Flowers from foil - step by step instruction from designers

The New Year is approaching, as a gift to loved ones you can make a flower of foil with your own hands.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Step-by-step instruction foil colors
  • Application
  • Photo of the best ideas of flowers from foil

Step-by-step instruction foil colors

  • Prepare scissors and a simple pencil. Food foil should be wrapped around A4 cardboard, cut out the template. Mark the pencil 6 strips of 4 cm, the foil can easily tear, with a strong push.
  • Cut neatly along the lines. We need 14 long strips of the same length.
  • It is necessary to crush the strips well, to get a rough "sausage" 5 mm wide. If it breaks, you can use scraps of foil, where a long "delay" is not needed. You can connect the pieces as in the "Merge breaks" (below).


With your thumb and forefinger, slowly roll the "sausage" from top to bottom (using the spinning method).


The result is a "wire" 2 mm wide and 17 cm long. Work gently, do not apply much force, so that the wire is flexible, not broken.


Accidental impulse we remove, tightly wound the ends of "procrastination." So we securely connect the different ends almost imperceptibly, retaining its flexibility.


1. For weaving a flower, add up the "wire" twice. At 2 cm from the fold again, bend, then after 2 cm again. Saving the symmetry, also add the second half of our "procrastination." The base of one petal is ready.

2 "wires", cut into 2 equal parts. One fix, double winding the coil, in the center of the base: 1.5 cm from the beginning of a small "wire", put it across the frame, then transfer the short end through the base. From below get the "tail" and again throw it over the top. So you get a double fixation.


Arrange the coils closely, on the 2 adjacent petals, attach the other 2 halves of our "wire". The remaining half must be cut into 2 parts, fix each on the last 2 bends of the petal.


Make a sharp shape of the petal by pressing your finger. All the "delays" put inside the base, then you have to tightly wrap around 1 long "tail" all the rest. Petal for beauty vygnete. The other 3 petals do according to the same principle. How to make a topiary? Step-by-step instruction for beginners (30 photos)


For the core of the flower and its stem, cut the paper napkin into the same 4 pieces. ¼ crumple, then roll them in a tight ball.


The end of untwisted foil tape in 4 strips wide, tightly wrap a ball of paper. Its surface is smoother, the denser it turns out, the better, flexibility is not needed here.


Picking the cornflower. On the finished stalk, observing the symmetry, distribute the 4 petals around the ball. Another "wire" should be tightly fixed stalk and the ends of the petals.

rose flower

A thin strip, without twisting, it is necessary to cut in half, one tightly wrap the lower part of the flower.


"Wraps" lay tight. The extreme "delay" is well fixed around all, let the tips remain about 3 cm.


For the leaf you will need 2 "wires". 1 will be the basis, slightly curl it, lay another across it, combine them in the middle. We bend our "wire" to two parts through the base, fix it twice, which is at the bottom of the end. It is necessary to pass it "under the foundation," then to round it. The tips should be parallel.


"Prostovochki" make straight, attach the sheet to the stem. Also the next flower.

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From a wide strip (last), make a thick stalk-spike, as for 2 cornflowers.


For grains, it is necessary to cut a napkin from paper into 4 parts, then each is divided into four. Get 16 leaves, 1 you need to roll your fingers into a tight grain.


The unbrushed glossy foil tape is cut into 3 identical parts. In the middle of the 1 we put a grain of paper, wrapped in foil. And the tips that remained, mnem across, roll into narrow "procrastination." We did so in point 1. We prepare the same 17 grains. Use a quarter of the napkins that were left after the flowers, each divided into 4 parts.


To collect the spike it is necessary to combine the grain with the end of the stem. Use 1 of the ends. We wind tightly, 2 screws are screwed underneath the side. On the other hand 3 grains, so we fix 18 grains on the stem: 9 on one side, 9 on the other, alternating.


For the sheet we take 3 "wires", stack them in 1 row, twist their ends. For strength, you need to press down a hand a couple of times. Leave the "tail" 3-4 cm, wrap our extreme "delay", outlining everything, we fix it well. Below the twisting we straighten, we fasten the leaf to the stalk, as in the leaves of the cornflower.


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There should be "procrastination", 1 postpone, from the rest we create leaves for cereals and our flowers, how many will be released. With careful work, you should get 1 leaf for the spikelet and 3 leaves for the flowers. Attach the leaves to the stalk, below the ready.


We collect a bouquet. Leaves of flowers and rye must be gracefully bent. Arrange cornflowers in a bouquet. A "wire", which was the last one must be tightly fixed together all 3 stems along the entire length of the strip.


The bouquet is ready, now you know how to make a flower from foil.



Now ready-made cornflowers will look spectacular on dark velvet velvet, the original picture will turn out.


You can wrap an ordinary glass with shiny paper, decorate it with balls - it's a vase.


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Find a place for a vase of cornflowers to get sun rays, foil flowers will sparkle, and reflect the sun.


Photo of the best ideas of flowers from foil





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