5 unusual interior decorations with a small christmas tree

To make your New Year's interior truly unique, you do not have to install a whole tree at home. Enough and a small twig. Therefore, do not be sad if you do not have time to buy a huge Christmas tree home, or if you have nowhere to put it, here are 5 unusual interior decorations with the help of a small Christmas tree (twigs):

Sprig of a Christmas tree in an unusual vase

Decorate with toys and put in a vase of unusual shape. Do not forget also that the table on which the vase stands should also be decorated.

Unusual decor of the Christmas tree

Put on a traditional star and add a few stars of different colors and sizes to the surroundings.

Sprig of Christmas tree in a glass bottle

Decorate with one large Christmas tree toy, made by own hands. Nearby you can put another toy, as if she accidentally fell from a twig.

Bright window decoration

Put a sprig in the pot and put it on the window. Window decorate with a large and bright decor, for example, bright luminous stars.

Christmas tree in a flowerpot

Put a Christmas tree in a large unusual flower pot and hang a few small toys, and next to arrange gifts. The most important thing is to observe the color scheme, then everything will look laconic and beautiful.

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