Tree on the wall +75 photo in the interior

Tree on the wall in the interior

Trees are a symbol of fertility, stability and prosperity. It is no accident that the words "tree" and "health" have a similar origin. Today's article is a review of interior decoration of wood, as well as images of trees. It is possible that you will like some idea, and you will try to implement it.

The only condition is an immaculately smooth surface. The advantages of ready-made labels include:

  • Low cost.
  • Ease of use. To stick an image is so simple that it is even in the power of a child.
  • Uncomplicated care. Vinyl is perfectly cleaned from soiling by a moistened sponge.
  • Uncomplicated: resistance to changes in temperature, humidity and UV radiation.
  • A variety of options, the ability to pick up an image that fits perfectly into the design of the room. There is an opportunity to choose a pattern that perfectly harmonizes with the color range of the finishing materials.

Red chair in a white hallway  Table-sill in the nursery  Cage with birds on the wall  Animals under a tree  Bench under the tree on the wall

Wallpaper for a tree

Wallpapers with imitation of natural wood are universal. They perfectly fit in a variety of styles: from conservative classics to deliberately rough "loft", ultramodern high-tech or ascetic minimalism. For the "old-age" design, such "patriarchal motives" are suitable:

  • A log wall.
  • A realistic imitation of a mossy woody bark, slightly spoiled with a woodcarving.
  • Broken, seemingly rough boards.

Wallpaper for a tree в интерьере

Such canvases perfectly fit in the loft design. Imitation of an intricate ornament laid out of wooden elements is appropriate in a modern interior. Do not interfere in this design and houseplants, which are perfectly adjacent to such a finish.

Table in the form of a chest in the living room  Armchair in the bedroom  Wall-papers on the wall  Skunk to the chests  Lamp on the stool in the roof

Photo Wall Mural

Photo Wall Mural с объемным эффектом являются наиболее реалистичной имитацией дерева. Такая отделка гармонично смотрится в убранстве загородного дома и в городской квартире. Это может быть имитация досок, стволов, древесных спилов или композиций из древесины. Лучше всего такие обои смотрятся на хорошо освещенной свободной стене. Чтобы разделить комнату по вертикали, покрытие, имитирующее дерево, наклеивают в нижней части, более светлые – в верхней. Выбор цвета фотообоев во многом зависит от стиля, в котором выдержана комната. Например, имитация древесины, окрашенной в кремовый или бежевый, подходит для стиля Прованс, а фотообои с имитацией досок, выкрашенных в тот или иной оттенок, уместны для стиля кантри.

Photo Wall Mural под дерево в интерьере

If the living room is small, then walls that are not covered with wallpaper should be painted in a light color scheme. Interior will not seem overwhelmed or too gloomy. Noble shades will somewhat soften the rough look of the coatings that imitate natural wood.

Pictures on the locker  Clock on the wall in the dining room  Wooden wall in the bedroom  Lilac sofa in the living room  Table with firewood by the armchair


If you do not have a very good brush, this is not at all an excuse to abandon the creative design of rooms. From a dense wallpaper or cardboard, you can cut out a stencil: apply a contour, and then cut. The stencil is fixed on the surface with a paint tape, and then proceed to fill it with colored paints. The stencil drawing can be supplemented with images of butterflies, animals, birds or strange fruits.

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Stencils деревьев в интерьере Apple tree on the wall  Tree above the bed  Lamp in the armchair  Branches with birds on the wall  Birdhouse on the tree

A tree with shelves and not only-

In addition to the aesthetic load, the tree on the wall in the interior can be used for practical purposes. For example, place bookshelves in such a way that they resemble a tree crown. You can make shelves from MDF or chipboard. In addition to books, other decorative items can be placed on the shelves: watches, toys or souvenirs. If you put a picture of a miracle tree (almost according to Chukovsky), then on its "branches" there is a place for home trivia: needle beds or jewelry. As you can see, the image of a sprawling tree is not only original, but also very practical. Creative solutions in the design of the premises are highly appreciated. After all, with minimal costs you create a truly unique design and unique atmosphere.

Shelves in the form of a branch in the living room Bright mat on the floor of the nursery  Tree with shelves in the interior  Shelves on branches  Owl on the shelf  Trees with books near the wall

Family tree

Placing the family tree in the interior is the perfect solution for those who like to decorate the room with family photos. Combining photos or portraits of different times and ages into a single tree with numerous branches is a great way to create a unique design with a family history. Here are some interesting ideas for decorating the room with the best photos from the family archive:

  • Painted tree with connections between relatives. Photo frames are also painted, and the photos themselves are glued to them.
  • A magnificent family tree for those who can draw. Each member of the family is depicted in the dress of his era. You can order an image for a professional artist. The resulting giant picture will be a real work of art.
  • Photos made in retro style. This is a great option for decorating a classic style dining room.

Family tree в интерьере

These are only individual ideas of the family tree. Other options are possible. In any case, this is a great alternative to a familiar family album. This is a great idea not only for the living room, but also for the nursery. The child, playing, gradually learns the history of the family, the types of kinship.

Photo on the branches  Pillows on the couch  Armchair under a tree  Vases on the floor  Wood on the wall of the kitchen-dining room

Wood as a finishing material

With all the variety of finishing materials, natural wood does not lose popularity. It is used for arrangement:

  • Facades;
  • Sten;
  • Stairs;
  • Floor coverings;
  • Door and window openings.

Window made of wood

Apply the tree and to create decor elements. The material has good sound insulation characteristics, looks nice, creates a blessed microclimate indoors. Advantages of natural wood:

  • Strength;
  • Environmental safety, good biocompatibility with humans and pets;
  • Simplicity of processing, excellent maintainability;
  • Long service life.

The disadvantages are hypersensitivity to excess moisture and high cost.

Stairs made of wood  The carved lion  Statue by the armchair  Panel on the wall  Wood Flooring

Wood in the interior of the kitchen

Natural wood in the kitchen environment will not lose its relevance. Wooden elements create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The eco-style is gaining popularity with the use of natural materials. Here are a few ideas that you might find useful for creating a design:

  • Kitchen island with inserts of natural wood. Natural material with its unique texture fancifully combined with shining metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Decoration of walls and ceilings with artificially aged wood. A magnificent picture of the material creates a cosiness, makes the kitchen unique and unique.
  • Decoration in the marine style. The sea theme and the natural tree go together. Staining or varnishing of the desired shade helps create a suitable atmosphere of an old schooner or frigate.

Wood in the interior of the kitchen

Whatever the decor and style of your kitchen, natural wood will give the interior a warmth and originality.

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Table made of stone  Spili on the wall  Furniture with a facade for a tree  The combination of stone and wood in the kitchen  Apron made of ceramic tiles

Using wood in the bedroom

According to many designers, it is hard to imagine a more suitable material for bedroom decoration than a natural woody array. Combination of painted or wallpapered wallpaper with a lining allows you to get a stylish, beautiful and custom design. In addition to unconditional beauty, the wooden interior is very practical: if any of its elements is out of order, it can be replaced without affecting the kind of room. Most often for finishing use such types of wood:

  • Larch;
  • Pine;
  • Apple tree.
  • Ash;
  • Oak;
  • Maple;
  • Lipa.

Tree in the interior of the bedroom

An alternative to a massive (very expensive!) Tree is the use of panels from woodworking waste (MDF, DSP) with a laminated or veneered coating. Here are some interesting ideas for finishing:

  • Cladding with wooden floor, floor and wall elements. On a golden brown background, bright furniture and natural textiles of the color of the bleached country linen look wonderful.
  • The combination of elements of "high-tech" design and natural material. In this case, the lining is gray, and the furniture is chocolate brown.
  • Interesting design of a bedroom in a country house. Finishing of walls and floor from natural wood is painted in the color of bleached oak, table and chairs are made of white plastic. Lilac bedspread and light curtains with lilac pattern play the role of color accents.

Decorative fireplace in the bedroom  Horns over the bed  The window in the bedroom  Room tree near the bed  Window to the whole wall in the bedroom

Tree in the nursery

Decorative and environmentally friendly, wood is very suitable for childcare. Moreover, it can be presented in a variety of forms: for finishing the room, furniture and decor. Ideal if all three hypostases are combined. Here are some interesting ideas:

  • Children's rustic style. Boarded floorboards are painted in a grayish-blue color and covered with a multi-colored patterned path. Against this background, the dark blue iron beds look beautiful. The design complements the chest of an artificially aged tree, which serves as a bedside table.
  • The dominance of light colors makes children's light and spacious. The golden parquet board, light furniture, soft textiles and lots of sunlight from the large windows give the impression of airiness and elegance.
  • White wooden furniture, light brown parquet board contrasts perfectly with the walls of bright blue.

Wood in the interior of the nursery

An interesting idea is the use of wood not only in decoration and furniture, but also in decorative panels, and in the elements of the sports corner.

Letters on the wall  Furniture from logs  Wooden furniture in the nursery  Корабль на комоде  Table with a computer by the window

Tree in the living room

One of the trends of modernity is the use of environmentally friendly natural materials in the decoration of the premises. The living room is not an exception to the general rule. The tree, in addition to the decorative function, helps to divide the room into zones. Here are just a small part of the design ideas for the most grand room in the apartment:

  • Finishing noble wood of one of the walls;
  • Use of wooden flooring;
  • Carved wooden products in the interior;
  • Decoration of the living room with wooden spills.

Wood in the interior of the living room

The advantage of the material is also that it is perfectly combined with various materials, for example, glass or leather. Consider variants of different styles in which a tree is a required attribute:

  • Classic. The concept of classics fits well with the finishing of walls with wooden panels. Furniture of dark colors is also made of solid wood. The jewelry is decorated with carvings.
  • Provence - the use of wooden furniture in light colors, vintage design.
  • American style - a combination of ceiling beams, columns and massive stairs.
  • Chalet, country. Such a design adorns logs or beams, without a hint of any treatment.
  • Scandinavian style - the use of beams and (or) painted lining. Often, white walls contrast with the floor of dark wood.
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Shelves made of wood in a stone wall Loft style interior  Red lamp by the gray sofa  The wall from the splits in the living room  A picture above the fireplace  Carved vases in the living room

Original ideas for the image of a tree with your own hands

Before you demonstrate your own creative abilities, decide how the image will look, what size and shape it will have. Of course, you need to take into account the style of decorating the room, the color range in which it is sustained, furniture, used types of lighting, etc. The simplest way is to create a flat image of a tree.

Green tree on a white wall

There are several ways to do this:

Painting imageThe space for imagination here is the widest. What you use for creativity - paint, crayons or colored pencils, it's up to you. Before you apply the drawing to the wall, you need to practice with the image on a normal album sheet. This is relevant if you are not sure about your artistic abilities. Happened? Now you can do the work clean.
Wood cut from paperTo do this, you can use wallpaper, which you can apply a mock trunk and branches, paint, and then paste on the wall. Using self-adhesive wallpaper significantly simplifies the task, the benefit of the choice of colors and shades of the richest. The image cut from magazines looks beautiful. However, in this case it is necessary to cut out a few details in order to collect the entire composition together.
Use of textilesThe principle is the same as with paper: cut the tree of the right size from textiles and paste it on the wall. It is advisable to use dense textiles in work: burlap, furniture upholstery fabric, cotton. It is not forbidden to perform a unique composition of several types of fabric, differing in color and texture. It turns out remarkable for the beauty and unusualness of the panel.

Hanger in the form of a tree

3D image

This option is more advanced and interesting, because on the wall there will be not just an ordinary image, but a three-dimensional figure. Original looks in the interior of the panel from the spilks or use as a decoration part of this trunk with branches or just beautiful branches: oak, pine, birch or deciduous. You ask, is there a way to not harm nature? You can make a three-dimensional image, using the materials at hand:

  • Styrofoam. From the pieces of material, cut out the individual parts, and then paste them on the wall.
  • The original idea of ​​making a woody silhouette of knitting yarn and clerical buttons. The idea is simple: the yarn is wound on the buttons in a certain sequence, creating a tree-like silhouette.
  • To simulate the tree you can use the centuries-old papier-mache technology. Ideal raw materials are ordinary toilet paper. It is moistened in water, and the shape is obtained from the resulting mass.
  • Gypsum is a more complex, professional variant, a high class of skill. Gypsum stucco - an excellent option for decorating the interior.
  • New Year's decor - a cute improvised tree of colorful garlands.
  • Silhouette made in the style of "sgraffito", with scratching through several layers of plaster or paint.

3D image из дерева Temple on the shore  Panel from spills  Hunting  Bear  Lev


A tree is a recognized favorite of people with good taste who know how and love to combine luxury with natural materials. Family warmth and beautifully designed home are for them the basic values ​​of life. The use of wood, as well as images of trees, are endless possibilities for decorating rooms. For the enthusiastic home master there is a lot of photo and video with wonderful design ideas. The atmosphere of prosperity, peace and comfort is guaranteed to you!