Easter decor by own hands: ideas and master classes

Easter Eggs and Decor

Among the most revered Christian holidays, Easter is justly considered. This religious ritual symbolizes a revival and divine light. In order to fully experience the atmosphere, most of the believers create the Easter decor on their own. Also important is the table with festive meals. It includes the consecrated eggs, as a symbol of a new life, and traditional cakes. About how to decorate the native abode for Easter, in detail we will tell further.

From the above materials, people weave beautiful combinations, embodying their own creative talents. These are flower wreaths, festive garlands, combinations of wicker and curly elements. A popular decoration for Easter is the arrangement of a bird's nest with the aim of placing consecrated eggs in it. Also in the wickerwork there is an Easter cake and candles. With such a set it is convenient to go to church early in the morning.

Important. An important addition is a willow branch, symbolizing a warm and mild spring. Sometimes, instead of it, branches of other beautiful bushes are used to decorate the room.

Of these elements, amazing ensembles are obtained that can stand for a very long time.

Lamp with Easter eggs Easter and Eggs  Wreath и цветные яйца  Easter wreath with decor  Easter table  Interesting decor for Easter

Key decoration

These are the usual chicken eggs. Their importance can not be overestimated, since eggs are sent simultaneously to eternity and family comfort. Elements of a new life are put in a wicker basket to decorate the holiday atmosphere and create an appropriate mood. Among the recommendations for decorating the interior with eggs, the following can be distinguished:

  • Use of both natural and artificial eggs is allowed. The latter are necessary if the owners wish to leave them as an element of the Easter decor for a long time;
  • With the eggs come in different ways: they are painted, pasted, painted with patterns. Many get masterpieces, not inferior in beauty to the famous Faberge. In this case, no one is limited in decorative elements and ideas;
  • With regard to coloring, then you can use natural and special dyes. The second sold in stores, and the first is easy to create by yourself. The popular decor of eggs for Christian Easter is a golden shade, which is formed when they are cooked in onion husks;
  • Imitation of Easter eggs can also be made by yourself. Wood, cardboard, gypsum, wire, threads, etc. are used as materials. Who has what for skills. Subsequently, decorated with rhinestones, mosaic, graphics, decorative beads;
  • For colored eggs, special stands and nests are being built. Arranged in baskets, so that you can decorate with other Easter elements. Good combinations are obtained with figures of domestic animals from the test - chickens, rabbits, etc.

Basket with Easter eggs Beautiful Easter Eggs  Multicolored eggs  Beasts on Easter Eggs  Bright Easter eggs with patterns  Beautiful decoration of eggs


Another special element of the festive program for Easter is a special wreath. It includes spring flowers and artificial eggs. Such an exotic attribute is often hung on the walls or the entrance doors of the house. To make it, you can use a wide variety of materials:

  • Wire or malleable metal. However, with the latter it is better to consult a specialist;
  • Dry rods or twigs of trees. Of these, you can make a dummy with a wire, because the eggs are quite heavy. The design can be supplemented with hydrangea;
  • Wool or thread for knitting. The craftsmen use knitting needles to make a beautiful patterned knitting;
  • Decorative ribbons, colored polystyrene, corrugated paper.
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In the course are handy elements that can be fastened with the same wire.

Beautiful decoration of the Easter wreath Wreath с вербой  Beautiful decoration of the Easter wreath  Wreath с яйцами  Beautiful Easter Wreath  Easter wreath with original design

Ideas for decorating eggs

The ideas of the Easter decor include a lot of manipulation with eggs. Starting from the already mentioned coloring, skillful hands form a smooth surface with decorative threads and small beads. The most popular traditional beads. To do this, first apply a glue binder. Then sticky egg should be rolled in colorful material. Since many people want to keep their own creativity as long as possible, it is recommended to use artificial eggs.

Eggs in the form of chickens

The same can be said about the sparkles of bright colors. The golden material is simply sprinkled over the prepared testicle. Some manage to make an elegant ornament or pattern of air material. This is obtained if you use silver threads in addition. With their help, the magnificent drawings succeed, which are then glued to the Easter decor of the house.

And also use miniature macaroni-asterisks, which are pre-colored with food coloring. Of these, entire constellations are created resembling the first spring sky. If there is no desire to fiddle with natural material, you can purchase special stickers in the store. The latter depicts subjects on religious themes. However, the opportunity to make an art painting with your own hands is also not to be missed. The symbolism of spring freshness will warm the heart with hope for a quick warmth.

Original design of eggs

Among the options for the traditional painting of Easter eggs are the following:

  • Pisanky. The most famous, and at the same time time-consuming in decoration, the option of decoration. It implies the use of paints and natural beeswax to create fanciful patterns;
  • Caps. These products are also created by means of melted wax. A characteristic feature of the valves is a strict combination of colors and strips. This is due to the fact that in the future they will be applied to exquisite speckles;
  • Krasashki. The minimalist design of these products assumes a one-color coloring without the use of ornaments or patterns;
  • Tryapanka. Delicate handmade work involves the use of a metal point as a tool. With his help on the surface of the eggs are derived amazing patterns. Thin work is somewhat like the art of tattooing. Because it also involves the use of colored dyes that are firmly fixed on the surface;
  • Malevanki. This option does not carry a religious background, limited to depicting the spring scenery. In this case, conventional paint and artificial testicles are used.

Embroidery on eggs Egg with volumetric decor  Beads on eggs  Ribbons and rhinestones on eggs  Knitted decor on eggs  Bright decoration of eggs


Creating an Easter decor home with your own hands, you can easily make a festive tree. This product, traditional for many families, has cultural roots in the far Middle Ages. To create it, it is enough to follow the known stages. First of all, you need a clay pot of a suitable shape. Its bottom is covered with foam, moss and some dried grass. This composition is supplemented with seasonal flowers, a branch of a tree or a wire structure. Then the creation should be greased with glue binding and wrapped with corrugated material. Some use woolen threads for this.

Tree с сердечками и пасхальными яйцами

Attention! The use of symbolic branches of pussy will be welcomed in every possible way.

When the Easter tree is ready, it can be decorated with the rest of the attributes of a bright Christian holiday. It can be figures of butterflies, pets. Mostly they are made of cardboard. Flowers can be taken alive, because they can easily be replaced with new ones. But eggs are better than artificial, because they weigh a lot. Do not risk your stylish tree, which can suddenly fall from too heavy elements.

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The pot itself can also be decorated with exquisite patterns. It will only benefit him.

Branch with Easter eggs in a vase Easter decor on the dresser  Tree с цветными яйцами  Bright Easter trees on the window  Easter table decoration  Beautiful Easter tree

Decoration of the house interior with flowers

Since Easter refers to spring holidays, the use of fresh flowers is considered a traditional rite. From plants, compositions, wreaths and applications are created. Often in the role of the main element is a branch of willow. However, the use of other colors only for good. It can be the first tulips, violets, and even Japanese cherry blossoms. There are no restrictions here. Seasonal flowers set in decorative vases, decorated with Easter accessories, garlands and ribbons. And wreaths can have even a symbolic meaning. Where every plant carries its secret meaning. At the same time, for each locality it can be different.

Flower decoration fills the home with the aroma of freshness, spring heat and happiness. Thanks to the presence of a fragrant wreath in the house, everyone can fully enjoy the wonderful holiday of the revival of life.

Wall with Easter decor Chandelier of flowers and golden eggs  Beautiful table decoration  Candlestick with candles in the form of Easter eggs  Flowers on the table  Easter Bunnies and Flowers

Use of candles

Easter decor is not limited to some homemade creations, suggesting the widespread use of aromatic candles. They are also decorated with the symbolic attributes of Easter. Sometimes ready-made creations can be found in the store. But it's much more interesting to make them yourself. Moreover, to create a candle in a festive form is quite easy. Consider the sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to take care of molds for wax products. To do this, you need to take a chicken egg - and gently make a hole to pour out the contents. Then it must dry;
  2. Then the rounded egg is decorated with ornament or pattern with the help of paint;
  3. Then you should prepare a hot wax or melted paraffin. For this purpose it is desirable to organize a water bath;
  4. Then you need to put a wick inside the hollow egg. It is easy to build from a lace or tight thread. The material can be any;
  5. The liquid consistency of the wax should be topped very carefully, and then allowed to solidify inside;
  6. Such a refined candle is often placed in a forged candlestick or ordinary glass decanter. In the store you can buy special Easter stands.

It was a variation of a holiday candle in the shape of an egg. However, no one limits the master in creative work. Form can be any, since wax is a plastic material. Then the product is recommended to be consecrated in the church, so that it becomes sacred.

Blue Easter Candles Multicolored candles in the form of eggs  Multicolored candles in shell  Flowers and candles  Easter candles on the table  Homemade Easter candles

Other ideas

To make jewelry, a lot of experience is not required. In the course can go handy materials that are in the house. Creativity helps to raise the mood and pacify the atmosphere. The joy of own-made products will be much more than from those purchased in the store.

Among the popular decor ideas, we can distinguish the following:

  • Figures of touching animals, cut from a dense cardboard. They are painted or printed on the printer ready images. The latter can then be cut out along the contour and gently pasted over the more dense material. These figures can easily fit into the Easter composition, having duly occupied its place. The interior of the house becomes noticeably warmer with such cute accessories;
  • Decorative ribbons are well combined with egg shell, which is pre-painted and decorated with beads, sequins or silver threads. On this tape, you can glue several pretty shells at once. Subsequently, it is hung on the front door, chandelier in the living room, curtains on the windows, etc .;
  • A large festive egg is easy to make with a conventional inflatable ball. To do this, it is enough to inflate it, cover it with glue, then wind it with gold threads. When the glue dries, you need to make a thin puncture. The discarded ball can be discarded, and the received form of threads can be decorated with additional accessories;
  • Figured cushions of textiles. The brighter the fabric, the more fun the finished product will look. It is desirable to stuff pads with straw or medical cotton. Then the basket will not seem heavy.
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This is not a complete list of possible ideas for decor, since no one puts restrictions. Use the imagination to the maximum to create a magical atmosphere in your own home.

Easter hare on the table Beautiful Easter decoration  Vase with Easter eggs  Interesting decor with Easter eggs  Easter wreath in the form of a nest  Original Easter wreath


There are a lot of scenery options for this holiday. And they are extremely easy to create by themselves. Since childhood, everyone is familiar with the arrangement of rooms with New Year garlands. On Easter, you can also cut these wonderful pieces of felt and paper materials. Another well-known option is embroidery of napkins or an entire tablecloth. If the patterns correspond to the theme of the Christian holiday, then everyone will be able to appreciate the love of the traditions of the owners of the house. Juicy and bright shades of the decor allow you to breathe freshness into the interior. A good combination will be where white, blue, yellow and green are used. At the same time, the widespread use of national symbols in embroidery. Its motifs can be found on textiles, candles and eggs.

Pillows with Easter bunnies in the interior Chandelier with Easter eggs  Curtain of Easter Bunnies  Easter decor on the fireplace  Easter eggs on a chandelier  Baskets with painted eggs

Decorations of the festive table

To the traditional Easter dishes (dyed chicken eggs and Easter cake) you can add the following elements for the festive table:

  • Live flowers in decorative vases;
  • Tablecloth handmade from cotton or linen fabric;
  • Embroidered napkins;
  • Carved figurines of domestic animals;
  • Easter sets in wicker baskets;
  • Other accessories.

Easter table

It is important not to forget about festive bright dishes. You can also add a composition with branches from the willow. It is easy to do it yourself if you have the right components at hand. These include a shallow bowl, natural moss, quail eggs and a decorative ribbon. The earth is covered in a bowl, and covered with moss. Bird eggs are laid out in the center, and twigs are stuck into the ground along the perimeter. They should be carefully tied with a bright red ribbon. You can make a beautiful bow.

Among drinks on such a day, alcohol can rarely be found. Usually it is juices, various broths and compotes, and also pure well water. The absence of hot drinks is explained by the religious background of the holiday, which excludes the abuse of intoxicating substances.

Decoration of the Easter table

Attention! An interesting tradition was to make name cards for guests who come to this holiday.

They are located next to the festive plates, and sign in a beautiful handwriting. Make them just from the same cardboard and silver or gold threads. If desired, you can also decorate with sequins or rhinestones. The charm from the exclusivity of the place will be even greater if you have a homemade bouquet of spring flowers and an Easter egg next to it.

Eggs and a daffodil on a plate Festive table  Plate with Easter eggs on the table  Beautiful design of napkins  Beautiful Easter table  Elegant design of the Easter table


Preparing for a bright Christian holiday can bring a lot of joy. This is due to the possibility of creative self-expression, which manifests itself in the creation of the Easter decor. His attributes to all have long been known, and the technique of execution is easy to master yourself. Many things have a symbolic meaning. Ready products should be consecrated in the temple so that they bring happiness to the house.