Decor lampshade - ways and ideas of decorating with your own

Tulips on a shade

Decoration of the shade will help create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. In addition, it will help to give old things a new life. You do not need to throw away obsolete lamps and lamps, but it is worthwhile to show a little imagination to create a completely new design thing. Decor lamps can be made from improvised means, creating a lamp that will harmoniously complement the interior of the room.

  • adhesive (PVA, silicate or glue gun);
  • twine, wire, twine;
  • beads, rhinestones, beads;
  • scissors;
  • pliers;
  • dense cardboard, sheets of white paper;
  • frame for shade;
  • chamber for light bulbs and wires.

This is not a complete list of materials that are used to create a shade. You can use any tools and materials at work.

Vase, lamp and magazine on the table

The simplest version of the base for the shade is the frame from the old lamp. You can use metal frames from old lamps, which are further decorated to the choice of the master. Also, glass jars, plastic containers can be used as a base. The frame of the product can be made from vines or wooden panels.

A chamber for a light bulb and wires can be purchased on the market or used remnants from an old lamp.

Leaves from a tree on a chandelier

From papier-mache

Interesting solutions for interior design is a lampshade made of papier-mâché. For the decor you need white paper, old newspapers (you can replace it with thin sheets of paper), PVA glue, balloon, water. Before starting work, the balloon is inflated to the size that the lamp will be afterwards. The newspaper needs to be cut into long strips, which briefly leave in glue or paste. The surface of the ball should be watered with water and lay out the first layer of the newspaper. One of the parts of the ball is not sealed, since light will then emanate from it.

Unusual decision: if you do not cover the bottom of the balloon with a newspaper layer, the light will be directed towards the floor. You can also leave a free side of the ball, in which case the light will go to the side.

A girl from a paper with a toy in her hands

To create an unusual lamp from papier-mâché, you will need to apply 5-6 newspaper layers. Be sure to ensure that before applying the next layer, the previous one completely dries. After the completion of the newspaper, the lamp shade can be pasted with white paper, apply liquid wallpaper. After the decor of the lamp, the ball needs to burst, the lampshade should be pasted with paper from the inside. At the top of the product, make a hole for the chamber.

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From cardboard and paper

Another option for decorating is a paper lamp. This requires a thin cardboard of white or other colors. The length of a cardboard sheet depends on the required diameter of the finished product. On the cardboard the chosen contour (butterflies, hearts, asterisks, etc.) is applied. With the help of a stationery knife, the selected drawings are cut from the cloth. The cardboard is glued along the edges and fastened to the frame of the future lamp. On the edge of the lampshade, you can attach ribbons or a fishing line decorated with beads, on which to hang symbols cut from cardboard. This product looks very original on the ceiling of the nursery or bedroom.

Lamp in the form of a mushroom

On the tape you can string colorful beads, which will alternate with paper figures.

After turning on the lamp with such a frame, funny figures appear on the walls of the room. Use of fabric for the decor of the lamp

Fabric lampshades are simple to manufacture and perfectly carry cleaning. As the simplest version of the lamp shade, you can take a cut of fabric, which looks harmoniously with the interior of the room, and sew its edge. In the upper part, a string is sewn and everything is ready - the lampshade is ready. Such a product is attached to a metal frame and can also be easily removed.

Glowing pots

A more complex version of the fabric shade can be decorated with ruffles, weave ribbons. Quite original look shades, trimmed with fabric ribbons or embroidered with beads and pawns.

For the decor of the living room, you can make a lampshade decorated with ribbons with fringe. Ready-made tapes are sold in stores for sewing. To fix the fringe to the frame, a pistol with hot glue is used. Adhesive is applied a thin layer on the frame of the lamp, to which the braid is subsequently attached.

If there is a need to decorate the ready lampshade to make it conform to the interior, different figures can be cut from the fabric, which, using a pistol with glue, are attached to the lampshade.

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An unusual papier-mache lampshade

From improvised objects

In any house you can find a lot of items that you can use to decorate the lamp. And if you look in the garage, you can create a whole studio of designer chandeliers. The most important thing is to show imagination and non-standard approach to choosing materials for decoration.

Chandelier from spoons

For the purposes of fire safety, it is necessary to use objects that are resistant to high temperatures or to twist low power bulbs before starting work, the surface of the object must be cleaned of dust and dirt and degreased.

Choosing a style of shade, it is necessary to take into account the interior of the room, its purpose. For example, a shade made of plastic spoons will look strange in the living room, which is decorated in a fancy glamor style. At the same time, the lampshade decorated with rhinestones and stones will be completely out of place in the kitchen or in the summer gazebo.

Banks as chandeliers

From plastic spoons

This lamp is ideal for decorating the kitchen. It is very simple to make, while the materials for the lamp stand a penny. So, you need the following materials to work:

  • A set of plastic table spoons. In total, 50-100 pieces of devices are required, depending on the desired size of the lamp.
  • Pistol glue.
  • A set of acrylic paints and brushes.
  • Frame for the lampshade. For work, a ready-made metal frame from an old desktop floor lamp is suitable.
  • Scissors.

Table lamp in the form of pineapple

First, from all the spoons you need to cut off the holder. Each product should leave a 0.5 cm boat for fastening. Next, the parts of the spoon are attached to the frame in random order. They can be superimposed on each other, imitating fish scales or go randomly, resembling rose petals. Legs from the spoon can also be used for decor. After covering the entire surface of the frame, the surface of the spoon is covered with acrylic paint - monochrome or multicolored. Using this technique of decor, you can create a lamp in the form of pineapple, flower, goldfish and others. The lamp shade made of plastic spoons is suitable not only for the ceiling lamp, but also for decorating the bedside lamp in the nursery.

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Lamp shade

From plastic or glassware

In the farm, bottles are often accumulated from under the water, which can be used for decorating lamps. Before starting work, the bottle must be thoroughly washed and dried. Further actions are the freedom of the master's fantasy.

Sconce from a glassSconce from a glass

For example, by cutting the neck of the bottle you can create an excellent holder for the bulb holder. Several of these accessories, which are glued together, form an unusual chandelier. Bottles can be used from multi-colored plastic or covered with a transparent colored lacquer. So, in the room will shine multicolored rays of light.

To create a shade, you can use glass jars from under the pickles. Suspended at different levels of lamps from cans will be an interesting design decision in the design of the kitchen. Also, when decorating the kitchen, you can use a saucer for the decor of a saucer, cups, shards from broken dishes.

Chandelier from cups on saucers

From twine

Such lamps can often be found as flashlights on the streets or on terraces. To make such a lamp at home is very simple - for its creation, twine and glue are used.

Wicker Lampshade

Before starting work, as with a papier-mache lampshade, you need to inflate a balloon of the right size. It will serve as a form for the future product. The string must be soaked in a paste and wound on a ball in random order. The free edges of the twine are connected, and the knot must be placed in the upper part of the ball, where the chamber will then be located. Dry the product will be approximately 2-3 days. Then the ball needs to burst and you can attach the chamber and the bulb. The finished product can be decorated with large beads, dried flowers. To decorate the arbor, you can use several such lampshades in different sizes.

Thus, there are many options for creating an original lampshade. In work you can use not only special equipment, but also improvised items. Fabrication and decoration of the lampshade will not only decorate the house, but also have a great time.

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