A unique project in the classical style for a young family

Interior of the living room in a classic style

To arrange a comfortable home in a small apartment for a young family with a child is not easy. To this end, its owners turned to a well-known architectural bureau. Non-standard ideas of specialists gave them the opportunity to perform a rational layout on the available space.

The developer of the project is the designer Maria Just. She represents the studio "Cozy apartment". The company began operations in March 2003, during the following years they carried out many interesting works not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Logo of the studio

Conditions of the customer

Spouses who are the owners of the apartment, soon plan to become parents. Their natural desire was to create a comfortable home. In it, the couple wanted to have a rest room, combined with the game area. Such a solution easily provides the family with an opportunity to spend more time together. We needed a working area and a cozy dining room. In addition to functionality, the room should have been stylish and attractive.

Bedroom in classic style Workplace on the balcony Dining area in the corner

Economical planning

Designers very rationally used the living space. First of all, they isolated the parents' bedroom and installed a standard bathroom and a dressing room, combining it with the hallway. 

Living room with fireplace in classic style Bathroom in light colors Storage System в прихожей

Storage System

The entire wall at the entrance to the apartment was occupied by a large closet. It is divided into sections intended for the clothes of parents and the child. The living room was also equipped with a number of cells for books and other interior items.

In the kitchen can not do without a pencil case or mezzanine, and built-in shelves are necessary for placing and saving the right things.

Spacious dresser in the hallway Boxes for storage in the kitchen


Made in Russia and abroad plafonds, built-in light bulbs and chandeliers are designed in a classical style.

Ceiling lamp in the hallway Spot lights in the bathroom Large chandelier in the kitchen

Color spectrum

Light, soft colors used in the interior, are pleasant for perception. They impress the spouses. Therefore, the interior is dominated by shades of blue, warm tones of beige, lilac and white.

Golden accents in a bright bathroom Bedroom in a calm color palette

Furniture and decor

The headset was made to order, especially for a small room, which has a large number of bearing walls. Textiles and interior decoration is chosen after buying furniture. Sleeping ensemble mistress of the house preferred from Loranmebel.

Wooden furniture set in the bedroom U-shaped kitchen set with glossy surfaces

Interior stylistics, difficulties in work

It was not easy for developers to make the closest rooms free, and also to create the maximum number of storage positions. But it literally transformed the apartment. 

In the design of the entire living space, the latest modern materials were used. Elements of neoclassical direction give sophistication, ease and at the same time simplicity of the situation. Large panoramic windows and light surfaces bring freshness and create the illusion of open space. 

Shelves for plants on the balcony Bathroom in a classic style Corner sofa in the living room

Dimensions of the apartment, implementation of the plan

Work on the project lasted a total of six months. By the end of 2014, it was completed. All housing has an area of ​​37.9 square meters. Its height is 280 cm. The area in square meters, per each room:

  • living room - 9.2;
  • hall - 7,3;
  • kitchen - 8.0;
  • bedroom - 9.4;
  • bathroom - 3,1;
  • balcony - 3.0.

Recommendations for repair, apartment drawing

The rules given below will help make your home as one you can only dream about!

1. For small rooms it is better to use light colors. 2. Small areas require excellent lighting. 3. Division into zones visually increases space. 4. The application of bold, original ideas will create an attractive and comfortable home.

The layout of the apartment in a classic style