Decor of the chandelier - 18 ways to decorate yourself

Decor of a chandelier made of butterflies

Today in specialized stores you can buy a chandelier of any configuration and design. The price range is also huge. But, creative people are not looking for easy ways: someone is engaged in decorating old or out-of-fashion products, someone is making lighting devices from scratch and then decorating them with different materials and objects. This article contains interesting ideas for decorating light devices.

  • primer (acrylic or intended for metal objects);
  • acrylic colors of the right colors in cans;
  • pearlescent aerosols, metallic colors and fluorescent colors as an alternative to electric lighting;
  • colorless acrylic lacquer. The composition protects the surface from external influences, gives shine, makes the colors more saturated;
  • means for degreasing the surface;
  • Painting tape and other protective materials;
  • tools for removing and parsing chandelier elements;
  • protective accessories (respirator, gloves).

Necessary materials

Preparation for painting

We will cover the workplace with protective materials; turn out the light bulbs, remove from the chandelier superfluous elements, with which we will not work; we protect the non-removable parts with paint tape;

  • clean the chandelier from dust and other contaminants, dry it;
  • degrease the surface of the lighting fixture.

Preparing the Chandel

The process of creating decor with paints

We treat the surface with an aerosol primer. Shake the can before work and begin spraying the primer from top to bottom at a distance of 20 cm from the chandelier.

For a qualitative uniform color, 2-3 layers are required. Each layer should dry well.

A freshly painted chandelier can be additionally protected and made more expressive by using a layer of acrylic lacquer. The composition will dry for 2 hours.

After complete drying, chandelier elements protected with paint tape can be released, screwed in the bulbs and attach the previously removed parts.

Selecting a picture  We prepare the plafond  Apply glue  Let's dry  We paint petals Let's dry краске  Circle outlines and veins  Let's dry up  We fix the chandelier  We connect electricity Decor with paints on the chandelier


We paint the elements of the chandelier, which require updating with white acrylic paint. We take the necessary napkin for decoupage, remove the 2 lower layers and begin to paste on the parts that require decor with a brush. For work, you can take PVA glue and dilute it with water or buy glue for decoupage.

After complete drying, we apply a layer of varnish for decoupage on top, leave to dry. To the top of the chandelier, you can attach the gypsum rosette with a special mixture.

Necessary materials  lampshade  Preparing adhesive  Ready-made abrasion  Apply glue и несколько слоев салфеток Let's dry  Primer  For better adhesion of napkins, it is necessary to primer  Apply the primer  Check the uniformity of the application Let's dry  Cooking wipes  Apply glue  We fix napkins  Inside view Cut out oranges  Red Beads  We glue beads and oranges  Let's dry  Decoupage люстры

Wood decoration

Wood is a natural material with which it is pleasant to work, and wooden products create a warm home atmosphere in the room. The original decor for lighting fixtures can be made with the help of spills, twigs, wooden objects of everyday life, etc.

Chandelier of twigs Bookcase by the couch  Beams on the ceiling  Interior of a tree with a picture  Chandelier of branches with lamps in the form of candles  Lamps on a wooden bar


A floor lamp made of wood splits perfectly complements the interior of a country house or a city apartment, furnished with eco-friendly wooden furniture.

Materials and tools;

  • a fragment of a tree trunk - 40 cm;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • cellulose varnish;
  • power adapter;
  • electric wires;
  • saw;
  • grinding mechanism;
  • drill / drill bit (crown, sheet);
  • glue.

We will prepare 10 wooden circles 2 cm thick each. Drill holes in 8 wooden blanks. In the 2 remaining we will make only depressions.

Let us grind the surface of the circles. The inner surfaces of the holes are spread with joinery glue. Cover the mugs with varnish in several layers, make them matte.

We proceed to collect the lamp: we will put the mugs on the tube and glue the structure. On the tube we will hold the LED tape and connect it to the adapter.

Take the log  We cut the spili  Need 10 round  In the center of all kruglyashy we note the place for drilling  We plan the drilling site In 8 rounds we drill a through hole  In the 2 thickest roundworms (this will be the upper and lower rounds) we drill only grooves, approximately half the thickness  Grinding roundworm  Modification of the manual typewriter  Before grinding After grinding  We apply joiner glue  We make inserts  Leave to dry  We take a varnish We apply varnish  We leave to dry up  Pick up the tube and paint it in matte  We put the rods on the tube and insert the LED strip  Floor lamp from the cuts is ready


Chandelier, decorated with branches of natural wood can be displayed in the bedroom or living room, creating a unique style and home comfort.

As a natural material suited dried flexible branches of different species of trees.

Materials and tools:

  • dry branches;
  • shape (rubber ball);
  • aerosol paint;
  • varnish;
  • glue on a tree;
  • chain for fixing the chandelier to the ceiling;
  • film;
  • Scotch tape bilateral;
  • chopper.
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We will clean the branches and make of them billets of 20 cm each. We wrap the ball with film and install it on the working space, fixing with adhesive tape. We decorate the ball with branches, connecting them with glue, dry. We change the position of the ball, reattach and glue the branches, bypassing the top, through which we will install the cartridge and twist the bulb, dry it.

We remove the ball, which served to betray the design of the shape of the ball. After everything has dried, you can start painting or varnishing the future chandelier.

We insert the cartridge and energy-saving light bulb (to avoid overheating), we hang the chandelier on the chain.

Necessary materials  Sprigs cut into a length of 10-15 cm  On the upper part of the ball, we begin to put the twigs in a chaotic order, gently sticking them to each other  We let the glue dry  We turn the ball and also glue new branches Add more twigs  We glue the ball in a circle  We leave the gap between the branches, about 10x10 centimeters in size, this will be the upper part of the chandelier, afterwards we will insert a bulb with a cartridge  The glued ball is left until it dries completely.  Cut the ball and gently pull it out through the largest gap between the branches We paint a chandelier and a chain with an aerosol paint  We paint the chain and attach it to the chandelier  Chandelier of twigs

Using wooden hangers

Using wooden hangers можно изготовить люстру сложной формы для оформления интерьера в эко-стиле.

Materials and Tools

  • wooden hangers - 50 pcs .;
  • steel wire;
  • drill.

Chandelier Construction

We make a lampshade, consisting of 2 bases - rings of different diameters of steel wire. At the ends of the hangers we drill holes for the further binding process.

We connect the hangers with a ring of smaller diameter: we pass the wire through the holes made. Hangers, designed for fastening with a large ring, are placed symmetrically. We pass the wire from the opposite end.

If you make holes at an angle of the same degree, the hangers can be lapped. Such a lampshade can be left "in the tree" or painted.

Chandelier from hangers


In each house there are plastic bottles of different shades. They can be used to create an exclusive chandelier.

Materials and tools:

  • aerosol paint;
  • metal rings of different diameters - 2 pcs .;
  • newspapers;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • gloves.

We cut the bottle into 2 parts. The upper and lower halves are cut into strips 1 cm wide, these are blanks for future colors. Strip-petals bend in a circle.

Cover the work surface with newspapers and proceed to coloring the flowers: spray on the plastic billets of paint. We dry.

Next, we turn to the manufacture of the chandelier: we take a small hoop, we let the wire into the neck of the bottle, wrap it around the frame, fix the flowers. Flowers are located as close as possible to each other. The same is done with a large hoop. We connect the hoops wire: take 3 pieces, measure the distance between the frames, cut off the wire with the winding in mind.

We wind the wire around one frame, unbend it, and wrap its other end around hoop No. 2.

On the arc of the hoop we note 1/3 of the circumference, we wound the second piece of wire.

We will measure another 1/3 and connect the hoops with the third segment.

Necessary materials  We cut strips from a bottle  We take the frame, insert the neck and fasten the screeds  Also do the rest of the bottle  Chandelier from bottles

Leaves from plastic bottles on a plafond

From plastic bottles of different colors, you can create an original decor of a chandelier in the form of leaves, for example, birch.

We cut plastic bottles into small fragments and make leaves from them. In order for the leaves to look more neat and natural, we will fuse them with a soldering iron along the contours (a tool with a thick sting and a bevel on one side will do).

With the help of the edge of the sting we create on each leaf streaks. Next, we heat a thick needle and make holes at the base of the leaves. This is for fastening.

We make twigs: string the leaves on a wire of small diameter, then, wind them on the base of steel wire.

Necessary materials  We cut the bottles into pieces  We melt the sections with a soldering iron  We make holes for the wire  We fix them to the wire The frame is hung on a rope  Chandelier from plastic bottles

From disposable spoons

For the kitchen or living room, you can create an original chandelier made of disposable plastic spoons. Such an unexpected chandelier is economical, provides a good level of lighting, creates fantasy projections on surrounding surfaces and objects.

Materials and tools:

  • plastic bottle 5 l;
  • plastic spoons - 150-170 pieces;
  • energy saving light bulb;
  • cartridge;
  • copper wire;
  • нож/scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Necessary materials


First, let's make a foundation, which will serve as a plastic bottle and evenly cut the bottom. Center the lid pierced with a red-hot awl. Through this hole let's pass the cord and attach it to the cartridge.

Let's move on to the decorating process. To do this, only the deep parts of the spoons will need to be cut off. We glue spoons around the base row after row in a checkerboard pattern lapping from the bottom up.

From above we make a horizontal row, which will be crowned with a chandelier. Inside the plafond we install a cartridge and a cork.

Cut the spoons under the base  Cut the bottom on the bottle  We paste spoons  We glue the final fringing  Chandelier from disposable spoons

Chandelier from music discs

Older CD-disks can be used for decorating home lighting fixtures: lamps, plafonds, chandeliers.

The brilliant surface of the CD, which includes the entire spectrum of colors, will glow the chandelier even more

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strong and spectacular. A small chandelier from music discs in the form of a flashlight can be hung to illuminate the corridor.

Materials and tools:

  • Wooden boards of rounded form thinner and thicker - 2 pcs. Diameter досочек. more than a CD;
  • stands in wood or metal;
  • magnetic switch;
  • fluorescent light bulb;
  • disks.

Make a hole in a thick board, mount the starter + switch, connect to the lamp. We string the discs on the lamp. Around the discs we set up the racks, cover the structure with the upper board.

Materials and basic tools  Dual mirror discs  Marking of 5 holes on the disc stencil  Drilling holes in the stencil  The stencil is installed in a reel Drives of the luminaire are drilled  Mounting the lamp holder on the disk  Cartridge mounted  Example of making wire staples  Brackets for lamp assembly Connecting drives with a bracket  The process of assembling the lamp  Before installing the latest disks, install the light bulb in the chuck  We install an energy-saving lamp  Luminaire from disks


A creative luminaire with marine motifs can be made, taking as a basis the master class "Coral Inspiration".

Materials and tools:

  • colored paper;
  • colored yarn;
  • PVA glue;
  • fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • paper clips;
  • compass;
  • LED lamp;
  • electrical accessories.

On the paper of the chosen color, we will draw semicircles of different diameters. The width of the blanks is 1 cm. We cut them out, and then cut them into lengths from 2 to 5 cm. Further, we cut off the segments in the form of cones and glue each separately, and then several pieces together and so on until the ball is formed.

We will decorate the wire with colored yarn, then, make the holder. Inside, we install the lamp and connect it to the wire.

Scissors, fishing line and paper clips  Light Bulb  On a colored sheet using a compass we draw semi-circles 1 cm wide and with each line we increase the diameter of the semicircle  Cut the semicircular stripes into pieces of 2-5 cm  We glue the clusters together, reinforcing them with paper clips, until the glue dries We adorn the wire of yarn  We glue the remaining clusters  Leave to dry  Holder for LED lamp  Chandelier


In the technique of origami, you can create a lamp-sconce, which is suitable for zone lighting of a bedroom, a nursery and any other room.

Picking up a suitable scheme of origami, you can quickly make an exclusive lamp. For example, you can take as a basis the scheme by which a sheet of paper becomes voluminous and will have a pattern in the form of rhombuses with lines of folds in the center.

Turn the workpiece into a tube, we get a shape of a spherical shape. We glue the loose ends and hang them to the cartridge.

Paper and scissors  We fold the paper accordion  I'll open the end  Reveal  Should get this result We stack two such strips  We fasten the threads  We get this result  Bottom view  Chandelier origami from paper


Chandelier, adorned with soft silhouettes of paper butterflies can be a successful option for lighting nursery.

As a basis, you can use an old chandelier or any other frame with a rounded shape. First we'll make paper butterflies. To do this, print out the template you like and cut out insect figures of the same or different sizes. It is better to choose high-density paper.

Examples of lamps with butterflies

Закрепим бабочек на капроновую нитку либо на леску. Существуют 2 способа крепления: протыкать бабочек или сажать на силиконовый glue.

We will put threads with butterflies on a skeleton and we will decorate a composition.

You can also take as a base a ball of wire and "plant" butterflies on its surface with an adhesive gun.

The chandelier can be left in white or painted in any other.

Butterflies on the frame

Other ways - forms from under the muffins, from cotton wheels and other

As a decor for a ceiling light perfectly match paper molds for cupcakes of different sizes and colors.

Materials and tools:

  • paper molds - 120 pieces;
  • Chinese paper lantern;
  • plate;
  • glue;
  • electrical accessories.

We install a paper flashlight and paste the biggest shapes on the top of the lamp in a circle, so we glue 3/4 of the area of ​​the flashlight, then turn it over and proceed to the bottom part.

Further, inside small molds paste small. Leave to dry, then connect the wire with the LED lamp.

A similar lampshade can be used for a table lamp or wall lamp. For additional gloss in the core of the molds, crystals or large beads can be attached.

Chandelier from cupcake molds

By the same technology, a luminaire made of cotton wheels is created. The accessory resembles a fluffy dandelion. This lamp can be hung in any room to update the familiar interior.

Here, instead of the molds, you will need the wadded disks, folded along the diagonals in the form of the English letter "V". The tips of the workpieces can be fixed with a stapler or white threads.

Even paper lanterns can be decorated with New Year decor: snowflakes and frosty patterns made of paper, snow flakes made of cotton wool, and other improvised materials.

Necessary materials  Collect the flashlight and place it in a wide, shallow bowl  Glue the cake mold on the lantern and click on it to attach it to the base  Continue this operation in a circle, the distance between them should be such that the circular bases of the molds should be located approximately 2-2.5 cm  Cover approximately 3/4 of the different molds, and then flip the lamp and gently place it back into the bowl and stick the other molds

the cloth

The basis of the chandelier with a fabric shade will be an old light device or any metal frame.

If a light weightless cloth was used to sew a shade, the bottom of the product should be made heavier to avoid loss of shape. To help the master cardboard, fishing line, braid or fringe.

Chandeliers made of cloth

Next, make a pattern of fabric according to the size of the frame. The length can be arbitrary, and the width of the fabric is equal to the diameter of the lampshade.

We sew the upper fabric part directly on the frame. You can also put the frame in a fabric shade. In this case, we fold, then sew and iron the upper edge of the pattern, and on the side we make the seam by the machine method. A lamp with a fabric shade is convenient to use as a desktop lighting device or as a floor lamp.

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Room with an unusual interior


The main purpose of decor beading is to update the old lighting device. To decorate the chandelier, the following materials and tools will be needed:

  • object for transformation;
  • pearl;
  • glue gun;
  • sandpaper.

First, we put in order the old chandelier: remove the peeling paint and apply a new one. Then, proceed to the design of candle-lamps: we will string beads on a long string, apply silicone glue on the legs of candles and tightly wrap them with threads with beads. Install the candles in their place. The chandelier will look like new.

Necessary materials  We form a very long string of beads and threads  Apply carefully the silicone adhesive on the surface of the candle and begin to gently wrap it around  We place candles in beads on a suitable place on our chandelier  Chandelier of beads


The ceiling chandelier, created from threads, will fill the living space with comfort and soft muted light. Such an unobtrusive lighting device can be hung in the bedroom, living room, nursery or in the kitchen. Depending on the style of the surrounding interior, the threads can be bright colors or calm pastel shades.

Materials and tools:

  • High-density threads (wool, cotton fibers, tourniquet) - 1 m;
  • balloons - 2 pieces;
  • cartridge;
  • a light bulb;
  • PVA glue;
  • vaseline;
  • brush;
  • marker.

We inflate the balloon to the desired volume. We mark the upper and lower boundaries of the location of the threads by the marker. Take the brush and spread the ball with Vaseline. We wrap the ball with threads, orienting ourselves to the marking. In the course of winding, we process the threads with glue. The density of the winding will depend on the level of light output of the product. Leave to dry, then, the ball can burst and pull out. In the upper part we will cut out the place for the installation of the cartridge. Let's check the reliability and elasticity of the lamp, inflating the ball inside it.

Further, the plafond can be painted and / or supplemented with ornaments.

Glue  Threads  Bowl for fixing the chandelier  Ceiling mounting disk We put a mark on the balloon with a marker where there will be a hole for fixing the light bulb Next, spread the polyethylene on the floor and hang the ball  Now plentifully spread the surface of the ball with petroleum jelly or a similar substance  Then you need to prepare the glue  The process of making a chandelier of thread and glue is quite long and works better in a pair  It is more convenient to wind one bundle of threads horizontally and the other vertically We take the wire  We fix the wire with a plafond, after passing it through the layers of the thread  Removes the old chandelier and fixes to the ceiling a disk of foam plastic  We check working capacity  Chandelier of threads in the interior

Lace cover

An elegant plafond made of antique lace is suitable for a light interior in the style of Provence, and also can decorate the veranda of a country house. Using laces to create a lighting device, we give them a new life in a new, more relevant embodiment.

Materials and tools:

  • lace or a fragment thereof;
  • balloon;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • electrical accessories.

From the lace we cut circles of different diameters. We shall inflate a ball, we will spread it with a thin layer of glue and we will begin to apply lacy elements overlap. Let's consider the beautiful outlines of lace, which will frame a light bulb. At the end of the process, leave the product to dry for a day. We break the ball, make a hole for the installation of the electric cartridge.

The power of such a luminaire should be minimal in order to avoid overheating of the lampshade; for more pronounced outlines and glare on the walls.

We spread the lace with glue  Glue the top of the balloon  After drying, remove the ball  We fasten the cord and the cap to the upper side of the shade  Chandelier made of lace

From glass jars and bottles

The creation of such a source of lighting will require the designer of perseverance, patience and skills in working with different instruments. A similar chandelier can decorate a kitchen or a bar room.

Materials and tools:

  • glassware;
  • cartridges;
  • light bulbs;
  • the wire;
  • skeleton;
  • rim;
  • sandpaper;
  • glass cutter.

Take alternately bottles and jars, at the bottom of each object we draw straight lines with a glass cutter, cut off bottoms, and grind sharp edges. Through the neck of jars and bottles we conduct electrical wiring inside, install cartridges. We fix the objects on the surface of the rim in random order. The most effective will look dark green wine bottles in combination with lighter cans.

Necessary materials  We make a box for a chandelier  Cut holes  Also make a hole in the lid of the cans  We fix in the drilled hole a cartridge with a bulb We fix them in the base of the chandelier  We connect wires  Chandelier from jars

From cutlery

Melchior and metal cutlery: spoons, forks and even knives can be used not only for their intended purpose, but also for creating a unique author's product - suspended multi-level or single-level chandelier. This is ideal for a kitchen or a restaurant.

Instruments can be hung around the light source. As a frame suitable solid wire, hoops of metal or wood, wheels from the bike. The latter option is good for having ready-made holes.

In the manufacture of chandeliers with several levels, in addition to devices, you can use a series of cups, chefs, etc.

The main rule in the manufacture of such a product is the reliable fastening of all structural elements.

First set  The second set  Degrease the surface  Cooking paints and varnish  We apply varnish на ложки We apply acrylic paint  Leave to dry  After drying, the paint is cracked, creating a pattern  We apply varnish для закрепления краски  Pendants from old sconces Decorative chains  Chandelier from cutlery


These and other ideas for the creation and decoration of chandeliers, lamps can be realized by showing patience, using imagination and we will take some free time to immerse ourselves in the applied creative process.