Apartment design 32 sq. m. m

One-room apartment design

Owners of small apartments always face a number of difficulties that arise due to a deficit of square meters. A small space creates big problems and constantly poses a choice: what to add, and what should be abandoned. A competent design project will help resolve a number of issues that at first glance seem to be dead ends. The apartment should be used not only for sleeping and eating, but also to be a "home-fortress" for a person, where he will get emotional discharge during rest and calmly be able to practice hobbies, receive guests and organize holidays. Of course, magic, "pushing the wall" does not exist, but there are a number of openings and tricks that will help to deceive the visual perception of space or compactly fit the situation in a cramped room. On how to plan the design of a one-room apartment 32 square meters. m and talk in this article.

The second option is considered optimal for small spaces. Following the principle of "Down with the barrier and walls", you can create an original interior design and compactly fit the necessary furniture in one large room, divided into zones. Of course, redevelopment is not always possible. If the owners want to demolish the load-bearing wall, then the whole project can be crossed, since no housing inspection will approve such architectural changes. By the way, even if successful, you will have to be patient and visit a lot of instances before the permission to redevelop will be obtained. To create cozy, comfortable apartments within a close apartment, you should listen to the opinion of professional designers and take on board a number of their tips:

  • If the apartment has a nice addition in the form of a loggia or balcony, they are combined with the rest of the area. Here they set up a study, a workshop, a rest room, a library or a dining room;
  • in the design use light shades and surfaces with horizontal stripes, so that the space seemed bigger and the room wider;
  • In studios or apartments with a modified layout, only light partitions or conditional zoning are used. The monumental walls will fragment the room into separate tiny zones, which it will be very difficult to tie into a single composition. In addition, the space will look like a puzzle, assembled from separate fragments;
  • use multifunctional furniture. The bed turns into a compact sofa, the table top is fixed directly to the wall, the sofas fold, and the built-in closets hide the flaws of the non-standard room shape and allow using more space for organizing the storage system;
  • Do not recommend experimenting with bright, catchy and slightly chaotic styles, in which interiors are filled with trifles and decor.

Wooden partition Partition in the room  Layout variant  Turquoise kitchen  Corner Sofa  Bed behind the partitions

Also, pay attention to the shape of the main room. If you are dealing with a square, it is possible to place zones around the perimeter or the central location of the accent site with additional ones near the walls. Rectangular rooms have to be adjusted to visually bring them closer to the correct form. In such cases, you can not use a parallel layout and place furniture sets from opposite walls.

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Space arrangement - ergonomics and zoning

If the redevelopment has been approved, then the kitchen is combined with the living room, and for the sleeping place a separate corner by the window is selected. The study is carried out on a balcony or arranged next to the bed. When combining, it is important to follow simple rules for combining functional zones:

  • The bedroom needs to be separated as much as possible from the rest of the space, so that nothing interferes with a calm sleep.
  • Between the kitchen and the living room, it is desirable to place a dining area that will act as a "buffer".
  • The living room can be combined with a workplace, as both areas are designed for active pastime.

Bed by Curtains Loft style  Beige Bedroom  Black lamp  Shelf instead of partition  The green picture above the bed

Furniture choose ergonomic, compact and performs several functions at once. Rational use of each meter should become the main credo of the designer. There is no restriction in the materials for finishing, but experts do not advise using a combination of a large number of different invoices in apartments with a small footage. This will negatively affect the perception of space. In the kitchen-living room, you can conduct zoning with a combination of plaster or masonry and vinyl wallpaper. In expensive apartments use veneer, cork or an array of wood. In more budgetary versions apply plastic, wallpaper, plaster. High ceilings are finished with gypsum board according to wireframe technology. For minimalism, a laconic white stucco is suitable. Stretch ceiling light colors with a glossy surface will fill the room space with freedom and ease. For finishing the floor use linoleum, laminate or a more expensive parquet board. In the kitchen area, it is recommended to use ceramic tiles, which are easy to clean and last for many years. The sleeping place can be mounted on the podium, the contours of which will be repeated by the skeleton ceiling. Zoning is carried out with screens, curtains, thin partitions of frosted glass or plastic. As an option, you can use the end-to-end shelving, table, sofa to separate zones.

The combination of different colors on the principles of contrasts or analogy also opaquely hint where one playground ends and another begins.

Combination of different invoices and a pair of decor arranged symmetrically along the sides of the conditional border will not load the room, but will affect the visual perception of the room as a single space divided into sectors.

Entrance hall

To a small hallway has become a cozy "face" of the apartment, which first meets the guests, it is formalized in accordance with the principles of minimalism. Light shades in the decoration of walls and ceiling can contrast with the dark floor. A stylish solution will be a large black tile. If the dimensions of the hallway allow, then it is placed in the built-in closet, which will become the main storage system in the apartment. Instead of massive furniture, a preference is given to an open hanger. For umbrellas and canes, a metal container is installed next to it, an elongated shape. A low pouffe or a bench will complete the design composition. Shoes can be hidden in hidden shelves under the place for re-training.

Painting with cats

Sleeping area

Every person wants to have at his disposal a spacious, luxurious bed, where you can sleep in any convenient position without the risk of falling to the floor. A large bed for a small apartment is not the best solution. Unfortunately, it will take up too much useful space, which is unacceptable in conditions of a meter deficit. For this reason it is better to give preference to a folding sofa. If there is enough space, then in the sleeping area put a closet with ergonomic sliding doors. Sweeping options are not considered at all. The bedroom is traditionally decorated in light colors. For finishing use natural, hypoallergenic materials. Optimum wood and its safe derivatives, in the manufacture of which toxic fixing compounds were not used. In light styles (Provence, Shebi chic, classic) apply wallpaper with floral ornament. The floor is finished with a laminate or parquet board.

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Black furniture Bed in a cozy place  Red sofa  A bed next to the desk  Interesting fixtures  Bed behind the sliding door

An unusual option will be the arrangement of a sleeping area on the balcony or loggia, if their width, of course, allows you to put a full bed.

Recreation Area and Guest

In the living room couch, a pair of pouffes and a coffee table is enough for a comfortable rest. Opposite the furniture set is a large rack with a niche under the TV in the center. In the loft style, the accent wall is trimmed with brick or masonry of light tones. The traditional brown color of the material can visually reduce the space. Wooden and plastic panels will look good in combination with the classic and modern interior, respectively. The wallpaper and the relief Venetian stucco underline the solid surroundings.

Plasma on the walls Round table  Corner Sofaчик  Black sofa  Leather furniture  Sofa and dining table

Arrangement of workplace

About a comfortable office in an apartment of 32 square meters. m. will have to be forgotten. A small place with a computer desk will snug comfortably in a corner by the window next door to the sleeping and living areas. If the library is included with the desktop, then you should think about moving the cabinet to the balcony. Here you can arrange a workshop for needlework. Also, books are placed on low shelves under a couch or a trestle near a window sill. Alternatively, the workplace can be disguised in a fake cabinet. Its internal filling will consist of a table top with the necessary attributes, and on the doors there will be shelves for small things.

Work desk by the window


Kitchen from the living room is separated by the dining area. To finish the walls of the room using vinyl wallpaper, ceramic tiles and sometimes PVC panels. The floor is covered with linoleum or covered with tiles. Do not recommend in finishing the kitchen to use wood, textile or paper wallpaper. These materials do not fit well with its particular microclimate. In the living room also try to minimize the use of textiles, which is difficult to remove and wash. Since the boundary between the zones will be conditional, the smells from the food being prepared will invariably spread through the studio and be absorbed by the cloth. For the decoration of the kitchen using several layout schemes, which take into account the location of the vertices of the "working triangle" (stove, sink, refrigerator):

ParallelTwo working zones are located at one wall, and the third - at the opposite.
U-shapedEach vertex of the working triangle is placed on one of the three walls.
L-shapedKitchen set and working areas occupy only two walls.
IslandThe layout is usually embodied in spacious rooms, but in the studio the kitchen can be separated from the living room with a bar counter or worktop that turns into a dining area.

Kitchen спрятанная в нише Small table in the kitchen  Light kitchen  Small kitchen for a tree  Kitchen в прямоугольном помещении  Corner kitchen

In a number of modern styles this room is trimmed with marble or its imitation, and the facades of the headset are made of chrome-plated material with a glossy sheen.

Bathroom and a bathroom

The bathroom is finished with tiles, artificial stone or plastic. A shell is better to use an invoice, since the bowl will free up storage space in the cabinet beneath it. In addition, this solution looks stylish and unusual in high-tech, eco-style, Scandinavian direction, minimalism. The bath is refused in favor of a compact shower. If the room does not differ large dimensions, then use a storage system of narrow hanging lockers. In the combined bathrooms the toilet is separated from the rest of the space with a matte glass or plastic partition. The ceiling is selected tension. This option will protect the room from the floods from above and emphasize the style of the interior.

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Shared bathroom

Stylistic directions

Almost all the stylistic variety to the services of the owners of small apartments. Do not recommend in close rooms to embody the classics, futurism and loft. These styles are best revealed in spacious apartments of private houses or luxury apartments with a large footage. But this does not mean that they can not be used. It is possible, but choosing with great care compromise solutions without prejudice to the main concept of the direction. Conservatives and supporters of traditions choose Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Colonial, Mediterranean, antique style, retro, Gothic, Contemporary. For those who are young at heart and follow everything new, high-tech, avant-garde, minimalism, grunge, constructivism, fusion, Scandinavian direction will do. Fans of cozy, "warm" interiors should pay attention to Provence, eclectic, country, cheby chic, Romanesque style.

Gray upholstered furniture In the style of Provence  Art Nouveau style  Black kitchen  Large panoramic window  Bed behind the wall

Color spectrum

In the color range, light shades prevail. An exception can only become a bright accent decor and dark floor (in the presence of high ceilings). In modern directions, use the "tasty" shades, which are akin to a breath of fresh air: olive, mint, tangerine, mustard, cherry, nut. In classical interiors, the brown range is taken as the basis in all its diversity: coffee with milk, beige, mahogany, terracotta, chocolate, vanilla, ocher. High-tech styles use a combination of white with dark (asphalt) and light (haliotis, silver) gray. Also in the palette apply blue, yellow, pink, green, coral. If there is little natural light in the room, then it is made more comfortable by a warm scale. Cold colors, on the contrary, are suitable for rooms with windows overlooking the sunny side.

In dark colors Bright elements  Blue walls  The combination of gray and wood  A big picture over the couch  Red items on white

Lighting Features

In the studio apartment from the central lighting either refuse at all, or supplement it with groups of fixtures located above each of the zones. If the ceiling chandelier is still present, then choose a simple, not too massive model. Be sure to install local lighting in the form of floor and table lamps, wall sconces. Decorative lamps, point light sources are located on the ceiling along the entire perimeter of the room or on the walls. In zoned rooms, some areas are partially devoid of natural light, so it must be compensated for by artificial means. If the room has a podium or a skeleton ceiling, its relief must be emphasized with the help of spotlights.

Spot lights Bright room  Swivel lamps  Multi-level ceiling  Floor lamps near the bed  Bright light above the table top


The final and, perhaps, the most pleasant stage of repair will be polishing the interior with decorative elements. Vases, caskets, baskets, boxes, sculpture, houseplants, paintings, frames, posters, watches, dishes, mirrors and souvenirs brought from travel are used for these purposes. Placement of decorative details in the apartment should be uniform. It is necessary to avoid the abundance of small ornaments, so that the room does not become like a warehouse of unnecessary things. As the owner of an apartment of 32 square meters. m., do not despair and put a cross on its beautiful and rational interior. A small space can always be transformed beyond recognition, if you use authoritative sources of information about drawing up design projects and connect fantasy to develop your own creative ideas.