Interior of a small house: made to the conscience

Interior of a small house from Kodasema

Interior of the small house KODA

Interior of the small house KODA, созданного эстонской студией дизайна Kodasema, поистине впечатляют. В отличие от крошечных американских модульных построек, он может похвастаться 23 квадратными метрами жилого пространства – жилой комнатой, ванной, да ещё и хранилищами на двух его уровнях.

It is possible that this project will indeed become revolutionary. The founder of the company Ular Mark, dealing with him, tried to answer all questions about this development.

"Comparison with the car factory is quite appropriate. Why do not houses have sophisticated electronics? Why are they not built with ideally calibrated robots? Why do machines have a carefully designed design, and most houses are built in a hurry and completely deprived of it?

It really hits the eye, especially if you remember that the car tends to turn into metal scraps after 15 years, and the house, presumably, will serve for several centuries. Logically arguing, you can come to the conclusion - at home should have the best design. This conclusion, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the current reality. " Interior of the modular small house

Interior of a small house: "Lego" for adults

The walls, 15 centimeters thick, consist of several layers - fibrous concrete panels from the outside, hardening wood laminated strips inside, and vacuum insulation panels between the first two.

As a result, their coefficient of heat build-up is very high - about 0.1 W / m²K, and for double-glazed windows - three times as much! These are very high rates.

The use of such houses is very economical. For example, the erection of one such, will require only 9 square meters of concrete, and at the end of its service, all components can be extracted and reused.

To erect KODA, you do not need to dig a lot - or, if it's possible, you have to suffer from the foundation. For all the bulk of the house, its base is very small - only 25 square meters.

Interior of a small multifunctional house

Very small room, containing, all the necessary

The walls and ceilings are made of flat panels, to which three-dimensional empty modules are attached at each end - one adds a bathroom, a machine compartment and an attic, the other - double-glazed windows, inserted directly into the concrete without the use of traditional frames.

Both three-dimensional modules also add strength structure. Look at how they disassemble the prototype in the factory, load it into trucks and reassemble in Tallinn:

A ceiling height of 4 meters could cause transportation problems in North America, where the maximum dimensions allowed on the tracks are only marginally higher. On the other hand, the ceiling of the bathroom does not even reach the bottom of the standard, and definitely will not cause any problems.

The layout of a small house

Very clear draft

In his interview, Ular talks about his ambitions in more detail: "I want to build a thousand houses, continuously improving the quality and interior, while reducing the cost in parallel. As a professional, I feel more like an auto designer than an architect. The only difference here is that I seem to be responsible for the appearance of the parking lots. " Small house under a big tree

A tiny house of nature is not an enemy

Of course, with all these advantages, there are several problems - even such a house needs land, water and a sewage pipe, these are quite ordinary difficulties inherent in other modular models. Of course, to start selling them in the thousands, you will have to be patient. But Mark is already on his way to his dream - and, by the way, appreciate this bicycle stand!

Designer interior of a small house

When the designer said that everything is in the house, he really had it in mind

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