Door decoration

Decoration of doors

Both the person on clothes, and about any inhabited premise judge on doors. Therefore, sometimes in order to update the design of the room, you do not need to spend expensive repairs, and you can make the original decor of the doors with your own hands.

  • We glue the door with wallpaper
  • Decor doors with wallpaper, cloth
  • Decorating doors with liquid wallpaper
  • Preparing a wallpaper for decorating
  • How to decorate a door with a mirror
  • We decorate the door in the style of vintage

We glue the door with wallpaper

To carry out such decoration doors are used as paper, and on a different basis, as well as fabric and various types of liquid wallpaper. Any way to upgrade doors with decorating involves preparing the door leaf for this procedure. The decoration of the interior door is no exception to this rule. In the process of preparing for decoration not only get rid of the previous coverage - it makes it possible to identify, as well as eliminate previously not seen hidden defects in the product.

Pasting of doors with wallpaper

Preparation for the decoration of the doors is as follows:

  1. In removing the old paint. To do this, using a construction hair dryer, you need to warm up the old paint and scrape it off the blade with a spatula.
  2. In sealing with the help of putty, the detected defects, as well as the removal of irregularities. Then all the problem areas, leveled with putty, must be treated with fine-grained sandpaper.
  3. In laying the entire surface of the fabric. This makes it possible not only to level the entire surface, but additionally to fix its individual elements, which is very important especially for paneled sheets. After applying putty, as well as drying it on it, you can once again go through a small nazhdachkoy.
  4. In painting the doors with a primer.
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Door covered with wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper and how to glue them, for example, apply either the same type or paneled pasting by different types of wallpaper depends on the individual preferences of who it will do with his own hands. In this process, the main thing is to choose the most suitable glue for those or other kinds of wallpaper, and also to dilute it strictly following the instructions attached to it. In addition, you need to ensure that on the surface that is glued with glue there are no missing areas, and also you need to carefully smooth the newly glued wallpaper with a damp cloth or roller to prevent wrinkles and air bubbles.

The door and paintings are covered with one pattern

When drying the pasted surfaces, it is necessary to prevent the presence of drafts. Otherwise, the whole work of such decorating doors will go wrong.

Registration of the entrance door around the wreathsRegistration of the entrance door around the wreaths

Decor doors with wallpaper, cloth

Original decor looks fabric wallpaper, as well as using photo wallpapers. However, in the process of decorating the door with fabrics, in addition to the standard pre-treatment of the door leaf described above, it is necessary to take into account the degree of shrinkage of the fabric. To do this, it is necessary to test the tissue, measure a small piece of it and wet it with water until it dries. After that, again measure its dimensions and compare the result of shrinkage. At the same time, if the degree of shrinkage of the fabric is high, it must be wetted and allowed to dry, and then it is possible to start the gluing process.

Fabric on the doors of the cabinet

It should be taken into account that you can use both a continuous fabric and its fragments of different texture, as well as different colors. Now this technique of decorating doors and other surfaces is widely used by professional designers who call it a "patchwork".

Special stickers on the door

Decorating doors with liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is good because they have versatility, that is, they can cover absolutely any surface, while creating very original and diverse compositions, as well as patterns. However, they have significant drawbacks - they are afraid of moisture (therefore, they can not be used to decorate the bathtub and decorate the kitchen doors), they, unfortunately, are short-lived.

In order to carry out decorating with your own hands, you will need such materials, as well as tools:

  • you have chosen for the decor mixture in a dry or diluted form;
  • several dimensional types of spatulas;
  • the so-called gun-hopper, which is a device for applying liquid mixtures;
  • roller;
  • the color you have chosen;
  • clear nail polish.

For decoration with liquid wallpaper, the standard preparatory work has a slightly different appearance in the part of the door leaf covering with an alkyd based primer and a white oil-based filler.

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On the door you can put a picture of liquid wallpaper

Preparing a wallpaper for decorating

The very process of decorating the door is to dilute the wallpaper mixture with warm water, while carefully mixing it - it's absolutely safe to do it by hand. After a quarter of an hour the mixture must be mixed again, but now you have added the color you have chosen. And as for the color saturation of the mixture, the more color is added, the more saturated the color will be. For example, for moderate tones, it is enough to dilute one measuring cap of a color for five liters of a mixture. To realize the idea of ​​a color composition when decorating, it is necessary to breed mixtures with different color design in different capacities.

When working with wallpaper mixtures, it should be noted that their instructions for use indicate the need for 12 hours of their infusion before use.

Door covered with wallpaper and baguette

In order to apply the mixture, it is necessary to take it in small portions on a spatula and apply to the surface smoothing and stretching to the sides. During the application of the mixture on the door, it is necessary to monitor the observance of the drawings, and that its layer should be of equal thickness. To give a relief surface, you can use the texture roller. After the decor has dried, and it takes up to three days, you need to cover it with a clear varnish.

Advantages of working with mixtures is that if the first version of the door decor did not like, as they say, the first pancake happened with a lump, then the coating can be easily washed off with warm water, and then applied again.

Stylish door with photo wallpapers

How to decorate a door with a mirror

With regard to the use of mirrors for decoration, this method is primarily preferred for small and dark spaces, as it allows you to visually increase the space of the room by adding light to it.

Classic mirrors used for decoration are problematic due to the fact that they can not be adjusted to the dimensions of both the door and its individual elements. For this ideal so-called acrylic panels with an amalgam surface, which, in fact, is the most real mirror surface. Moreover, plastic mirrors can easily be cut, they are produced in a wide variety of color shades, such that you can easily implement the most daring original ideas, as well as ideas. They can not be broken, they are light, well attached to any surface, but they have one drawback - a high price.

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Mirror from the old door

But as they say, a good thing a priori can not be cheap, so for high quality, practicality, aesthetics have to pay dearly. However, with respect to acrylic mirrors - this is justified costs.

For the installation of these mirrors, a special deeply penetrating primer should be applied to the door leaf itself and to the back of the acrylic, and two-sided adhesive tape or mounting glue can be used to fix the elements of the cut or solid mirror.

Designing doors with mirrors

We decorate the door in the style of vintage

This style involves the implementation of artificial aging products and things, which should contrast with the brilliance of their individual decorative parts for a greater sense of refinement and refinement. As a rule, products decorated in the vintage style are some kind of works of decorative art and are therefore exclusive, that is, they do not look like any other things.

The door under the antiquity

For decorating doors in the vintage style, using the so-called decoupage technique, you need, for example, to have:

  1. Acrylic paint, usually white.
  2. Various rollers, as well as brushes.
  3. A nest with a coarse-grained coating.
  4. Any mounting glue.
  5. In addition to the mounting glue, PVA glue is also available.
  6. Paper old newspapers, as well as old music notepads.
  7. Baguette black or any other dark color.
  8. Clear nail polish

In order to paint the door under the decor of the technique of decoupage the door, it must be removed from the canopies and placed horizontally. Then you need to remove the old paint and you can polish with a coarse sandpaper.

Decoupage of doors The algorithm of decoupage can look like this:

  1. A thin layer of white paint is dyed. And this is done by a wide brush in one direction.
  2. After drying the paint, it is polished to the state of "olden days" by coarse-grained sandpaper.
  3. Then they begin to decorate the central part or its paneled parts of the canvas by preliminary tearing up the old newspapers, as well as the note books on random scraps of paper and randomly spreading them onto the glued areas of the door leaf. Smooth the paper with both hands and roller. And then you can apply two layers of transparent glue.
  4. Perimeter paper decor with a mounting glue pasted baguette black or any other dark color.

Aged door

Decorated with a decoupage door can be decorated with any other elements of decor, ranging from lace, various bows and ending with colorful ribbons.

Old doors will fit the style of Provence and Vintage

To carry out the original decor with your own hand, you can use other methods, using home material, connecting as an irrepressible own imagination, and also realizing the ideas of your relatives and friends.