Interiors of very small apartments: a magical transformation

Living room with kitchen in white color

Claustrophobia is a terrible, debilitating illness based on fear of being squashed into tight, uncomfortable spaces. This state of anxiety can occur at any time, anywhere and without any real advance notice. Those who have even met sometimes with such sudden "uninvited guests" are well aware of the desire to live in a spacious apartment where you can relax with your soul and body from the constraining frames. But what if the funds are enough only for small-sized housing?

Practice shows that a little diligence and magic, and you, dear visitors of the site about small interiors, can achieve complete disappearance of the effect of crowded and cluttered space, even in the smallest apartment. 

Step one: all about the gradation of walls

Kitchen with access to the laundry

Many of us were once big fans of Barbie and loved to play children's houses. All the charm of this lesson was to manage the whole toy world and, perhaps, an unusual idea of ​​interior design originated there. So, if we compare our apartments with the dwelling of these small plastic figures, most of the furniture in this device is very well suited for a small area. 

Step two: multi-purpose and multifunctional

Working area in a gentle turquoise color

In the case of a limited space, functionality is an integral part of the design of the room, which looks full without excessive enthusiasm for furniture accessories and decor.

A table with a bookshelf, a sofa that turns into a chic bed or, perhaps, a table top that folds into a wall. Multi-purpose interior parts are not only reasonable in design, they can often form very interesting components of your housing.

Step Three: Use color to emphasize

Masonry in the living room

If you paint the entourage, then you unfold images. Dark colors do not bear that flexibility and the ability to reflect light, as some are lighter. Even if you only have one wall in one of the bright radiant shades, you can make the most of the scale potential of its color rendering. If you want to add more dark paint or a few of its tones, then realize this possibility in the decoration, borders or small elements of the decor. So she emphasizes lightness and will not burden the interior with her heaviness.

Step Four: Do not play shadows games

Mirror wall in the dining room

Windows in small rooms are fundamental to success, no matter how beautiful or, conversely, your simple curtains in the interior. Bamboo blinds are designed for beauty and privacy protection, but just pull them up - and your room gets natural light and warmth. The top light or high floor lamps will also help in this problem zone. The higher the light, the more it will cover, concentrate, and as a microscope - increase. Remember that the more light in your apartment - so it will appear more spacious and airy. 

Following these simple recommendations, you can arrange your apartments so that they will become cozy and really comfortable, and you will forever forget about the cramped and inconveniences caused by it.