Application of the rope in the interior +70 photo

Rope in the interior of the living room

As a decor sometimes unusual things come out. Jute ropes, sisal twines are those items that are able to decorate any home, regardless, in what style the atmosphere is maintained: country, sea or popular loft now, a she-chic chic. Jute, sisal, hemp - natural vegetable fibers, flexible, elastic. They are obtained from plants of different families, the geography of production is very extensive. Fibers have a rich natural palette, they are also colored. Main advantages:

Floor lamp with a foot of a rope

The practicality of the rope is difficult to challenge, it performs the function of a sturdy suspension that will replace the metal chains. For the manufacture of smaller and more elegant objects, ropes and twines are thinner.

Rope guard of a rope Lamps on the rope  Rope decoration in the interior  Brown Bedroom Interior  Rope from rope  Bed on ropes

Decorative partition

For a spacious office or zoning dwelling, where one would not like to build a blind concrete wall, a jute rope partition will be an excellent solution. It will divide space into zones, it will not take out the illumination, it will give the opportunity to see the whole space, it will make it warmer. You can make such a detail of the interior in the workshop or with your own hand, which does not require a lot of effort and time. On two slats with pre-made holes are fixed using knots of a piece of rope, then the design is installed in the right place. One strap is attached to the ceiling, the other to the floor.

Owners of spacious private houses, cafes, restaurants often use functional rope blinds. They are placed in the door and window openings, separate the working or sleeping area. If the lower parts of the lamellas are not fastened together, they do not have weights, they sway from the wind, causing a sense of calmness.

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TV on the rope partition Partitions from ropes  Firewood next to the fireplace  The original watch over the dresser in the bedroom  Cable ladders  Red armchair in a bright living room

Decoration for sex

To create a floor accessory, you do not need to save months for expensive materials. From the usual rope for the decor of the hallway they master the original rug with their own hands. It will take only a large coil of linen rope, a brush, an acrylic paint, a gun with glue.

First, prepare the right number of segments of the product, which depends on the expected size of the future mat. Setting the glue droplets at some distance from each other, the rope is twisted into a spiral. The finished spirals will be of different sizes, so that they can then be conveniently combined with the same glue.

Rug mats Necessary materials  We wind the rope into the ring, holding the central part of the future rug  Crop the end  Apply liquid nails to the bottom  On liquid nails we glue the base mat

In the process of trying not to get your fingers dirty, they will be difficult to tear off the product. After drying, small and large parts are laid out on a flat surface, picking up to size, then glued together. After the mat is painted with fragments, diagonally by two or more colors.

Painting should be repeated several times, because acrylic paint is well absorbed. If the rug is later used in the hallway, the surface is treated with a special compound for suede shoes.

Round rope rug Rug from circles of different sizes  Carpet rims  Carpet at the door  Rug of circles and squares  Carpet in the form of the sun

Suspended bed

Now in the interior design bedrooms are not using a new, but still relevant idea of ​​a hanging bed. Due to the peculiarities of fixing this structure, the effect of its lightness is created, it seems that the room has become more spacious.

The main task in the installation is to correctly calculate the load, make sure that the anchors, where the ropes or cables will be fastened, are fixed not on a decorative ceiling beam, that the structure will withstand the weight of the bed itself, bedding and sleeping people.

Bedroom with bed on ropes

Someone will like the opportunity to rock on the bed. Those who are not fascinated with the process, you can hang the bed so that one of its ends rests against the wall.

Wooden hanging beds look good in the eco-style bedrooms, where they are in harmony with natural finishing materials. The flying bed is organic in a room decorated in the style of hi-tech, industrial. It is convenient to make a partially hanging bed in the children's room by the second tier. Then a combination of cable and rigid anchorages with floor and ceiling surfaces is used, with a vertical wall.

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Interior of the bedroom in the style of minimalism Hanging beds in the bedroom  Shelves с книгами над столом в спальне  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Orange carpet in the bedroom


In any apartment there are pieces of furniture that I would not like to throw away. Ropes come to the aid, it is better to thin linen or jute. When restoring a chair or a coffee table, the rope begins to be tightly wound, beginning with the legs, first with a plentiful spread of PVA glue. At the next stage of work trim the table top or seat.

Wall for brick in the interior

In a similar technique, you can build a stylish ottoman or stool out of a box or box, a car tire with your own hands.

After gaining some skills in working with a rope, you want to make more than one stylish piece of furniture, and a whole set, to extend the experience to the whole apartment or house. The technique is applicable in the manufacture of clothes hangers, the design of the head of the bed.

Interior in a classic style Armchair from rope  Wall from planks in the interior  Table opposite the chair  Armchair by the window  Pendant chairs made of rope


Strong rope or rope in the interior of a country house, multi-level apartment looks the best.

Rope from rope на лестнице

An uncomfortable dark staircase between the blind walls will become a design staircase, if one of the walls is secured with massive rails made of jute rope. Such handrails need to be tightened and secured securely, so that the rope does not sag.

Paintings on the wall

The staircase, which is open on all sides, must be equipped with special supports. Three or four rows of rope between them will provide security, of course, not in a house where there are small children.

The combination of white and wood in the interior

With the help of twine or a cord of small diameter make a winding of stationary balusters, poles. The main task in this case will be reliable fastening of the turns. If the decor is temporary, you should worry in advance about how to remove the glue residues.

Aged boards in the interior

Lighting Devices

On the ropes hang not only beds, but also lamps. With the help of a thin rope refresh the already existing chandelier, a floor lamp, for which twist the details and elements of products, lampshade lampshade.

A unique chandelier is made completely by hand, using a wheel and a rope, pieces of pipes for this purpose.

Ropes with bulbs Luminaire with rope  Rope chandelier  Beams on the ceiling  Lamps on the rope  Chandelier made of tires, chains and ropes

Things in the interior

Experiments with rope at first it is better to conduct on small subjects. For light accessories and elegant ornaments it is better to use a fine jute and hemp rope.

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As the first prototypes take flower pots, candy bars or vases. The vessel is densely covered with PVA glue, then begins to braid. After mastering the technique, to increase the class of work they acquire a hemp rope and create scenery for the house. Interior items that can be used - this is an interesting shape of the bottle, photo frames, favorite pictures or wall clocks, coasters for mugs, baskets. From the rope make a frame for the mirror or suspension for it.

Rope towel holder

A rope or a thick rope is filled with an empty transparent glass container under a coffee table or an aquarium, but they do not aspire to the order in packing, light chaos will look more interesting.

Nodes of a rope and patterns from a cord decorate walls, spread inscriptions. Already known or new ideas of your own can decorate your home and surprise guests and household members.

Mirror on the wall Letters from the rope  Rim of the mirror made of rope  Rope flower stand  Photo frame with a rim of a rope  Rope watch band


One of the simplest things in performance is a shelf made of one or several boards. Through the holes made at the edges, ropes are threaded, which are fixed by the knots. The design is installed at the desk or in the bathroom, there are many necessary items on it.

Shelf with books Shelves из каната  Shelf on the wall  Hours on the shelf  Maps and shelf on the wall  Shelf of boards and rope

Furnitureные ручки

A complete look of the interior gives different details. As such, use original and practical hands on chests of drawers or cabinet doors. To be convenient to use, they are not pulled, leaving some gap between the furniture surface and the loop.

Cable handles on the cabinet

For greater originality, the rope is tied in the form of a bow, knot, and is threaded into real river pebbles.

Table with rope handles

Ornaments of curtains

The space for imagination of the artist gives the use of ropes and ropes as pick-ups for curtains. Those who know the secrets of sea knots, it is possible to shine.

Rope pulling for curtains White curtain and orange rope  Curtains on ropes  Gray curtain and white pick-up  Rope tackle for curtains  Blind and pick-ups

Rope or burlap can not be classified as neutral. Even a small detail of the interior of them becomes that highlight that will decorate and create the right mood.

If the blind suddenly becomes short, it is lengthened by passing the rope as rings. In this way, adjust the required length.