Fashionable tiles and other trends in the design of the

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And here we continue to consider 10 popular trends in bathroom design. So…

6. Fashionable bathroom tiles - the best designs on photo 2016

As is often the case during periods of economic decline, people resort to more vivid colors and patterns that can bring some variety and dynamics into everyday life. So, in the design of the bathroom today began to focus on the bold design of the tiles.

Bathroom design - photo Fashionable tile 2016 for a small bath

This is facilitated by many factors, including a wide range of tiles for cladding the bathroom surfaces. This material is perhaps the most durable. Tiles for the bathroom today - it can be said is already an established standard, therefore it is worth paying special attention to the choice already at the planning stage of repair.

In 2016, the market clearly shows the dominance of hexagonal tiles. Its success, first of all, is connected with the organic form, which catches the eye and creates different associations, from bee honeycomb and tortoise shell to snowflakes and minerals.

Modern ideas for bathroom design 2016

Patterned and geometric tiles have been popular for several years, but today simple, rectangular and monophonic tiles are also becoming fashionable, which are laid in an unusual way. How about a Christmas tree or a chevron pattern on your walls?


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7. Lamps and lighting as bathroom decoration

The balance of top and local, spot lighting plays a big role in creating a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful modern bathroom design. Bright daylight lamps are no longer in fashion, so give preference to traditional chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces and stylish LED lighting.

green-bathroom-room-2016beautiful-design-bathroom-room-2016 fashionable-color-bath-2016

8. Traditional decor instead of special bathroom accessories

Why does the bathroom have a relationship, as a purely functional room? 2016 - it's time to abandon such interior stereotypes. Following the fashion for beautiful furniture, luxurious lamps and curtains, in the design of bathrooms there was also a trend for art objects. Pictures, photographs, figurines and vases will make your bathroom more personal, intimate space.

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beautiful-bright-bathroom-room shower-cabin-in-a-small-bathroom bathroom-room-in-mint-light-2016

And some decorative trinkets for the bathroom can be completely unforgettable!


9. Large tiles for floors and walls

A bright Moroccan and patterned tile begins to tread on the heels of large-format tiles. It promotes visual expansion of the space, adds a bathroom elegance and simplifies the care process. What is not an ideal option?

large-tile-for-bath-2016 design-bathroom-trends-2016 monochrome-bathroom-private-house-2016

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10. Bathroom design in the style of industrial chic

Objects and interior design in loft styles, industrial and industrial chic today are extremely popular, so why not apply them in bathroom design? In the last photo of 2016 in this article you will see the use of concrete, stone, shabby wood and luminaries in an industrial style along with beautiful modern plumbing and traditional decor.

design-bathroom-photo-2016-modern-ideas-tiles blue-bathroom-in-a-modern-style bathroom-room-modern-ideas-2016

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