Entrance wooden doors: description of options and

For many centuries people used wood as a reliable material for the design of furniture, houses and their individual elements. Entrance wooden doors are part of this story. Due to the positive characteristics that the natural massif has, it remains a sufficiently popular material in the construction market. In this article, we tried to make a qualitative overview with photo-examples, where the entrance wooden doors are considered in different versions, both for apartments and for private houses.

Entrance wooden doors: the main advantages of using an array

Speaking about the entrance doors, it can be noted that, in addition to the security of the dwelling, their "duties" also include sound insulation, thermal insulation of the premises, as well as performing a decorative role. Entrance wooden doors cope with these tasks as best as possible. They have a number of advantages that their analogues, made of other materials, do not have, namely:

  • doors from the array, especially if the base is oak, have the best noise and heat insulation;
  • strength and reliability of the material, and, as a consequence, the durability of the structures;
  • ecological cleanliness. This indicator, recently, is moving to the forefront;
  • simplicity of installation and processing, which allows to decorate the entrance wooden doors with decorative elements, including ornament, carving, etc., which, undoubtedly, will confirm the excellent taste of its owners.

But, despite the whole string of merits, it is worth noting and some shortcomings in the use of natural material. First and foremost, this is, of course, a high cost, which, often, several orders of magnitude higher than metal and other options. And, secondly, a weak opposition to vandalism - wooden entrance doors from the array can be cut or set on fire, therefore, for better security, install the second internal gates.

entrance wooden doors, photo 1wooden entrance doors from solid wood, photo 2

Which tree is best to choose for entrance wooden doors

Material for the manufacture of wooden doors can serve a variety of tree species, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. The most elite material for making wooden doors is mahogany. The doors of the exterior wooden entrance made of it have a gorgeous appearance, but also have the highest cost.

Oak has a high mechanical reliability, cherry - quite soft and perfectly treatable.

Ash - a unique species, with a rich color spectrum, which ranges from pink to dark brown, and walnut and beech are very strong.

Insulated entrance wooden doors

Although natural wood - the material is quite warm, but in the cold season and wooden entrance doors from the array can not independently cope with the full savings of internal comfort. And if you expect to install entrance wooden doors for a country house in which you will live all year round, including a cold winter, it is worth buying insulated structures. They are linens, the outer contour of which is equipped with a special heater, which favors the closest fit of the door to the box, which protects the room from seepage of cold air. Inside the door there are also insulation materials: polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane, etc. As practice shows, the latter option is the most effective. Polyurethane has a very long service life (up to half a century) and for thermal insulation significantly exceeds all others.

But, despite such an insulated version, when you open the door, cold air from the street still comes in the room. In order to avoid this as much as possible, the second wooden inner door to the apartment is installed.

entrance wooden insulated doors, photo 3

Wooden entrance doors for a private house

The door in a private house serves as the most important element, which is, so to speak, the "face" of the structure. In addition to practicality, great importance also has its appearance. Especially this applies to external doors, which are first to catch your eye when entering the room. Consider in order what kinds of doors can take place in a country house, at a dacha or in a cottage, as well as the basic requirements for them.

street wooden front door, photo 4warm wooden front door to a private house, photo 5wooden entrance doors for a private house, photo 6wooden entrance doors for a country house, photo 7wooden entrance doors for a private house, photo 8wooden entrance doors for a country house, photo 9wooden entrance doors for a private house, photo 10wooden entrance doors for a country house, photo 11wooden entrance doors for a private house, photo 12wooden entrance doors for a country house, photo 13

Street wooden front door

Unlike the doors of apartments located in multi-storey houses, the wooden entrance doors for a private house should have the most qualitative characteristics. They are most exposed to natural phenomena such as wind, precipitation and temperature changes. For difficult climatic conditions, you can purchase three-panel wooden entrance doors from the array. Such doors are the most reliable durable and attractive (their photos can be seen in our article). If there is no visor above the entrance, the acquisition of closures lined with waterproof plywood will be the best option. And, of course, it is necessary to take into account the style of the facade of the building.

It is important to install a reliable locking system on the door. Experts advise to install two different lock systems to provide high-quality protection.

Internal entrance wooden doors

As already mentioned, for better protection, as well as sound and heat insulation, it is possible to install additional internal wooden entrance doors. The photos that we collected in the article clearly demonstrate that the priority in their choice largely depends on the stylistic direction of the interior design. From this it follows that the purchase of such doors should occur when there is certainty in the design. The second entrance wooden doors can also be equipped with built-in locks. See the photo and choose the option that suits you.

entrance door wooden with glass, photo 14entrance wooden door for a cottage, photo 15

Wooden entrance doors with double-glazed windows

A real home decoration, emphasizing its refinement and color will be the wooden entrance doors with a double-glazed window. Glass can be placed in the canvas in different ways. It can occupy only a fragment of the door, or grab a large part or it will be a glass enclosed in a wooden crate. There are also a variety of types of inserts: smooth and ribbed, transparent and matte, stained glass, decorated with carvings, etc. The entrance wooden door with anti-shock or armored glass will provide maximum protection against vandalism. In general, for a private home you can better buy modern double-glazed windows, which have a number of advantages. It can be multifunctional, supporting the necessary temperature regime in a room in winter and summer, energy-saving, noise-proof, etc. Simpler options that have a lower cost are one- and two-chamber.

Beautiful wooden entrance doors with glass look solid and dignified. Recently they are very popular.

wooden entrance doors with double-glazed windows, photo 16wooden entrance doors with double-glazed windows, photo 17wooden entrance doors with double-glazed windows, photo 18entrance wooden doors, photo 19entrance wooden photo, photo 20interior entrance door to the apartment is wooden, photo 21wooden entrance doors for cottages, photo 22

Entrance wooden doors "Finnish"

Ideal option can be a Finnish entrance wooden door for a cottage, cottage or a country house. Its frame consists of a multilayer bar of dense rock, equipped with a frost-resistant seal, which ensures the highest possible quality indicators. First of all, it is strength, ecological compatibility, heat and sound insulation, energy saving, geometric invariance (no distortions), temperatures up to -50 degrees, and, of course, high aesthetics. Finnish wooden entrance doors can have blind or glazed cloths of different colors, as well as modular dimensions or custom-made ones.

Finnish wooden entrance doors, photo 23Finnish wooden entrance doors, photo 24

Entrance doors wooden double-leaf wooden entrance doors for a private house:

The use of two-door structures is advisable for large input sizes. Many wooden entrance doors can be opened both outside and inside. The first option is most preferable for space saving, and also for fire safety purposes. Cloths can have different widths. If both are used - they are usually the same. There are models where one canvas is mostly used, and the second one is auxiliary, it is used in rare cases. Then the first will be much larger in width. The main advantage that entrance doors have is the wooden double doors - it is an opportunity to move simultaneously, at least, together, and also to move the furniture.

double entrance doors, photo 25double entrance doors, photo 26second entrance doors to the apartment are wooden, photo 27second entrance wooden door to the apartment, photo 28

Wooden entrance doors to the bath

Одними из самых главных критериев, которым должны отвечать деревянные входные двери в баню, является материал и дизайн. Поскольку эти затворы находятся в условиях постоянной влажности и воздействия различных температурных режимов, предпочтение стоит отдать дубу, осине, ольхе или липе. Эти виды древесины наиболее приемлемо переносят вышеобозначенные факторы. При установке двери стоит позаботиться и о ее герметичности — створки должны плотно прилегать, чтобы не допустить просачивания в помещение холодного воздуха. Wooden entrance doors to the bath могут быть одно- или двухстворчатые, кроме того, для большего колорита, их часто украшают резьбой или коваными элементами, как показано на фото.

wooden entrance doors to the bathhouse, photo 29wooden entrance doors to the bath, photo 30

Wooden entrance doors for the apartment

In apartment buildings, you can also find entrance wooden doors, photo-examples of which are placed here. In comparison with their "associates" of metal, they have higher heat and sound insulation, as well as greater design advantages. Here, as in private houses, the practice of installing double doors - external and internal.

wooden entrance doors for apartments, photo 31wooden entrance doors for apartments, photo 32doors wooden swinging entrance, photo 33beautiful wooden front doors, photo 34

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Entrance wooden doors for the apartment exterior

The external wooden entrance doors for the apartment are mostly single-winged, although there are other options, for example, one and a half. The material for the production is oak, birch, cherry, and, as a more budgetary option, can be used pine, the entrance wooden doors from which have no less attractive appearance, but are much cheaper.

Second entrance wooden door to the apartment

Although the doors to the apartment do not need enhanced protection from street atmospheric phenomena, yet their double construction will be much more practical. The internal entrance door to the wooden apartment will serve as additional protection against noise in the front door, as well as an obstacle for burglars and entering the room of unpleasant odors and cold air. The inner linen should correspond to the external dimensions, as well as the design and color palette of the hallway interior. Double doors can be installed both on one frame and on separate ones.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the beautiful wooden entrance doors, which have high reliability, definitely have priority among other structures. Their impeccable appearance will always look respectable and graceful, which is best proved by the photo-selection of our article.

Beautiful wooden entrance doors, photo 35entrance wooden doors, photo 36Beautiful wooden entrance doors, photo 37beautiful wooden entrance doors, photo 38wooden entrance doors with a mirror, photo 39Exterior wooden entrance doors, photo 40