Decorative pillows with your own hands - ways to create and

Decorative pillows

Room aesthetics is achieved with the help of decorative elements, which will complement all kinds of furniture, appliances and other dimensional items. In addition to the things that are regularly used as basic, there must be decor elements in the room, which give certain comfort and make you enjoy the interior.

Bright decorative pillow in the armchair

Consider the main criteria that should be considered when choosing decorative pillows for the living room:

  1. Number The living room is a rather bright room, which presupposes the presence of a variety of colorful objects. Therefore, do not place too many decorative pillows there, and especially those that have too bright color or a large pattern. Try to determine the amount to observe the measure. For a small living room is quite enough three. Decorative pillows на диване в гостинной
  2. Size If there is a small sofa in the room, it can not be loaded with huge cushions, as the criterion of proportionality will not be taken into account. For small-sized models small pads are suitable, and large models require you to have voluminous soft objects. Pillows with natural ornaments
  3. The combination of Pillows is an element that is used to create contrast in a room. Against the background of a single-colored neutral furniture, multi-colored soft designs look great. Saturated colors will dilute the atmosphere of rigor in the room, thereby giving vitality to the masters. If the furniture is made in dark colors, then on the contrary make a choice of design in favor of light colors, which will add contrast. Pillows in color curtains
  4. Form The form allows you to emphasize the bends and texture of furniture. If you have a long sofa, then use rectangular cylindrical pillows. For sofas, made for classics, square, which have rounded edges, will do. Elegant models need round with additional ornaments. Bright cushions on a brown sofa
  5. Pattern The choice of pattern is an extremely individual parameter. Here you can completely rely on imagination. We will only give some advice and ideas in this direction:
  • The classic interior is suitable for color options with gentle patterns;
  • For rooms with oriental colors, use a Moroccan ornament, icat, damask or paisley;
  • A universal option is to buy pillows with patterns: polka dots, zigzag, cage, etc. (can be used in any style);
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Decorative pillows в стиле прованс

Ideas of combination with surrounding objects

The basic rules to choose sofa cushions in the interior, were considered in the last section. Here we will talk about what basic ideas of a combination of pillows are present in the world of design.

Decorative pillows с разным рисунком First of all, you need to pay attention to the curtains. Select soft designs should be after selecting curtains. This is justified by the fact that the curtains are a decorative element of the interior. A similar color improves the general appearance of the room. Many salons now carry out sewing of both elements. Thus, you can save on buying fabric to create a sense of the integrity of upholstered furniture, but do not bother to search for the same material, pick options with a difference of one or two tones.

Bright cushions on a white sofa

If there is no desire to give a holistic look, then in the color scheme combine the decor of pillows with bright objects in the room. Combine with a bright vase in the room, a massive floor lamp with an interesting coloring. If the room has large puffs, then perform the cushions in color with them. To get to the point when choosing ideas for decoration, determine in the room the three primary colors, and make pillows in these colors. You can make three pairs of different. It will look beautiful, and create a feeling of comfort.

Multicolored decorative pillows

Baby pillows

When decorating a children's room, it is worth paying attention to the pillow-toys. The essence of them is clear from the title - an element of comfort and an opportunity to play. Such models are performed in the form of some characters of cartoons, animals, fruits or simply have a funny drawing. As a rule, they are not large, because they are designed for children. They will brighten up the child's sleep and allow them to feel comfortable during the day playing on the floor.

Children's decorative pillow-toy

When buying baby pillows, pay attention to the color and age of the child.

The idea of ​​children's decorative pillows in the bedroom

If the child is small, then do not buy "toys" that are easily dirty. Give the baby the opportunity to choose his favorite character, then he will not part with it. Do not pay much attention to the combination of a child's pillow with surrounding objects - on the ground it will never lie.

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Decorative pillows-буквы

Methods of decoration with their own hands

There are many variations to make pillows by hand. We want to consider the most interesting ideas that involve non-waste production.

Option number 1. Unnecessary clothes

Decorative pillows из старых вещей How often do clothes wear out, or do you grow out of it, and you have to throw it away? Now you do not need to do this. From old clothes it is quite possible to sew cushions, and do it yourself. You can not worry about the amateur appearance, because this is the essence of such products. It is better to sew such things out of sweaters or other soft clothes. Fill pads can be old clothes, which has a not very good appearance. You can decorate it with small homemade inserts. You can sew a few buttons, children's socks or something else.

Option number 2. Decoration of inscriptions

Pillow of shreds and unnecessary things If you have monochrome interior pillows that you want to decorate, then use old flaps from sewing or unnecessary clothes. Invent the original inscription, cut out the letters from the old material, and sew to the plain pillow.


For the beauty of the product, you can make letters from different materials. But observe the font and size of the letters. An excellent solution is to highlight the capital letter in some bright color.

Option number 3. Knitted pillowcases

Knitted decorative pillows When the pillows are not very presentable appearance or are already bored, crocheted pillow cases will come to the rescue. It will be convenient for you to wash them, and you can independently embroider a pattern that best suits your room. Use wide strings to give home color.

Decorative crocheted pillowcases for pillows

Decoration Ideas

Any ideas regarding decorating arise spontaneously in the minds. The embodiment of ideas depends on you.

Decorative pillows с вышивкой


Bright crocheted pillowcase for decorative pillows Models connected with a crochet or spokes will give an excellent home atmosphere. They will publish warmth and comfort in the house. Such variants are performed with monophonic filaments, so they look quite dignified against any style. Pleasant tactile sensations are provided - thanks to an incredibly soft fabric, which will allow you to relax perfectly.

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Hand Painted

Decorative pillow with hand painted There is a variant of registration with the help of special paints for the fabric. They perfectly hold, and have a certain level of resistance to moisture. Such pillows are very much appreciated in the world of interior, and despite all the simplicity of the product, they are handmade. The design may have some inscription or an interesting design. It is preferable to use a paint of the same color, but if desired, you can make some kind of colorful drawing. Be sure to pay attention to the paint you buy, because each paint is designed for certain materials.

Pillow of shreds of cloth

Decorative pillow from shreds Any small, even centimeter, pieces of tissue do not need to be thrown out. You can collect them all in a heap, and sew a beautiful pillowcase. Such eclecticism will look great. Do not worry about the mixture of different tones - this is only good. The main thing is to observe the uniform size of all the pieces. Either divide the sewing element into zones, to which pieces of a certain size will belong.

Decorative pillows в восточном стиле

Pillow book

Pillows-books decorative Bright and colorful design, which is both simple in design. As a cover, you need to buy a small piece of cloth with your favorite film, a book that has a square shape. To this segment, sew a soft part, which will gradually decrease to the edges of the cover. Take a square pillow that will be smaller than the cover. Place the square inside, and fold the cover so that it covers the square on three sides. After making a pattern once, you can use it for other pillows.

The presence of decorative elements in your room will allow you to look at it, having a complete idea of ​​the interior.

Pillow in the form of a book

You can always fill the emptiness of the room, supplement its key fragments, and just put a few decorative pillows for convenience. Follow all the above tips for decorating the living room, and then the guests will just be delighted, and you always feel comfortable on your favorite couch.