And the kitchen, and the dining room, and the mole bedroom -

Black kitchen

This small but cozy apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It covers an area of ​​only 34 squares. But thanks to the efforts of designers, it was possible to accommodate even a comfortable dressing room in it.

White Interior Design Living room in white and gray color

Very much helped in solving the main problem Swede-like Scandinavian style, which involves the decoration of small residential premises in a snow-white color. Kitchen and living room combined, they placed objects that reflect light very well: coffee and dining tables with glossy surfaces. Thanks to this, the whole room seems a bit bigger.

The window in the kitchen was redesigned in such a way that now it is a wonderful cozy place where you can read a book. And in special niches made on both sides, there are shelves on which you can store all kinds of little things.

Bedroom with white walls Ikea shelf for frames Wardrobe

Adorable readers will appreciate the main detail of this interior - a wonderful dressing room that is in the bedroom. A rack, designed to store trifles, could be installed in the hallway.

Decoration of the balcony with greenery Classic tiles in the bathroom One-room apartment layout Small bathtub Entrance wooden door Small sofa on the balcony