The small pantry turns into an elegant dressing room!

Functional dressing room: a former small storeroom

You have a small storeroom in the apartment and you can not figure out how to use this space for a more comfortable organization of home life? So it's time to get acquainted with this article, in it we'll tell you how easily and simply unnecessary space of your house can be designed for a very stylish and simply necessary room for women!

Surely, many of our readers will agree with the idea that a good wardrobe for a woman should be such that you can walk for a long time, contemplate all its splendor, endlessly flaunt in front of mirrors and choose a toilet item, or simply consider shelves and boxes with refined outfits. You will be surprised, but even in the interior of a small apartment, these dreamy dreams about such a storage system can be easily implemented, with very little effort. To equip such a dressing room you need a simple small storage room.

Small dressing room in the bedroom A small dressing room in the pantry Wardrobe in the living room A small dressing room in the pantry Wardrobe with many shelves Cloakroom under the bed

Anyway, the wardrobe is a wonderful idea of ​​talented French masters. This word is translated as a room for storing clothes or changing clothes. In the Middle Ages in the richest mansions, without this practical room, not a single lady could manage, and even the male sex did not remain indifferent to him. In the locker room, there were items of a female toilet, various apparel, corsets, wigs, tools and chain mail.

Cloakroom in the closet Circular dressing room A small dressing room in the pantry Open cupboard with drawers Open cupboard with drawers Organizer for storing bags

In modern small apartments it is also quite possible to create such a practical and effective space for storing things. For these purposes, you can apply a pantry room that exists in almost every home. It is necessary to rationally plan its area, provide for spacious areas for clothes hangers, a large number of various spacious shelves and comfortable boxes for small accessories. And - voila - you have your own unique wardrobe, like the noble ladies of the 16th century!

Organizer for storing shoes Closet Cloakroom in the closet Cloakroom in the closet Wardrobe in the closet Wardrobe in the bedroom Wardrobe in the hallway Wardrobe in the bedroom