Thoughtful repair of a small bathroom - maximally save

Small bathroom in light colors

On the Internet, we find useful topics about the repair of the bathroom, but more often it's about large and large-scale rooms. And what do the owners of a small or even a combined bathroom?

The first thing you should remember when repairing a small bathroom is that everything should be as compact and functional as possible. This is the only way to save some useful space.

Metal washbasin in the bathroom

In front of you is a small bathroom in the residence of Chicago with dimensions of only 1.5 x 2.75 meters. So what can you do on an unhappy four square meters, you ask? In fact, everything is very simple.

Light walls in the bathroom visually expand the space. Glass doors produce the same effect, thanks to the play of light and reflections. Instead of a bath, it is better to choose a vertical shower, or even better, a Roman shower room - it does not have any doors or partitions, which will help you to find some more space.

The shell should be placed directly on the nightstand, which in turn should be very functional and roomy. The crane can be attached directly to the mirror, so you will not only save space, but also achieve a magical effect - the reflection of chrome in the glass.

Toilet paper holder on the wall