A great solution from sergi pons for narrow, long rooms, for

Apartment interior in Barcelona

The apartment is located in Les Corts - the business and financial center of Barcelona. Despite such modern significance, the area has a long history and is built up with fairly old buildings. In particular, the reconstructed premise is located in the house of the XIX century.

Mistress Yuna - Japanese, who has long settled in Spain. However, it did not eradicate the propensity for traditional Asian minimalism.

Planning an apartment in Barcelona

Initially, the apartment was randomly built up with walls, rooms, corridors. Therefore, the first step was the liberation of the entire area. Do not touch only the original massive beams on the ceiling and bare walls of antique stone.

Wall decoration with natural stone

The central part of the project was a strict white cube, the walls of which do not reach the ceiling.

Small room with low walls

This architectural element separates the bedroom area, making it private. At the same time, it does not clutter up space.

Bedroom in white color

A large balcony opening allows a lot of natural light. Also allows you to see a beautiful outdoor pattern similar to a carpet.

Bedroom with balcony

The bathroom is located in the box. Opposite the tub is a window that opens directly to the bedroom.

A bathroom in a box

The floor of the bathroom, bedroom and balcony is raised relative to the level of the rest of the apartment by 30 cm.

Kitchen with island

The built-in mirror in the cube creates a visual perspective and depth in the kitchen.

Large mirror in the kitchen

The materials chosen for decoration are environmentally friendly and correspond to the time of building the house. This stone, wood, oak, pine beams and mosaics in the style of the era.

Natural materials in the decoration of the apartment

To make the atmosphere more comfortable, Yuna made for her cats - Tau and Misha - ladder. Now the roof of the box has become their favorite place for games.

Cat on the roof of the box with a bath

The Sergi Pons project clearly shows how using one successful element can completely transform the interior. Here a geometric cube became such a find. He simultaneously divided and arranged a rather difficult configuration of the room of elongated form.