What are the styles in the interior?

How to learn about a person a little more than he tells about himself? Only having visited him on a visit! The style of the interior, which is a unity of the artistic direction and a harmonious harmony of the characteristics, invariably emphasizes the individuality of the owner of the dwelling. Knowing what styles are in the interior, you can both follow one of them, and design something completely new and unusual.

  • Country cosiness in a modern megacity
  • Warm colors of the Mediterranean
  • Strictness of forms and road romance
  • Not style, but philosophy
  • A lot of sun and freedom
  • Classics and Futurism
  • Unique Art Nouveau
  • Gloomy chic
  • And finally

Today there are about fifty styles in the world, and each of them has its own "zest".

Country cosiness in a modern megacity

A lot of people, living in cities with population over one million people, miss the nice rural simplicity and tranquility. Someone, unable to withstand the hustle and bustle, moves away from civilization, but someone solves the problem in a less radical way.

Create a wonderful atmosphere of goodwill, warmth and peace will help guide the country. Harmoniously combining the simplicity of the village and the characteristic features inherent in this or that locality, it can not leave indifferent the one who prefers the ethnic style.

Country style in your apartment can be made in the form of:

  1. English cottage;
  2. Russian hut;
  3. the Ukrainian hut;
  4. American ranch;
  5. Swiss chalet.

Country style in the interior

A key principle in the interpretation of this trend is creative confusion, cheerful ease and the availability of furniture from natural wood.

Surprisingly functional and practical, the country style is not devoid of romantic touches, if they are embedded in the interior, made in the style of Provence.

Named in honor of the legendary French province, beloved by many literary masters, this direction reflects the beauty and harmony of nature, and an amazing ethnic identity.

Warm colors of the Mediterranean

Speaking about the features of the style of Provence in the interior, it should be noted:

  • bright accents of pastel shades;
  • rough plaster of the walls;
  • made of wood shelves and beams with "traces of time";
  • old classical furniture.

Provence is the Mediterranean Sea, the bright light of affectionate sunbeams and the amazingly clean beach, as if created for a luxurious holiday. That is why this direction is characterized by the widest range of floral arrangements. Plants, both natural and painted, enliven the design, bringing to it the elegant notes of southern charm.

Mediterranean style in the interior photo

Strictness of forms and road romance

Affectionate and cozy, country style to some extent echoes with such a "phenomenon" as the Boho style in the interior. This direction, appreciated by creative creativity, is characterized by brightness of shades, non-standard solutions and comfort.

Strong, but clean lines and forms of Scandinavian style are also very popular. He, in turn, echoes the extravagant bogo presence of natural materials and ethnic decor elements.

Not style, but philosophy

The key features of the "bohemian" direction are:

  1. juicy, rich and bright shades. Orange, purple and yellow predominate;
  2. far from new furniture. Often there is a "potpourri" from many different eras;
  3. availability of "road" accessories;
  4. environmentally friendly natural materials.

Boho is not just a trend in design, but also a lifestyle. A cheerful, festive philosophy of the nomads who do not know peace allows to introduce even unusual, strange elements into the dwelling. A key feature of the style is the availability of products made by hand.

Boho style photo in the interior

A lot of sun and freedom

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment assumes the presence of bright colors, sunlight and a positive atmosphere. In the homeland of this interesting area, in northern Europe, there is a severe climate, and the sun does not indulge its inhabitants with its bright light. That is why the warm notes introduced by the designers do not seem surprising.

The main principles of this style are:

  • no curtains and curtains on the windows. They can be replaced with blinds or roller blinds;
  • white or light shade of walls;
  • availability of natural materials, in particular wood. The furniture is made of beech, birch or oak;
  • presence of bright accents. It can be bright carpets, rugs, pillows or cute colored lampshades.

A feature of the Scandinavian style is laconism. Maintain it is easy enough.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment

Classics and Futurism

The newest notions of modern designers are nothing more than the rethinking of "well-forgotten" old elements. The Art Nouveau style, which originated at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, still has an army of dedicated fans today.

True, representatives of youth and creative intelligentsia prefer the ultrafashionable and brutal direction of the loft.

Art Nouveau in the interior of the kitchen

Unique Art Nouveau

The main feature of modernity is its accentuated decorativeness. In order to introduce it into the design of your home, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • Housing-modernism is a single organism. There are no secondary roles here.
  • Lighting in the room should be somewhat muffled. The chandelier or sconce will look very harmonious.
  • Fireplace grilles and other elements of furniture, made in artistic handmade forging, create a unique atmosphere.

Modern style loft in the interior

Gloomy chic

The main feature of the loft style in the interior is the availability of free space. But you can create something similar, without slipping into depression, in a small apartment. To do this you need:

  • the presence of unique, easily moving furniture;
  • brickwork on the walls;
  • The presence of partitions for zoning space.

As an interior decoration, somewhat mitigating the overall brutality, you can use paintings with abstraction or graffiti.

And finally

"It's ridiculous to pursue fashion, and not paying attention to it is stupid" - once said a famous domestic designer. Before you decide on a particular direction, you need to consider not only your own taste, but also the characteristics of your home.

Do not forget about the creative approach to the design of housing. This is a creative process, and the more individual elements will be in the interior, the more lively and original your "fortress" will look.

What do you think?