Functional design of the gym +75 photo interior

Design of the gym

Own sports hall is the dream of any supporter of a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to equip a comfortable corner for maintaining excellent physical fitness even at home. Well-designed design of the gym allows you to design a room not only beautiful, but also ergonomic and safe.

The ideal option for placing a private gym is a separate room of more than 10 square meters with good ventilation and large windows. A sufficient supply of air is a pledge of well-being during cardio training. A high level of natural light is needed to increase efficiency, improve mood and prevent the occurrence of traumatic situations.

The most appropriate premises in the house are the attic and the glazed veranda. Mansard ceilings are often equipped with beams, on which it is convenient to hang shells, for example, a punching bag. Also in the attic there are windows that will serve as a source of light and air exchange.

Home gym in the loggia

When equipping the attic as a gym, you must take care of the air conditioner. Due to the heating of the roof, this part of the house is usually characterized by a high temperature of the air.

The veranda of a private house is also great for training. The abundance of light, the constant flow of air and a wonderful panoramic view of the garden and the house territory will make sports comfortable and productive.

Decor for home gym Fitness room in the apartment  Training equipment  Gym on the attic  Bright walls  Large mirrors in the room

For a home sports complex, you can also use a basement or a basement. But when planning these premises it is worth paying special attention to lighting and ventilation system.

The basic rules for the design of a home sports club

When designing a room for a gym, any design decision can be implemented. But when planning a room it is important to observe the basic requirements that are put forward not only to the home, but also to the public or school sports complex:

  1. The location of equipment and shells should be as thoughtful as possible. This is important not only for the comfort of the trainees, but also for their safety;
  2. Rationally use the free space and place inventory and simulators, using all possible space. But do not forget about the minimum allowed distance between the equipment. This is especially important in cases where several members of the family are at the same time at the same time in the home sports club;
  3. The interior of the room should not only be attractive. The designed design and the finishes selected for it should help maintain cleanliness and convenient maintenance of the shells.

Gym at home Training Area  Simulators on the veranda of a private house  A spacious hall for playing sports in the house  Bright interior of the gym  Large mirror in the room

The most suitable for the arrangement of the gym is the loft style. In this current, wooden beams are recommended, which are convenient for attaching sports equipment, and an abundance of functional metal structures, which can also be used for simulators.

Gym in the basement

Zoning gym

As well as in a public complex, in a sports hall at home it is accepted to divide a premise into certain functional zones. Not all of them are mandatory for realization in the cottage, but their availability will make staying in the individual sports club as comfortable as possible:

  • You need to provide a corner in which you can change clothes or leave personal things: napkins, mobile phone or towels. Hang here a hanger, put a small bench and table. It is desirable that there is at least one outlet that allows you to recharge the gadgets while you are training;
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A room in gray tones

  • If you plan to engage in fitness at the same time as other family members, in the home gym it is worthwhile to allocate space for group training. In this zone, it is also appropriate to place a large mirror that will allow you to see yourself from the side and control the correctness of the exercises;
  • The warm-up zone can also be supplemented with a mirror. Here you will begin your training, preparing your muscles for stress, and finish your individual lessons. There can also be a special rug on which you can lie down to rock the press or stretch;

Bright lighting

  • The gym zone in the home gym can simultaneously contain both equipment for working on specific muscle groups and cardiovascular equipment. This area can be combined with a zone of power equipment and free weights to save space;
  • Also in the home gym is to allocate a place for SPA procedures. Here you can find a massage chair, as well as modeling cosmetics, fat burning creams that increase the effectiveness of exercise;
  • Do not forget about the kids, having prepared a children's corner for them. It should be in a place that can be seen from anywhere in the room. This will allow to control the child even during sports.

Panoramic windows Spacious room  Women's sports corner  White wall decor  Bright ceiling 

Color scheme for interior decoration of the gym

Among the psychologists and physicians, the most appropriate colors for the gym are the soft pastel shades of blue and green, a noble gray and soft creamy tone. These colors allow you to create a neutral and calm atmosphere, allowing you to concentrate on training.

Sand walls

Psychologists argue that for women the most motivating are warm shades, for example, peach or beige. Men are inspired by the cold tones of gray and blue.

Decor of the gym with a tree Hi-tech style  Ceiling lamps  Room in a classic style  Brick walls  Sports loggia

Bright and juicy shades can also be used to decorate the furniture for the sports complex. They will have a stimulating effect. But from the abundance of screaming tones you can get tired too quickly. Therefore, it is better to use them in halls focused on short, but intensive classes.

Black and steel shades fit perfectly into the hi-tech style and look organic if used in a room dedicated to a sports hall.

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Flooring Combined wall decor  Parquet on semi  Bright room for sports  Loft in the interior  Cozy room for sports


The basic requirements for flooring in the gym are determined by the purpose of the room. They include:

  • anti-slip and safety;
  • soundproofing;
  • resistance to shocks;
  • Simplicity of cleaning.

Wooden floors are categorically not suitable for the future of the gym. They will not be able to provide the necessary noise absorption and will forever lose their aesthetic appearance if they accidentally drop a heavy projectile.

Design a project of a home gym

Optimal type of floor for a home sports complex - screed. It is best to use a floating one, as it has higher noise-insulating properties. It is worth laying thick carpet or cork floor. These types of coating are soft enough and have low acoustic conductivity.

If you plan to conduct training with a lot of weight, it is worth additionally to cover the floors under the equipment with special rubber mats, which will protect the surface from bumps.

Yoga Room Purple Wall Decor  Attic in a private house  High ceilings  Large window in the gym  Baroque interior

Wall decoration

The vapor-permeability of the walls is the guarantee of a healthy atmosphere in the gym. During intense physical exertion, the human body releases a sufficiently large amount of moisture, which must be freely discharged from the room. If several athletes train in the room at once, the discharge of the liquid can become critical and, with improperly selected materials, it can provoke condensation on the walls.

Therefore, for finishing the walls of the sports complex, plastic or ceramic tiles are not used, since they make the surface practically airtight and unable to absorb excess moisture from the air. The optimal materials are paper wallpaper, natural cork panels, modern "breathable" plaster.

Zoning Space

But no high-tech finish will save the room from increased humidity, if the exhaust system works poorly. Therefore, carefully consider the design of the ventilation before the finishing works.

You can decorate the walls of the room with motivating inscriptions. This decor will fit perfectly into the loft style.

Finishing the ceiling

Like walls, the surface of the ceiling must pass steam well. To finish this area on the attic floor is ideal tree, which not only has a high vapor permeability, but also fits perfectly into the countryside interior of a country house.

Hall for sports in the attic Black Walls  Bright accents  Trainers in the apartment  Fitness room in the apartment  Room Decor

Fans of more modern and restrained styles will like stretch ceilings. They are advantageously distinguished by their quick installation, easy to care for, their cloth can easily hide the wiring for top lighting and the powerful exhaust system necessary to maintain a suitable microclimate in the gym. But the choice is not based on the usual French ceiling on the basis of PVC, but on the so-called "breathable" finishing materials on a fabric basis.

A more budgetary option for finishing can be suspended ceilings using plasterboard, the vapor permeability coefficient of which is about 0.075 mg / (m * h * Pa).

Minimalism in the interior Modern interior  Parquet on semi  Original wall decor  Classic gym  Wall-papers on a wall


When planning the arrangement of lighting in a home gym, avoid using colored lamps. They will overload your eyes during training and will not allow you to concentrate on the exercises. It is better to use lamps that produce an intense beam of white light.

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The light must necessarily be the top and it is good to illuminate the place where the trainee makes approaches. Particular attention should be paid to the zones near the mirrors: here the level of illumination should be as high as possible. You can add additional ceiling lights that can fully illuminate the athlete.

Cabinet and gym in one room

If the room has a large window through which there is a large stream of natural light, plan the placement of the simulators and projectiles so that the window openings are on the side of them.

Sports equipment

The equipment of a home fitness complex depends on the preferences of household members and the kinds of sports they are engaged in. To maintain physical fitness, a basic set of shells and equipment is needed, which can be rationally placed even in a small room. It includes:

  • the Swedish wall;
  • hanging bar, preferably with rings;
  • dumbbells;
  • dumbbells;
  • grasshopper;
  • hoop.

Mirror Room Modern interior  Training Corner  Large simulators in the house  Sports section  Blue walls in the room

Installation of the prefabricated wall can be done by hand, without resorting to the services of specialists.

If the area allows the room, this set can be supplemented by basic cardio equipment: a treadmill, an exercise bike or an elliptical simulator such as an orbitrek. And the fans of strength training can not do without the bar and equipment to work with specific muscle groups.

There are also a number of highly specialized shells and equipment that will be needed by people involved in a particular sport. For example, fighters will need a boxing pear, and those who do not think their life without dancing, it is difficult to conduct a lesson without choreographic handrail or pylon.

Sports corner in the apartment

Sports corner in the apartment

To enjoy your own sports hall, you will have to sacrifice one of the rooms, which is often an unaffordable luxury for the inhabitants of a small apartment. But in a confined space, you can equip a comfortable place for training.

Allocate a zone for gymnastic exercises better near the window to provide the body with the necessary fresh air. Prefer the folding machines. With regular training, they are no less effective than their cumbersome stationary counterparts, and occupy very little space in the assembled state.

Design of room for training Gray walls in the interior  Where to place simulators in a private house  Hall for training in the basement of a private house  Modern decor of mini gym  Functional veranda

For shells it is necessary to allocate a separate locker on which you can hang motivating slogans or description of exercises for the current workout.

Weights, dumbbells and a barbell can be hidden under the bed or behind the sofa after class. Similar location of the inventory will not interfere with the rest of the household.

Sport is not only a way to a beautiful body and health, but also to spiritual harmony. A home gym can become a real school, bringing up discipline, perseverance, iron character and endurance. A stylish interior will help turn the room into a real pride of home owners and confirm their respectability.