Design of an apartment in a panel house - basic principles

Each owner or newly-owner of an apartment in a panel house will certainly think about the repair. At the same time, the question arises: how to equip your home that would be convenient, but it looked beautiful and expensive.


In the panel house, the walls are monolithic and prefabricated-monolithic, and therefore it is very problematic to reshape the wall or part of it to link it to another room. Fortunately, in our time there are a variety of materials for decoration, housing decoration:

  • chandeliers, curtains, carpets, etc. They will add comfort to your home.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Ideas for decoration and design in a panel house
  • kitchen arrangement
  • Designing a room in a panel house
  • Design of two and three room apartments in panel houses
  • Photo of the design of apartments in panel houses

Ideas for decoration and design in a panel house

  • Style. Panel apartments, the most suitable is a design in the style of country or ethnic style.
  • Remove all unnecessary trash and interior items that you will change.
  • Entrance hall. Roomy furniture: a closet, a toilet table, a shoe stand will do just fine.
  • Corridor. Along the wall you can put small curbstones for storing umbrellas, hats, boxes with shoes.
  • The toilet and the bathroom, if combined, the corner bath, washbasin, linen closet, shelf for toiletries and washing machine will look great.

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San knot will look harmonious in not dark tones.


To make the bath look more spacious, the tile should be put beige or light brown. Mirrors and stretch ceilings will also increase the visual space.


A glazed loggia or balcony can also be used wisely. On the loggia you can put a small table and chairs. Throw a rug, hang curtains or curtains, put flowers and turn it into a cozy place where you can sit with friends or have dinner with family in the evening. The balcony can also serve as a greenhouse or a study.


Design of a one-room apartment in a panel house


It is very difficult to equip one-bedroom, as one room serves as a bedroom, a workplace and a living room. Therefore, you need to use every corner of the home for the interior.


kitchen arrangement

In the one-room panel house, the kitchen is small, with the capacity for only the most necessary: ​​a gas stove, a desk, a sink, a dining table and a hanging cupboard for the dishes. The refrigerator has to be moved to the corridor, but there is not enough space there.

design apartment-in-panel-house-1

What would be cozier and more spacious in the kitchen, you can combine it with the hall. The dining area should be moved to the living room, thereby freeing up the area under the refrigerator. Using the height of the walls, hang on them not deep, but high kitchen cabinets.

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Designing a room in a panel house

In an apartment with one room, it is very difficult to change the interior. If the area of ​​the living room gives an opportunity, a suitable option would be to install a gypsum partition, thereby separating, for example: a nursery room from the living room.


On the partition you can hang beautiful pictures or frames with family photos. In the windows, in this case, the roll of curtains and Roman models will look spectacular, the very not cluttering up the missing space. In the nursery there is an armchair - a bed or a baby sofa, which can be folded at any time.


Design of two and three room apartments in panel houses

Housing where more than two rooms to reschedule is not difficult. If seven people are two, then one of the rooms stands out as a bedroom. For her, a classic version in the style of rococo, Empire. The other room is perfect for an office, a guest room, a dining room. Very harmonious look in the style of pop art, kitsch. If there is a child in the family, then one of the rooms will be nursery.


It is desirable to equip it in agreement with the child, depending on the age. For a small baby the room needs to be made light, add a couple of paintings with small animals, a lamp, soft toys.


For a teenage girl, the design in the style of a mobbi-chic is suitable. This romantic style will give the room a charm. For a boy of the same age, it's best to have a room with a game zone. In the style of avant-garde, loft or high-tech.


To make your apartment as beautiful as possible, you can also use decor. Put florets in a vase or hang curly ornamental plants on the wall, a panel, a picture with embroidery of handwork, etc.


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On the sofa, sketch soft pillows or toys. Next to the sofa put a nice carpet. As you noticed, it's not so hard to create your own design and interior in a panel house. The main fantasy!

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Photo of the design of apartments in panel houses





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