Street lamps in modern design

A few years ago no one would have thought that street lights, apart from lighting the territory, could have a number of other functions. After all, with the help of an ordinary, at first glance, lantern, you can create a completely unique image, not only in the private courtyard, but also in a public place.

New technologies in design

Many changes have taken place since perestroika came into our country. Grayness and monotony vanished into oblivion, people began to strive for originality, to create something new and unique. And it affected not only our apartments and houses. Changed streets, parks and squares, where we go every day, hurrying to work and leisurely strolling at leisure.

Street lamps in modern design

Here, and it is worth paying attention to street lights, which ceased to be ordinary, faceless shades with a bulb "Ilyich". Modern street lights and lanterns can satisfy not only the need for lighting, but also to bring aesthetics into the overall color.

Using modern technologies in the creation of luminaires, new opportunities appeared in the use of lighting devices. In particular, using LED lights, you can significantly save on consumed electricity, as well as to replace bulbs. With a significant light output, the fixtures consume a minimum of electricity, and their service life has increased significantly.

Some of the street lamps do not consume electricity at all, since they are equipped with solar panels and batteries. In addition, street lights are additionally equipped with sensors of day and night, with the help of which the automatic switching on of lighting in the dark.

Street lamps in modern design

It is worth noting that when creating modern lamps, high-strength materials are used that ensure the safety and efficiency of the lighting mechanism. Such lamps, having a different design, are readily used in the illumination of public areas, for example, parks, squares, residential neighborhoods.

Types of street lighting and their use

As a rule, modern street lamps are divided according to the installation method. It can be:

  1. Fixtures console type.
  2. Suspended.
  3. The wall.
  4. Built-in.
  5. Crowning.

The choice of these or other is determined by the need for aesthetic design, as well as the possibility of installation. The variety of forms of street lights makes it possible to play on the decoration, emphasizing the style of decoration of the territory.