Unique help: how to make a small space multifunctional and

Universal table in the living room

Today, everyone can learn how tiny rooms can perform several functions at once. After all, this solution will save a lot of precious space and will satisfy the needs of all residents of the house. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the tremendous ideas on this score.

This small but exquisite room, perfectly "plays a double role." The table that is placed opposite the entrance, is used not only for documentation and reading books. On him, if necessary, you can put even a TV.

A green table at one time can become a stand for a computer, phone, various accessories, and a working surface. Pay attention to how flat TV was unobtrusively included in the group of wall art.

Green table in the living room

The image below shows apartments that perfectly perform three functions: an office, a room with a TV and a living room.

Workplace in the living room

In small houses, usually the dining area has a limited space. But, if you think creatively, then this will not be a problem for you.

A long and narrow table that stands near the wall, without any problems, can be moved to accommodate guests. A graceful chair can accommodate two more people.

A narrow table near the wall in the living room

Is there a large room in your house? You are surprisingly lucky! It can perfectly combine the hall and dining room. And these fabulous benches behind the sofa, which are shown below, become a stellar example of the fact that one product can delightfully play a "double role".

Dining room in the living room with fireplace

In dining, in addition to tables and chairs, often installed mini-laundry, office, media center and more. In this case, a large bookcase is placed, which contains culinary and decorative elements.

Large bookcase in the dining room

If your bedroom also serves as a home work area, then consider a nightstand with many functions that will become a competent addition. A sitting with a metal mesh will perfectly decorate this angle.

Multi-functional bedside table in the bedroom

Absolutely different style of office area, which is also multifunctional.

Small work area

In limited rooms it is important to be resourceful. You must use a maximum of free space. As can be seen here, the bed is set at the top to make room for the table with the chair.

The vertical bed support serves as a beautiful staircase and room separator.

Rest area under the bed

Ottoman, ottomans and benches are the best friends of mini-rooms, especially if they have hidden storage space. At any time they can turn into a comfortable coffee table.

Multifunctional ottomans in the living room

What will become the main design detail in the bedroom-cabinet? Of course, this is a brick wall! What else is needed for happiness to a creative person ?!

Brick wall in the bedroom-cabinet