Modern entrance doors for beauty and safety

Entrance doors are an important factor that affects the first impression created by the dwelling, and the safety of all its inhabitants. If you are looking for this type of door structure, which is best for your home, then it will be helpful for you to find out which modern entrance doors provide the perfect combination of beauty and protection. In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know when choosing a good entrance door, including the main current trends and examples of stylish design with a photo.

The best materials for entrance doors

As of 2015, there are 3 main materials in the world that are widely used for making entrance doors. Here's what this list looks like:

  • Steel;
  • Tree;
  • Fiberglass (with a dense filler made of polyurethane foam).

Quite often, these materials are combined by others, for example, with durable glass etc., while each of them offers its advantages and disadvantages.

Entrance doors from metal (steel) and glass

Below, we will look at each of these types of doors separately, but first let's take a brief look at the facts:

  1. The most popular entrance doors are steel;
  2. The best entrance doors to house security are made of steel, but at the same time, glass fiber doors make them a serious competitor;
  3. The most attractive doors are made of wood, although you can find many interesting models from fiberglass;
  4. The cheapest entrance doors are made of steel;
  5. The most unpretentious in the care entrance doors - from fiberglass.

In addition to personal preferences and opportunities, when choosing the ideal material for entrance doors, it is worth considering the climatic characteristics of your region of residence. So, at the raised temperature and humidity of air fiberglass doors are the most preferable choice as the best protect the interior from extreme weather conditions.

Entrance metal doors made of steel (with photo)

In more than 50% of new residential complexes and commercial construction projects are put steel entrance doors. They offer homeowners the best return on investment, as they provide a high level of security at a relatively low price. It is also worth noting that metal doors made of steel are well suited for use in various styles of houses, but the most advantageous look in a modern and minimalist setting. If safety and money saving are your top priorities, then steel doors are your ideal option.

Metal doors to enter the houseModern metal doors in different colors Elegant metal door to the front doorEntrance doors to a red brick houseBeautiful metal doors made of stainless steelModern steel doors to the front doorEntrance metal doors with beautiful finishesGlass entrance doors in metal casingGeometric design of entrance doors from metalBeautiful metal doors in a modern styleDark blue steel entrance doors

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Glass entrance doors with metal trimEntrance doors made of glass and stainless steelSteel entrance doors in the design of the house Bright metal doors at the entrance to the house

Wooden entrance doors

Visually charming, having a chic appearance with any color and finish, the entrance doors made of wood, unfortunately, are subject to further destruction more than other species and therefore require good care. At the same time, they have a unique advantage - they can be made to order in any form, size and configuration. This makes it possible to find suitable entrance doors for a variety of architectural features of buildings.

Wooden entrance doorsFront entrance doors made of woodBrick house with wooden entrance doorsHouse and entrance doors in the Moroccan styleDouble-leaf entrance doors in light woodElite entrance doors made of woodWooden doors in country styleEntrance doors made of wood with glassStylish wooden doors with black trimWooden doors with a hand-carved patternDesign of a house and doors under a medieval castleUnusual front doors made of antique wood

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Front doors made of fiberglass

As already mentioned above, fiberglass doors are good in all climatic conditions. They are not susceptible to corrosion, decay, deformation or shrinkage, but they are somewhat more expensive than popular steel doors and do not have the natural charm of wood, although they can also be very beautiful. Fiberglass cladding is easily masked for wood, metal and any other coatings. The following photos will tell you more about this:

Luxury entrance doors with double-glazed windows Black fiberglass doors Front doors of fiberglass Classic fiberglass entrance doors Beautiful front door to a private house Metal entrance doors made of fiberglass Front door in a modern style of fiberglass Front door made of fiberglass for wood

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