Cozy interior of a small apartment in scandinavian style

Bedroom Interior Design

Arrangement of a small living space is always a painstaking job. Unlike a spacious house, where a design fantasy has enough space for the embodiment of all bold ideas, the interior of a small apartment is much more difficult to decorate.

At what, not only is it difficult to embody the design, but also correctly formulate the whole meaning and essence of a compact monastery, equip it with a sufficient level of functionality.

We suggest that you evaluate the project of modern housing with an area of ​​39 square meters. m, where with the help of professionalism and non-standard solutions a unique atmosphere was created, clean and fresh.

The layout itself is rather inconvenient, a non-standard scheme was the first difficulty, because it is rational to distribute all the zones in such conditions - this is a difficult task. Creativity of the developers allowed to look at the existing structure from a different perspective, to consider all the potential and advantages that were planned to be realized.

Apartment plan

Just behind the front door a small hallway is arranged, and then the spectator is greeted by an amazing world of cleanliness and ease of Scandinavian style with its inherent dominant white in the interior.

The main background became an ideal canvas, on which the rest of the design looks impressive and spectacular. It is also chosen to make space seem so limited, since it perfectly reflects light, thus visually expanding existing boundaries. In the foreground is a kitchen that smoothly transforms into other social areas.

Kitchen interior design

A small living room is located near the outer wall and just a few steps away there is an exit to the balcony. This area is indicated by an elegant sofa of a rich brown tint, accessories on it, represented by pillows with the original print. In the center on the floor is an unusual rug with an ethnic pattern.

Also in the scheme there is another interesting furniture: a coffee table, an armchair and a console. Adhering to the framework of the style direction, there is a minimum of decor, and the one that is, discreet and unobtrusive. Correctly and accurately fit into the overall picture of the plant.

Interior greening is a lush decorative trees, flowerpots with luxurious leaves. In addition to them, galleries and unusual decorations in the form of dry branches with several leaves standing in vases are quite gallant and unusual. They symbolize the autumn season and the variability of the seasons.

Interior design of an apartment in Sweden Interior design of an apartment in Sweden

The kitchen and dining room are simple in their performance, the main condition that was adhered to in the design of the project is the maximum functionality, the ergonomic use of each centimeter.

Snow-white surfaces are harmoniously combined with wooden flooring, chairs with a similar material. This combination looks organically together and is ideal for compact apartments.

Interior design of an apartment in Sweden

As far as lighting is concerned, in this project all devices are kept to a minimum and are represented in only a few instances. Thanks to the bright walls here is not at all gloomy, but on the contrary, it is light and fresh. They are presented with original sconces and built-in lamps, as well as built-in lighting above the kitchen surfaces.

To the bedroom there is such an impromptu corridor, which hides in itself a few additional boxes, one of them is a system for storing things, the second is a compact bathroom consisting only of necessary elements. Instead of a traditional bathtub there is a shower, saving space for other plumbing.

Bathroom and shower room

The bedroom from the rest of the space is partially separated by a wall, and the other, the open part is a glass partition. A small room does not contain anything superfluous, only a large bed and elegant wooden chair. The windows are decorated with light curtains of the same shade as the rest of the interior. The whole design as such is light and calm, without intrusive and catchy details.

Bedroom Interior Design Interior details

Compact apartment in Stockholm This is an expressive example of the fact that the design fantasy does not border on a narrow framework. Thanks to the Scandinavian style of interior design, its respectful attitude to nature, natural materials and light colors in the space is cozy and fresh.

Simplicity and brevity of the image, a minimum of unnecessary details leave a lot of room for a comfortable and functional life.