Cozy interior of studio apartment

Interior of the living room in white color

On our site, the possibility of replanning a one-room dwelling in a studio is constantly being discussed. And this time, we propose to touch on this topic once more on the example of the reconstruction of a studio apartment in Reykjavik.

Facade of the building with small balconies

Until recently, this small but modern room, in which every thing was in its place and pleased the eye, was in a deplorable state.

And only thanks to the picturesque view of the central square with its sights it was decided to start overhaul in this one-room apartment on the second floor.

Small studio in white color

Consider the most significant changes in the layout, which made it possible to make the apartment more spacious, cozy and functional.

On each floor of the house there is only one apartment, and from each staircase there is access to a tiny balcony, which you can not leave the apartment.

Bar counter in the living room Painting with a sea view on the wall Interior of a small studio in white color Soft leather furniture in the living room Small glass balcony

This balcony was previously of no interest, until the designers took advantage of the possibility of joining it to the apartments. This allowed to create another entrance with a huge window that opens the view of the backyard and the seashore.

Another plus was that after these changes, the kitchen became freer and lighter.

Black bar in the white kitchen Black bar in the white kitchen

Further re-planning was even more ambitious. Virtually all the walls were demolished and replaced with steel beams. The windows were significantly enlarged, and simple balconies were replaced by French ones with glazed bay window, floor and roof.

If before the apartment was divided into several rooms, the new solution was the idea of ​​an open plan with the conditional separation of the bedroom with the help of sliding elements.

Suspended ceiling performs several functions at once: hides steel beams and sliding elements, divides the room, provides unlimited possibilities for playing with light.

Steel pole on the bar

Interior of one-room studio apartment also underwent a change. After increasing the size of the apartment with a glazed bay window and using the balcony as a new entrance, it remains rather small - only 52 sq. M. m.

Therefore, to visually expand the space, the interior uses a white color. All the cabinets are painted with shiny paint and installed high enough. The absence of handles makes the design even simpler and more perfect.

Exit to the balcony from the kitchen area Exit to the balcony from the kitchen area

The floors in the entire apartment are lined with gray-brown tiles in the size 60 × 60 cm by Casa Dolce Case

Interior of a small bathroom

Thus, it turned out small studio apartment with original design.

The layout of a small studio apartment The project was handled by the Norwegian studio Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor.