Burgundy color in the interior and its combinations +42

Bordeaux color in the interior

With burgundy color, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of external aesthetics and refinement. It will allow any room to look expressive and expensive. It is necessary to take into account only moderation of use and to choose combinations for each separate room with different functionality. This will make the design well-adjusted and stylish. And although the burgundy color in the interior is considered a difficult decision, the photos will surely be pushed to the adoption of the right one.

  • tapestries;
  • textiles in country style;
  • Silky carpets with recognizable oriental ornaments;
  • abstract painting.

Shades of burgundy in accessories

Color proportionality

Depending on the functional of the room, designers recommend the dosage of this color. After all, a comfortable pastime depends not only on personal preferences. Sometimes even a favorite shade of burgundy is able to deliver discomfort, negatively psychologically push, if there is excessive.

Bordeaux color in wall decoration Of great importance is the total area of ​​the room - Bordeaux does not like small rooms. It is able to reduce space visually. Therefore, bright colors are chosen in the companions, reducing the overall dramatic color.

Kitchen set with burgundy facades

Pleases with ideal, verified duets, without the right to make mistakes, with such tones:

  • thin shades of beige;
  • pearl and smoky gray;
  • pure white;
  • cream, milk, champagne, any alternative modifications of white.

Maroon walls in the interior

Black-and-white interiors come alive thanks to bright fruit-fruit shades. A distinctive finish will add contrast to such a trio, consisting mainly of achromatic colors. Even the calm, muffled tones of the burgundy wall will not allow to look boring the zone of the hallway or kitchen, if on the floor - black and white tiles. But the predominant amount of dark color, without a sufficient fraction of light, will make the room gloomy.

Bordeaux Textile

Not every room will withstand the abundance of deep shades of French wine in the interior. Sometimes it is advisable to choose something for expressive color: furniture instead of walls, or only decorative small objects, as in the case of a nursery. The table of preferential use of color in concrete rooms will help you from the point of view of psychological comfort, regardless of cubature.

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Walls and ceiling painted in bordeaux color

Accent surface areaLarge ItemsMinor accentsPrimary color
Living room++++

Bordeaux color and black and white floors

Luxury living room

Bordovoi takes on a representative function in the interior, because he associates with the solemnity and well-being, which is so appropriate for the main room of the house.

Ceiling of burgundy shade

The design of the living room will only benefit from a combination of deep shades of Bordeaux with all the classic design techniques, styles with expressive decor:

  • лепнина, резьба;
  • patina, gilding in decoration, ornaments;
  • furniture groups from a file of dark wood;
  • mirrors, crystal, elite glass;
  • silky, nap cloth for upholstery, drapery;
  • textile wallpaper with noble patterns on a claret background.

Bordeaux Furniture

Create an atmosphere of a special scope in the style of art deco, bohemian, spectacular - not a problem. But the living room with pomegranate, ruby ​​walls, painted matte paint or wallpaper, may well not look like a grand hall, but a cozy and modern space.

Bordeve wallpaper with a pattern

Smooth white ceiling, the floor of whitewashed wood will completely balance the saturated walls. Simple lines, geometric forms of light furniture - for a comfortable, quiet interior of the living room. Adding black in minimal quantities will add elegance.

The design of the living room with Bordeaux armchairs

Council. High ceilings, sufficient versatile lighting - the guarantee of effective use of wine shades for walls.

Painted living room wall in Bordeaux color

Bedroom: нежная и разная

Any bedroom will become absolutely luxurious, if you add a burgundy color to its interior. Particularly refined and attractive, sometimes somewhat romantic, is given by:

  • Tandems with soft pink accents, pastel shades of background surfaces.
  • Modern bed models fully covered with textiles for special tenderness and softness of the main bed, and natural fabrics of the sleeping area will enhance the effect of heat due to deep pomegranate, wine shades.
  • The combination of details in the author's furnishings simply goes off scale: the painted wooden legs of a dark-burgundy, an upholstery from boudoir fabrics.

The combination of burgundy color with brown and beige

  • Luxurious fabrics - velor, plush perfectly show themselves in burgundy color, and beige, black, gold can serve as a contrast edging, to be present for ornaments, patterns.
  • Lancet niches, majestic headboard, blue and bordeaux - adapted east chic bedroom.
  • Softer, like a dusty shade of burgundy, suitable for vintage bedroom design.

Bordeaux with shades of red

The passion of the east and the tenderness of marshmallow are not suitable for everyone. Against the backdrop of a rich, solid wine-red wall, a gray, laconic bed with added black accents in the bedroom design will give a brutality to the interior. Fashionable urban motifs are easy to maintain with the help of a burgundy color in the interior of the entire space of the apartment, claiming the uniqueness of the solution with pronounced energy.

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Black ceiling, gray walls and Bordeaux textile

Brutal character

The room, made in the "male" style, will not do without color accents, when such modern materials are used, strong techniques:

  • rubbed brickwork;
  • untreated concrete;
  • rough skin;
  • metal elements;
  • man-made fixtures.

Cabinet с бордовой стеной

Bordovy, along with emerald, dark blue will support the idea, giving the room a calm, mature look, but with individual accents, especially effectively looking at the background of neutral colors. Not necessarily all the living space in such a brutal, urban style.

Finishing of a rack in burgundy color

Cabinet считается мужской территорией: если классическое исполнение не кажется актуальным, то последние тенденции вполне выразят настроение. Современный облик предполагает:

  • monumental furnishings - sofa, upholstered in burgundy leather;
  • things with history, elements of industrial design;
  • sharp corners, broken lines.

Modern armchairs in the library

And of course, traditional shades are indispensable for the strict nature of the room, performing the functions of the library, the office. Here, even a burgundy ceiling, perhaps, a caisson, in the neighborhood with wooden panels, noble wallpaper in stripes is appropriate. This will bring into the atmosphere prosperity, increased comfort.

Wall decorated with paintings

Kitchen – уютная и современная

The presence of burgundy is justified from the point of view of positive color influence on the nervous system, appetite. But a small area of ​​the kitchen will become a serious obstacle in the implementation. Completely dark-burgundy set even against the background of light walls, the ceiling will produce an overwhelming impression on the miniature kitchen space.

Kitchen в сочетании бежевого и бордового цвета

If you do not want to be limited to curtains, a kitchen apron, an alternative separation will help:

  • the light top is not radically white, but its "gastronomic" variations: milk, vanilla, creamy.
  • lower moderate wine-red tier on the floor of ceramic granite or light wood.
  • Marble with cherry veins for finishing suitable surfaces.
  • lack of decoration on the facades, minimalism in detail.

Burgundy facade of the kitchen

Council. All glass elements, white tile apron will add ease, regardless of style.

Kitchen furniture in burgundy color

Kitchen sets are able to express an idea on their own. It is important how a burgundy color is used - a painted wooden massif, matt or glossy MDF. The most popular modern solutions like bright, bold variations:

  • The combination of burgundy facades and metal elements, frame models of light aluminum, fittings and small household appliances for high-tech.
  • Strict lines of minimalism and a bright shade (garnet) on a snow-white background.
  • Glossy colored facades with black elements of innovative home appliances - for a modern style that turns the kitchen from a place of culinary achievements to a living space.
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The combination of colors of bordeaux and metallic elements of the kitchen

Spectacular bathroom

A logical combination of burgundy color in the interior even a small bathroom with white plumbing is successfully played out, can be quite bright, contrast, which is transmitted even through the photo. The limited time in the "wet zone" allows you to make a catchy design, which can not be bored.

Bathroom комната в плитке бордового цвета

Colorful east or quiet classic - the bathroom will necessarily play with new colors, because in addition to the tile, as the most common solution, the help will come:

  • wooden surfaces or tiles with imitation on the floor;
  • porcelain, enamel elements;
  • sufficient number of mirrors.

The combination of beige and burgundy ceramic tiles

Adding blue pigments in burgundy allows the shade to become colder. It excels in combination with silver, chrome plated metal, if gold for functional bathroom decoration (soap dishes, towel holders) making up plumbing does not like, it seems pretentious.

Stylish bathroom with a burgundy shade

The main condition is a diverse lighting scenario. He will not allow to look gloomy in the morning, strengthening the notes of invigorating red in complex color, and in the evening will create a relaxing atmosphere with a share of luxury of this zone.

Wall claret color in the bathroom

Alternative combinations

If in combinations with materials such as marble, wood, natural stone, metal, burgundy color shows itself in all its glory, then it's not so simple with contrasting colors. Only balanced solutions and moderation will make it possible to make a burgundy friend with other representatives of the color palette.

Combination of blue and burgundy colors

Designers do not use violet as a companion, and with caution, dosed:

  • Herbal green. The best shade is natural greens, and in its natural form: 2-3 beautiful plants, a small decor.
  • Olive. Moderate introduction ottenit, aesthetically calms the brightness of the dark red.
  • Citric. Actual shades of yellow will add a positive.
  • Blue. Cold colors, with the addition of notes of gray, turquoise, will allow the trendy coloristic trend - marsala to appear in a winning light.

Maroon wall and blue furniture

Even if burgundy colors are favorite, using them only for decorative components of the design will remove the color load - pictures, posters, carpets, sofa cushions. Small accents will revitalize the room, and the use for accessories that are easy to replace will help to safely use the color, making the house stylish without the slightest doubt and hesitation.

The burgundy sofa on a background of dark blue walls

Bordovy in the interior - a very purposeful color, combining the energy of red and natural brown. It will not allow the interior to look boring. And he himself will never be gloomy, if you choose the right environment from the effective materials and consonant colors.

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