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Light doors in the interior

White doors in the interior is the simplest design decision. Light colors bring lightness and cleanliness to the room without the need to carefully select the color of the decor. Universal white shades fit into any interior and visually do not conflict with other colors. Light traditional colors include doors in pure, milky-white, pastel, light yellow and beige tones. All solutions have a simple uncomplicated form, which can be corrected by adding decorative and constructive additions to the design.

  • Versatility. Neutral shade allows you to install such doors in any premises, from residential to office and public.
  • Ease. Unobtrusive shade creates a perception of the general atmosphere, relaxed and airy, expanding the room and not emotionally hampering the people staying in the room.
  • The cost. Often, the decoration of the canvas in light colors is technologically cheaper and carries less cost for the buyer, except for the cases of using natural wood.
  • Visual expansion of space. Optimal fit white doors in the design of small rooms, visually expanding the space, especially in combination with mirrors.
  • Space for decoration. On the ordinary canvas, you can realize any design ideas for decoration, including independent and production drawing of the image.
  • Concealing dust. On a light surface, dust and fingerprints are always less noticeable, although this does not apply to other contaminants.

Interior with light doors

The main drawback that light doors in the interior have is the problem of care. Any spray and traces of dirt immediately catch your eye, so the surface requires regular washing, especially in the handle area and in the lower half of the door.

A chest in the door  Armchairs in the bedroom  White table against the wall  Statue in the interior  Work desk by the window

With what to combine light doors

For bright doors in the interior of the interior, a wide variety of color combinations are suitable for decorating space. The pale color of the door leaf looks great both in pastel conditions and surrounded by rich colors. Choosing an auxiliary palette, you can take into account several basic directions for orientation when creating a style:

  • Walls. The passage can be visually hidden, distracting from it with a harmonic fit into the surrounding palette with the same texture and hue. Bright panels on the walls can be contrasted with a light door.
  • Floor. Usually, light doors contrast with flooring. Dark floors of bright carpet, laminate or wood parquet simultaneously harmoniously emphasize the entrance, especially if it is a hallway, and practical in care.
  • Furniture. Using in the setting of wood or its imitation, it is desirable to select doors of the same texture. This rule is especially relevant when using white plumbing, plastic furnishings or bleached oak.
  • Windows and textiles. You can combine the door with a window, bed linens and sofas. This will smooth the excessive contrast of the door with the basic design.
  • Contrast elements. Platbands and plinths allow to give the doors expressiveness, creating a visual boundary between the opening, the floor and the walls.
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The combination of light doors, walls and floors in the interior

Each interior solution has its own nuances, so it is important to choose a combination with regard to the specific purpose of the room, style traditions and psychological perception of the design.

Lamps on the wall  Slate wallpapers in the interior  White table in the kitchen  Ottomans in the hallway  Black floor lamp in white interior

Combination with the color of the clypeus and plinth

On the harmonious perception of the doors as an element of the interior is most influenced by the color of the skirtings and platbands. The best option is to use the same range of colors for doors, skirting boards, door casings and window frames when decorating. A single line will unite the elements of the decor, will revitalize the situation and create harmony even in the contrast between the floor, walls and ceiling. This option, combined with bright walls and dark floor, is suitable for most design styles and is the most practical for cleaning. In this case, to choose a pure snow-white color is not recommended because of the need for frequent cleaning. Therefore, the color combination is recommended to choose from shades of such tones as beige, light-woody, ivory and cream. Also, there is a dark-light version, that is, with the color of the walls in a similar, but excellent color scheme - this will visually fix the problem with a low ceiling.

The combination of light doors and skirting in the interior Yellow wall in the interior  Rope over the sofa  Interior in a classic style  Shelves with photos on the wall  Statuettes on chests

Combination with wall color

When the interior uses dark flooring, such as dark oak or wenge, and the doors are white, the contrast of the planes should be diluted by the color of the walls. The real solution is the shades of smoky, beige, gray, gray and blue tones. Simply put, the walls should use shades of cool colors. But at the same time one should adhere to the stylistics of the interior. For example, in the style of hi-tech design, a rich black glossy floor and shiny or glass doors should be diluted with red walls, and in the bedroom - with red platbands and light pink wallpaper. An important factor in the combination of the gamma of the door with the main wall color is restraint. It is unacceptable that a light door and light walls should be of the same shade, unless you want to create a hidden passage effect. Even if there is a picture on the walls around the opening, the doors can be painted in blurred colors of the main elements, but do not apply the elements of the picture to them.

The combination of light doors with walls in the interior Ceiling with light  Paintings on the headboard  Ceramic tiles in the hallway  Gray interior with light doors  Flower by the window

Combination with flooring

Light doors fit into any environment, but are different, depending on the shape and finish. In the general style, smooth or woody textures are selected. The canvas is carved, geometric or simple. Some classic models are equipped with decorative cutters to be combined with natural wood parquet - this combination is always relevant and has been used since the 19th century. Perhaps the only bad combination is a light door and a white floor. Especially unsightly looks a smooth white door on a polished light tile, traditionally associated with a hospital room. Therefore, it is optimal to combine a light door with a wooden floor, wooden parquet and laminate, especially since such a combination is the most practical and requires a minimum of care.

The combination of a floor covering and light doors in an interior Carpet on the floor  Zerkallo over comodom  Cacti on the table  Vase at the door  Salad wall in the interior

Combination with the color of furniture

The variant with light skirting boards and a floor from a dark parquet perfectly harmonizes with a free premise with a minimum of furniture. For small, stuffed rooms, it is better to choose another design option, visually expanding the space. There is also a universal option - a one-toned range of furniture and doors that looks attractive, regardless of the texture of things. When planning the volumetric furniture is better to put at the walls, and the decoration of muted tones combine with the door leaf.

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The combination of light doors with furniture in the interior

For beginners in the design of premises it is recommended to be guided by such principles:

  • apply in design up to 3 colors;
  • Use professional palettes to select combinations;
  • avoid the combination of warm tones with cold ones (for example, blue with red);
  • choose the main single color scheme of the room and operate with its shades;
  • Use special color matching programs when choosing a decor;
  • avoid using wood of different texture (for example, imitation of oak and spruce).

White curtains on the window

It is important to remember that the visual perception of furniture depends on the finish of the walls, and the coloring of the door has no key role in this matter. However, if it is impossible to distinguish the basic color of the situation in the room, you can use a light door of a spotted texture that includes the shades of the primary colors.

Mirror on the wall

Selection of doors for the color of window frames

When the design is already planned and the light doors do not fit into the overall tone, for example, in cases of colored floors or dark walls, it is possible to harmoniously combine the shade of door and window openings. This solution is both simple and less expensive - it is enough to tie the color of the windows to the doors, and the apertures will look harmonious in any room. This option is most convenient, since the window profiles are often produced in white and perfectly in harmony with the light door without the texture.

The combination of a light door and a window in the interior


The choice of light interior doors is presented in 5 variants, easy to use and easy to manufacture. Any solution is convenient and involves a variety of decorating options, but the model series have design features that are important to consider. Visual information about each type is given in the table.

DesignCostThe weightStrengthDurability
The royal●●●●●●●●●●●

Corridor with light doors

In addition to the design differences, a key combination is the combination of materials - plywood, chipboard, MDF, wood and glass.

Hanger in the form of a tree in the hallway

Panel doors

The body of the door is supported by a wooden contour and transverse ties. The upholstery is fixed on the reinforcing struts and cross-pieces. From the inside, the model is filled with panels, which essentially copy the shape of the opening and are a reliable reinforcement. The exterior can be filled with decorative materials. For the production of panels, materials such as MDF and solid wood are used, which provide structural strength. Of course, the finished construction is massive and expensive, but it provides the ultimate strength of the blade. The main structural elements are the transverse beam, the vertical binding bar and the panels. Strengths include strength, good sound insulation and attractive appearance.

Panel doors в интерьере Floor lamp in the corner  A chair by the door  Room with white doors  Lilac walls in the interior  Photo over comodom

Panel doors

Shield, they are frame, the doors have a solid frame of solid wood. Frequently, cheap softwood or chipboard is used. On both sides the frame has a single-layer MDF cover, and the inner hollow space is filled with honeycomb structure. The exterior decoration is made of laminate, veneer or PVC film. Partial glazing of the canvas is possible. An additional reinforcement of the door is carried out in the places of glazing, the lock and the handle. The main elements are an inexpensive aggregate, keyholes, sheet cloth, pine frame, laminated coating. Advantages include affordable price, lightness, a variety of finishes and durability for interior operation.

Panel doors в интерьере Table with a vase and a flower by the window  Ottomans at the wall  White chair near the red table  The combination of a purple wall and a white door  Interior with columns

Imperial doors

Crown products are attached to the wood contour by placing in the cavity of transversely arranged planks, called kings. The model has the highest weight and resistance to any damage among analogues. It is possible to supplement the fabric with any materials, for example glass, without reinforcing this zone. Externally, the construction is composite and has a strength index, as well as a mass higher than the panel type. The main details - canvas, king, stylized upholstery, transparent strips, rack profile, screed and dowel. The advantages of the product include reliability, no deformation during operation, a long service life and an attractive dial-up style.

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Imperial doors в интерьере Glass table by the couch  Lamp on the walls in the fireplace  Flower at the door  Painting over the sofa  Decorative fireplace in the bathroom

Molded doors

In molded products, the frame is very simplified. It consists of supporting metal or wooden poles on the contour filled with a combination of wood, chipboard, glass, opaque panel, and the like. on the entire height of the opening, with the condition of placing a strong central counter. It is desirable to use safety glass in the canvas, and it is the weight of the sturdy strong elements that determines the final weight of the product. Inside the frame can contain a variety of elements that affect the ultimate strength, weight and appearance. In addition, the products are not limited in size.

Molded doors в интерьере Table with a vase at the door  Black walls in the interior  White furniture in the gray living room  Laminate floor and walls  Plinth with backlighting in the room

Glass doors

The best option in modern design styles are all-glass doors. Triplex has a high strength, comparable to metal products, a wide range of decorating possibilities, provides complete safety and shock resistance, superior to wooden products. Glass can be easily toned in any color, paint, decorate, make a mirror and translucent coating, etc. The only drawback is the lack of sound insulation, so it is better to use it at home as an inter-room option, and in large public buildings - for external input.

Glass doors в интерьере Hanger on the wall in the hallway  Floor vase in the corridor  Stork in the interior  Red wall in the room  Mustard furniture in the kitchen

Commonly Used Styles

Light doors are used in completely different interiors, regardless of the general style of furnishings and decoration. This opportunity is opened by a universal neutral appearance. At the same time, for some designs it is possible to single out the winning sides of such a decision and its peremptory nature.

Interior in Art Nouveau style with white doors Painting on the wall by the door  Mirror tile in the hallway  Oranges in a siren interior  Sofa in front of the window  Sliding door in the interior

Scandinavian style

For house interiors of this style, it is preferable to use a tree. It is best to fit the entrance linens of natural wood, painted in light, pale blue and turquoise colors with preservation of texture. Usually for this purpose the simplest panels with dominant white color are chosen.

Scandinavian style в интерьере с белой дверью


For a minimalistic design, it is better to choose smooth door and floor surfaces without unnecessary design elements. The door frame is traditionally set expressive. The wallpaper can emphasize the main fastening elements - frames and loops. Also in the minimalism for aesthetics, secret doors are often used - when the canvas merges with the surrounding wall and the doorpost.

Light door in the interior in the style of minimalism


In the classical decor, natural birch wood is often used, both in the form of a one-piece pattern and with three-dimensional inserts. Framing is often supplemented with pilasters and moldings. For neoclassicism, simpler models can be used without the use of a woody array.

Interior in a classic style с белой дверью


It is important to understand that the choice of the door should be made at the design design stage, before the purchase of materials and finishes. This is important because it is required to choose a similar fabric texture and suitable material. It should also be noted that it is optimal to use products made of MDF or chipboard with natural veneers, or their economical replacement - eco-wool or laminate. With limited resources, PVC plywood can be dispensed with, which from the design point of view is the best option due to the variety of coatings, but it is unreliable from the practical side.