Folding dining table: types and functionality

Is there not a lot of space in your apartment? Like to receive guests, but want to do without a massive dining room furniture? Then the folding dining table is exactly what you need. Today we will discuss how to choose the right transformer table and successfully fit it into the interior of your apartment.


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Types of folding tables

Folding dining table-book

The idea of ​​a design is not new, at the end of the 20th century any hostess in the entire post-Soviet space could find such a table. However, the modern stylization of this invention will not leave a hint of the old days.

The folding surface folded snugly against the legs and does not hide space.

The drawers can be built into the table support - this will add functionality to it.

It will be appropriate in the kitchen, as well as in the bedroom, study or living room.

The idea: place the book table close to the kitchen wall, putting only one countertop on the support. This technique will create a visualization of the fencing bar for the studio apartment.

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Folding dining table on one leg

This beautiful piece of furniture is ideal for a small dining room. Most often, tables with a mono-foot are of a round shape and look very stylish. Advantages of a folding table with one leg:

Has an additional table-top and can easily be converted into a huge oval table.

The movements of the seated will not be hindered by a single supporting leg in the center of the structure.

The absence of corners will protect against bruises and abrasions due to inaccurate sharp movements.

The round shape will ensure an equidistant distance of all family members sitting at the table.

It should be remembered that an oval folding dining table (as well as a round table) should not be adjacent to the wall. If your apartment has a place for such a miracle of the furniture industry, feel free to purchase a table on one supporting leg and enjoy its functionality and beauty!

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Folding dining table from glass

The main advantage of a glass dining table is its beautiful appearance. Best it will look in the kitchen. If you need to visually lighten and give airiness to a small kitchen, the glass table top of the dining table is your option.

Attention! When choosing in favor of such a surface, be attentive to the quality of the material. The worktop should be made of strong tempered glass and have well polished corners.

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Folding dining table-transformer

Transformers tables - an ergonomic and modern solution for the interior of small residential areas. A small folding coffee table can suddenly turn into a dining room, thus saving the living room space for you and your family.

The principle of the design is the lifting table. It is fixed on metal piles, which are put forward during the raising of the top of the table.

Such a piece of furniture will be a favorite and indispensable attribute of cozy family dinners in front of the television screen.

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In modern interior design, the emphasis is on functionality. If your apartment does not boast of a large number of square meters, do not despair. The folding dining table will play a huge role in the economy and reasonable organization of space.

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Place your bet on ergonomics and enjoy every day.

Good luck!

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