Original handmade ideas

Decorative crafts

Decorative crafts will open the channel of the fantasy potential flowing from you, corked by the abyss of everyday life dozens of years ago. The procedure for generating a tiny miracle with one's own hands gives rise to a sense of occupation and a conviction of the need to finish what was started, despite the difficulties and obstacles that have arisen in the process. Not scary, if initially the result will be a simple trinket with crooked corners and sloppy glues. Looking at it, you will plunge into the unknown depths of creativity. The first attempt at needlework will become a wild unexplored world, sometimes bringing disappointment, but overwhelmed by a thirst to study and alternately explore its fertile regions. Having surrendered to an unusual hobby, you will get a chance to brag to acquaintances with acquired skills and non-trivial achievements. Do not lose the chance to test yourself in an unfamiliar hypostasis, and you will be rewarded with rich impressions.

Crafts for the garden

The dacha is a quiet corner of eternal stability. Even the long hands of omniscient duties do not reach the cloister of village comfort. Service and family troubles turn round this small Eden. It's no wonder that I would like to add some attractive exterior elements to it myself. Old bald tires, covered with high-quality paint, will shine with a fascinating novelty. Try on the role of a cheerful fence or a child's swing. Wooden crafts will look reliable and majestic, whether it is luxurious garden furniture or miniature, decorated carved pendants. Flat decorative stones will allow to form an artificial pond, an alpine slide, to fill in the paths that gracefully pass through the garden. Any materials available at hand, having them in sufficient quantity, it is easy to find application. Decorate the garden area will help anything, starting with the remnants of building materials and ending with accumulated debris.

Crocodile made of tire

Unusual birdhouses or feeders with their own hands

The usual device for feeding birds will become a stylish accessory and will attract the envious looks of neighbors and passers-by. Original design boasts products in the form of:

  • doll house;
  • cartoon characters;
  • authentic houses of different peoples;
  • wicker baskets;
  • household items, adapted to the feeder;
  • entirely made of a Lego constructor.

Birdhouse with own hands

The procedure for building a birdhouse will be as follows:

  • Find out which birds are most common in your area. Based on the obtained information, determine the dimensions of the finished product. Pay special attention to the diameter of the hole or perch;
  • Select the material available for finance, the tools available for processing and the level of your skills;
  • Make the initial sketch;
  • Translate the sketch into the full-size drawing;
  • Cut or cut out details according to the outlines of the scheme;
  • Fasten elements of the craft;
  • Decorate the trough, getting the right entourage.
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Bird house

Crafts from wood

Garden furniture - large-scale and multifunctional handicrafts. Tables and stools are used for their intended purpose and for extraordinary purposes. If it's scary to sit on your creation, and the glass of water placed on the table immediately indicates the differences in the length of the legs - do not be upset. Place on the headset pots with flowers, funny sculptures, and your failure will become a bright attribute of the country plot. Diversify the interior of the house by personally designed elegant photo frames and panels. Close will approve your hobby. Wreaths on the door are not a traditional western tradition. The custom of decorating the entrance is the spirit of the Slavic peoples. Already envious of the beauty of your site, the summer residents melt, having seen how cordially they are greeted from the very entrance. The wreath symbolizes the power of the heavenly luminary, one glance at its flawlessly circular form will suffice for pacification.

Furniture from a tree for a summer residence

Crafts from cement

Cement is a strong and reliable material. By purchasing silicone forms with the letters of the alphabet, fill them with cement and you will be able to decorate the site with any word or phrase. Stone letters are suitable for use as stands, poles or fences. Concrete balls decorating numerous squares and parks are available to produce to everyone, however, in a slightly reduced version, taking as a form a battered useless ball. At the edges of the paths in the garden, cement candlesticks look spectacular. If your favorite neighbor is still not imbued with your hospitality and decided to assign elements of the decor yourself, with the help of the same cement they can be strengthened, making it safe from such nasty incidents.

Crafts from cement

Having the shape of a suitable configuration, it will be possible to get out of any mineral sculpture absolutely any sculpture.

Hands with flowers  Flower  Mushrooms  ladybug  Burdock sheet

Master class openwork ball for the garden

If the designer minimalist dacha house, together with simple stone blocks looks like a hospital building, cement balls must correct the panorama gracefully and with filigree. The process of making an openwork orb for a garden with the help of a ball, cement and rope is painted in a subtle way.

  • Get a strong balloon or a rubber ball for children;
  • Inflate it;
  • Add cement with sand in a proportion of two to one. Adding more sand, you will find that the product crumbles and disintegrates;
  • Dip a rope into the solution, leaving one tip on top;
  • Beginning with the pending end, wind the rope in the cement onto the ball, trying to distribute the tilt angles and overlay layers evenly;
  • When the mixture has hardened, break the ball and pull it out through the hole between the winding rings;
  • The result will be a refined elegant lace sphere.

Cement  Threads  Balloons  We wind the ball with threads  We leave to dry up Openwork ball for the garden

Crafts from fabric and thread

Various natural or synthetic matter is used for appliqués, artificial flowers, sticks and supports, amulets, and fabric installations. All the techniques associated with sewing flaps you can master, just by doing the construction of a soft toy.

  • First, we prepare a sketch or we are looking for a finished product, the tailoring of which you want to produce;
  • Draw the shape of all the details of the craft;
  • We scale the elements of the pattern to the natural size;
  • We outline the contours of the resulting components on the fabric;
  • Cut the workpiece;
  • Sew the front and back of the parts of the toy, attaching them to the front parts.
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Mice made of cloth

Do not forget to leave a hole to unscrew the fragments.

  • We stuff the components turned out with the cotton, foam rubber or foam plastic;
  • It remains only to carefully sew the remaining holes and connect them to the finished product.

Octopus thread

Crafts from glass bottles

Do you discard used glass containers? Inadmissible waste. The variety of color range of bottles, their shine and transparency, rounded shapes, reminiscent of the female silhouette make these vessels an ideal option for decorating the villa. Having made the decoupage of the former wine-quarters, you can use it as a vase, flower pots, street lampshades. Asymmetrical separation of the bottoms and bottoms of the bottle will allow the use of both as candlesticks. Do not know how to cut glass? Fifteen minutes of business and no intricate tools.

  • Take a thick, preferably woolen thread and moisten well in a combustible mixture (alcohol, vodka, paint);
  • Wrap a thick layer of thread around the contour, along which you are going to divide the container;
  • Ignite the thread and let it burn well. In the process, turn the bottle along the horizontal axis, so that the glass is well heated;
  • As soon as the thread burns, quickly dip the vessel into cold water. It will crack at the location of the thread;
  • The edges of the resulting parts should be treated with nest, so that, putting a candle, it is inadvertently not injured.

Crafts from glass bottles

Crafts from metal cans

From cans you can make a convenient shelf for small parts in the garage, collect a useful organizer for the kitchen, twist from the stripes of tin picturesque charms. Large aluminum barrels are decorated with waterproof paint and used for cooling on a hot day if there is no pond or river nearby. From a food can, you can instantly make a lamp, if Ilyich's lamp sticking out from the wall is no longer inspiring. The algorithm is simple:

  • Bend a piece of hard wire into the shape of a mirror stand;
  • Cut through the middle of the jar two holes from opposite sides, pass the tips of the stand into them and tighten them more tightly;
  • Make a hole in the bottom of the can, slightly larger than the diameter of the cartridge;
  • Insert the cartridge and screw in the lamp.

Check the insulation of the wires well. It can save your life!

Car of metal cans

Crafts from cereals, coffee and pasta

Products consisting of small elements, in the process of manufacturing, soothe and relax, set in order the nervous system, allow you to feel the whole being, as separate elements unite into one. They show how insignificant one detail is, in comparison with their totality. From cereals, coffee and pasta, excellent mosaics are obtained.

  • First, fragments of the composition should be painted. Macaroni and light cereals are painted with gouache or watercolor. Another constituent is acrylic;
  • Arrange the components of the craft by color;
  • Put on the work surface the chosen illustration, paint or mark, where what shade do you plan to use;
  • Cover the areas of the same color with a thick layer of paste, place the treated croup of the corresponding color on them, wait until the workpiece has dried;
  • Repeat the previous step until the end of the work.

Picture from croup Hedgehog  Bear cub  Storks  Fish  Rooster and chicken

Crafts from plastic bottles and disposable tableware

Items made of plastic are distinguished by their durability, flexibility and strength. Of these, even a schoolboy without effort will make a pretty piggy bank, a casket, a tree, turn utensils into a colorful animal or an insect. The availability and cheapness of plastic dishes allows you to collect masterpieces: carnival masks and costumes by applying detail to the part. Scales fairy mermaid or armor brave knight for the celebration of Halloween and the New Year - everything is simple.

  • Dye plastic spoons from an aerosol can;
  • Draw an even line at the bottom of the clothes to be decorated, along which colored scales will pass;
  • Paste with a gun spoons in a row, as close to each other;
  • Apply layer by layer, slightly shifting aside;
  • At the end of the formation of the suit, the handles of the spoons, protruding from above, are carefully cut off.
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Crafts from plastic spoons Flower из ложек  Piglets  Ladybugs from bottles  Swans  Pavlin

Crafts from natural materials

Nature is a generous soul. She will present the best materials for needlework at any time of the year, throwing them right under your feet. Alas, not everyone knows how to dispose of her wealth. The hit parade of lovely autumn autographically made exhibits opens a bear of cones.

  • We choose the largest of the available cones and adapt it under the trunk;
  • Four identical pine gifts are glued as paws. Depending on the location of the connection, our club-footed person can sit, stand or even wave his fingers;
  • We take a more rounded cone for the head and two small ones for the ears;
  • Draw a pretty face.

Crafts from natural materials

Acorns are wonderful for creating boats and little men. The "lid" of the pod plays the role of the frigate's nose. The match serves as a mast. Parts of the body of people and animals from acorns are also connected with matches. Dried leaves of different colors, covered with paint, leave on paper magic autumn seals. Ikebans combine a lot of natural elements - there is something to experiment on. Out of the dried flowers come out excellent bouquets.

House  The little man from acorns  Leshy  Hedgehog из шишек  Puppy


Technique origami allows you to make fantastic metamorphoses - turn flat, faceless sheets of paper into any three-dimensional figures. Kusudama (a ball of flowers) - a sample of modular origami, suitable for any style of the room. Modules tapering from the second end when glued together form flowers. And those, in turn, are connected in a ball.

  • Having determined how many petals are needed for the flower, and how many flowers are included in the composition, calculate the number of blanks for the modules;
  • Fold all the modules according to the sample of the manufacturing technology;
  • Expand the flat structures, making them bulky, align the folds where they should not be;
  • Connect the resulting petals into whole buds of plants;
  • Collect with a thread a smooth ball so that the narrow parts of the modules are in its center.

Origami Bunnies  Rosochka  Fox  Squirrel  Oleenak


Needlework is a secret new life in which you will become a completely different person, discover the hidden talents hidden under the guise of everyday life. This is a hobby that will help decorate the dacha, give it more coziness. The items made by themselves are characterized by high functionality, characteristics inherent in your character and personality. You will show your grandchildren in old age not payments from a highly paid job, but a fighter model, created over several months. Especially valuable will be the attraction of all relatives and friends to your hobby. Inspires them to their own creations. Crafts will cause pride in your loved ones for your and your own achievements. And the villa site, adorned with the fruits of hard work, will gain an individual design and harmony with the surrounding nature.