbie chic bedroom Fashion trends in interior design 2016 - Sheba Chic Chic Room

Let me know what you think! Which of these popular styles did you like most, and which less?