Curtains in the kitchen - 100 photos of the best new

From the decor of the window in the kitchen depends the overall feeling and the finished appearance of the entire interior, as well as the amount of light entering the room. Successfully selected curtains in the kitchen will help to update the familiar atmosphere or decorate the unattractive appearance of a small apartment.


But only matching curtains to interior styling can provide harmony, comfort and a welcoming atmosphere in the room where the whole family gathers for a delicious breakfast or dinner.

Table of contents of the article:

  • How to choose curtains in the kitchen?
  • Classic curtains in the kitchen
  • Kitchen curtains in the style of country and Provence
  • Japanese minimalism in the kitchen
  • Luxury curtains for historical styles
  • 100 photos of curtains in the kitchen

How to choose curtains in the kitchen?

The choice of curtains or curtains depends on the style and functional of the room:

  • kitchen combined with glazed loggia or balcony;
  • kitchen compartment in the zoning of studio apartments without walls;
  • traditional cuisine for cooking and eating;
  • small food block (where only they cook, but do not have dinner);
  • kitchen adjoining the dining room;
  • a large versatile kitchen (you can alternately cook, eat, sleep, do at the computer, talk with guests).

Curtains for the kitchen

If the kitchen spend a little time and prepare in a hurry, decor the window let it be modest - a budget option. In the dining area, preferably the luxurious window decoration, expensive materials and sophisticated sewing curtains or curtains.


Sometimes it makes sense to limit the blinds, thread curtains or a simple drapery on the cornice.


Kitchen curtains can be:

  • make or sew on your own;
  • buy ready-made;
  • select by catalog;
  • order individually in the workshop for illustrations or sketches.


Examples - curtains in the kitchen in 2017: fashion trends, unexpected solutions, original ideas.


Classic curtains in the kitchen

Classics never go out of fashion, because any other style is based on its principles. Classicism gave rise to classics and many historical styles, he absorbed the achievements of antiquity and ancient Roman aesthetics.


Perhaps, this is the most conservative and habitual style, which is equally good in the hallway and living room, in the bedroom and the nursery, in the kitchen and in the dining room. Classics - a true standard of excellent taste and universally recognized standards of beauty.


In the kitchen in the classical style are appropriate:

  • plain semitransparent fabrics;
  • dense curtains and decorative additions to the curtains;
  • light tulle with embroidery or small pattern;
  • complex sewing curtains with podvhvatami, strings, draperies and lambrequins;
  • muted shades and an inexpressive pattern are recommended.


Classical cuisine is the facades of cabinet furniture and a general decor with an abundance of natural wood or its imitation. Much attention is paid to the cornices or baguettes. Curtains, curtains or curtains - to the floor, to the whole window, possible asymmetry and original decor.


However, this length is not very convenient for the kitchen, so more functional options are possible. For example, assimmetry or other ideas with photo curtains in the kitchen in a classic style.


Kitchen curtains in the style of country and Provence

Varieties of rural or provincial style, called "country", their own on every continent. In America, this is a typical situation of the cowboy ranch, in Russia - the decor under the Russian tower, in Western Europe - Provence. These stylistics have much in common, so designers use the same techniques in different interiors.


In the kitchen of country stylistics it is appropriate to use:

  • simple fabrics with a small pattern on the village theme;
  • ruches, bows, garters;
  • small draperies and ruches;
  • simple design;
  • wooden eaves.


A special glamor is knitted curtains in loin technique, when the pattern is formed from filled and empty windows on a square grid. Curtains for this style are complemented with satin ribbons and decorative braid.


Japanese minimalism in the kitchen

Asian color is attractive for the European mentality by its uniqueness, mysticism and a mysterious aura. Japanese minimalism is a conscious need to live in a modestly furnished dwelling in the zone of frequent earthquakes.


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The Japanese gradually developed a little ascetic, but very aesthetic and laconic minimalism. The kitchen is appropriate flat screened curtains, which are typical for the Japanese house. This is a simple cloth made of translucent fabric that passes light well.


A small crease is sewn on the bottom, in which wooden sticks are placed (you can have a wooden ruler) so that the curtain keeps the shape and does not fly off in a draft. The picture is suitable for typical images - bamboo, hieroglyphics, geisha with an umbrella, etc. Modern curtains in the kitchen in the Japanese style are easy to sew by yourself.


The choice of window decor for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or techno

Roman curtains-2

These are typically urban styles that destroy classical and rustic stereotypes. Here we welcome synthetic materials, chrome curtain rails or a complete absence of curtains on plastic windows or aluminum frames. Instead, use:

  • horizontal and vertical blinds;
  • filament curtains;
  • transparent monophonic curtains with metallic luster on the ceiling cornice with diode illumination;
  • possible contrasting curtains on a large window with an intricate abstract pattern.


Luxury curtains for historical styles

Historical stylistics are Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire and palace styles. They are characterized by magnificent decoration of the window aperture, multiple folds and drapery.


Recognizable style - "marquis", where the sagging draperies fall between the rows of rows. For the kitchen this is not the best option, so the marquis is only applicable in the dining area. In traditional cuisine, it is better to use practical options, but heavy curtains necessarily combine with a curtain of luxurious fabrics.

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There are many other interesting styles that are acceptable for decorating the kitchen, and each of them has its own characteristics. Do not bind your interior to the canons.


Often a successful solution comes when visiting the departments for the sale of curtains and interior fabrics or leafing through the pages of catalogs. Be inspired by examples of those who have already made their choice, put on our photos.


100 photos of curtains in the kitchen






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