12 invaluable tips will help you transform a small bathroom

Small bathroom

Today we will talk about how to make a small bathroom more spacious and beautiful. This will help us with the amazing ideas that are presented below. Without them you can not cope!

1. Sink in the corner

Sink in the corner of the bathroom

Sometimes the washbasin can become a big obstacle to making free movements in the bathroom. In this case, the corner sink, which is better to install opposite the shower, will help.

2. Use the shower curtain

Curtain in the bathroom

The curtain shower largely saves space, compared to the glass door. In addition, it fits perfectly into any interior combo bathroom.

3. A nightstand under the washbasin

Bedside table for toiletries under the washbasin

A bedside table under the washbasin will be an excellent repository for many toiletries.

4. Round silhouettes

Rounded shapes in the bathroom interior

In a close room, sharp corners are quite dangerous. Therefore, it is worth choosing in favor of rounded lines, which, by the way, look more elegant.

5. Racks above the toilet

Shelves for storage above the toilet

Above the toilet it is possible to arrange roomy shelves that will not only help you out in the matter of saving, but also delightfully complement the overall design.

6. Scale details

Large stripes in the bathroom interior

Large strips can uniquely expand the small bathroom area. Square meters will remain the same, but visually the room will look bigger.

7. The glass panel

Glass panel in the bathroom

If your bathroom is very tiny, then it's worth neglecting the shower door. Consider a glass panel that will hold water splashes and delimit space.

8. Expand the mirror

Large mirror in the bathroom

In a limited room to have a huge mirror - this is not a whim. Thus, you will ideally increase the territory.

9. Where can I hang my towels?

Towel rail on the shower door

When the area is minimal, you should think about installing a hanger on the shower door. So they will always be at hand and will not need to put a bulky underwear cabinet.

10. Narrow shell

Narrow washbasin in the bathroom

The narrow and clean style of the sink not only saves space. It perfectly fits into any interior, and also includes compartments for storing different items.

11. Open shelving

Open racks above the washbasin

Another good option for using the area under the washbasin is the installation of open racks. They can put a bucket for toilet paper or neatly arrange white towels.

12. Wall-mounted mixer

The tap on the wall allows you to use a narrow sink and cabinet, thus freeing up precious square meters.

Wall mounted bathroom faucet