Cornices for curtains - 20 kinds of beautiful designs

An integral part of the design of the interior of a single room or the entire apartment is the curtain rails. This seemingly insignificant at first glance detail, in fact, plays a very important role. Initially, the eaves were used only as a holder, allowing you to keep the curtains in a beautiful position - this was their main function. Over time, it became clear that such an element can significantly complement the interior design, adding a certain "zest" to it. To date, there are a variety of types of curtain rods, among which it is often difficult to determine the appropriate option. To simplify the issue of choice, it is worth considering the varieties in more detail.

Types of curtain rails at the place of installation

First of all it is worth noting one of the main criteria by which all the curtain rods are classified - the method of fastening, which involves mounting the structure to a wall or a ceiling surface. It is very important to take into account such nuances as the surface finish material, the height of windows and ceilings, the presence of protruding wall elements, which should not be covered with curtains when closed, the general design of the room. Let's consider both types in detail.

Wall curtain rails for curtains

Это наиболее популярный вариант. Wall curtain rails for curtains являются универсальными, так как могут использоваться в любых помещениях, а также хорошо применимы в случае, если комната оборудована натяжным потолком. Существуют такие варианты, когда cornices for curtains крепятся к стене или же между стен. Для обоих случаев есть определенные правила крепления, на которые стоит обратить внимание. Необходимо, чтобы карниз выступал на 30 — 50 см от оконного проема (различные элементы, такие как радиаторы отопления и пр. не должны мешать свободному свисанию штор). Также соблюдается расстояние от поверхности потолка до карниза, которое должно быть в пределах 5 — 10 см. Монтируя карниз для более тяжелых штор, кронштейны стоит распределять на расстоянии 1 — 1,5 м.

cornices for curtainsнастенные cornices for curtains фото в интерьере

Curtain rails for ceilings

Если комната, где будет размещаться карниз, обладает низким потолком, для зрительного увеличения, стоит выбрать потолочный вариант крепления. С годами он набирает широкую популярность. Curtain rails for ceilings могут монтироваться и под натяжные потолки. Здесь есть два варианта — видимые конструкции, где между потолком и самой шторой крепится деревянный брус, на котором затем монтируется карниз и невидимые, имеющие более сложный монтаж, но создающие более привлекательный вид штор, спускающихся прямо с потолка.

потолочные cornices for curtains фото в интерьерепотолочные cornices for curtains фото в интерьере

Types of curtain rods - individual features

In addition to the separation described above, the curtain rods, depending on particular features, have an additional classification, namely:

In addition to these basic types, thanks to the inexhaustible imagination of designers, various combinations are also created in which the curtain rails contain elements inherent in different types. In order to choose the appropriate option, it is worth to read more in detail with all the features. Further in the article will be presented all kinds of cornices for curtains, as well as their photo with description.

types of curtain rods for curtainstypes of curtain rods for curtains фото с описаниемcornices for curtains виды фотоcornices for curtains фото в интерьере

Cornices for curtains, differing in material of manufacture

As mentioned earlier, depending on the material, the cornices are of four main types, but there are also subspecies.

Wooden curtain rods for curtains

Такие конструкции хороши для любых помещений, будь то гостиная, спальня и др. Wooden curtain rods for curtains изготавливаются из натурального материала. Использование на них разнообразных покрытий с помощью нанесения лака, краски или тона, создает вид той или иной древесины: красное дерево, махагон, орех, сосна, бук, дуб.

cornices for curtainsметаллические cornices for curtains

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Metal curtain rods for curtains

Этот вид признан одним из наиболее надежных. Металлические конструкции могут быть совершенно разнообразной отделки, благодаря чему, способны навеять помещению элемент эпохи средневековья, дополнить стиль хай-тек либо подчеркнуть простоту деревенского стиля. Metal curtain rods for curtains изготавливают из разных металлов и их сплавов. При этом наносятся специальные покрытия, которые защищают основу от коррозии и повреждений. Окрашивают поверхность с имитацией стали, золота, бронзы или серебра. Такой вид, как кованые cornices for curtains (фото отображает примеры авторских форм) также входят в группу металлических. Такие конструкции могут быть дополнены своеобразными отделочными элементами, включающими наконечники в форме стрел, растений, цветов и прочие.

cornices for curtains фотоcornice for Roman curtainsкованые cornices for curtains фотокованые cornices for curtains фото

Aluminum cornices

The aluminum cornices are very popular. They are fairly light and durable, have high strength. Their main feature is the ability to be bent in the right direction during installation. Therefore, aluminum structures are widely used for decoration of interior objects of non-standard configuration.

Cornices made of plastic or polyurethane

Cornices made of plastic, thanks to the presence of connecting elements, can be of any length. They are made from strong raw materials. Such cornices have special pads that often mimic natural materials, such as metal and wood. As a rule, plastic structures are equipped with corner pieces that allow them to be used for semi-circular shapes.

Cornices for curtains of various designs

According to the peculiarities of its external structure, the cornices are divided into five groups. In this case, each species has its own advantages and can best correspond to one or another interior of the room.

A common variety is tubular (round) designs, which are often used in any interior design. They are easy to install and do not require special care. As a rule, tubular cornices for curtains are one- or two-tube. In the latter version, one tube, thicker than diameter, holds a curtain, and the other, a thinner tulle. The versatility of such constructions lies in the fact that raw materials for their manufacture can be used absolutely any: wood, plastic, metal, etc.

Rail types of cornices for curtains are very suitable for owners of windows, window sills are rather narrow. This cornice has the form of a guide, along the entire length of which there is a special groove, where small hooks and rollers are inserted (curtains or tulles are attached to them). In the manufacture of the basis of the structure (guide), aluminum or plastic is used.

One of the most aesthetic types can be called framed cornices for curtains (photo emphasizes the elegance of such a fastening structure, covered with a decorative strip). Baguette will be a special highlight of any room, as the design of the bar can be quite diverse: imitation of natural materials, ornament or a certain tone, suitable for the color palette of the room.

String cornices are structures where the supporting elements are systems of strong cables (strings). They are not particularly strong and, in general, this option is used for light curtains, located in bathrooms or on balconies.

Profile - a suitable model for the windows forming an angle. Cornices for curtains of this kind are made of aluminum - a fairly flexible material, which can be given the necessary shape. This kind is well suited for decoration of bay windows and windows in the form of arches.

Classification of cornices for fittings and multi-row

Curtain rails have one, two or three rows, on which, accordingly, it is possible to place the main curtain, which has several levels, tulle and decorative lambrequins. Choose a cornice with a certain number of rows, you need to determine what kind of curtains will be attached to it.

An important point is the choice of accessories. In this case, this includes a variety of fastening material connecting the curtain with the cornice - rollers, hooks, hinges, eyelets and others. Each option is convenient in its own way. Here, the choice depends more on the preferences of the owners of the room, where the cornice will be located, and the general interior.

More modern model can be called curtain rails for curtains with eyelets. The photos of such fastenings demonstrate how elegantly the room equipped with such a structure can look. The eyelets are metal or plastic, and the diameter of the eyelets should be much larger than the main roof of the cornice, which will ensure a noiseless and unobstructed movement of curtains.

какие бывают cornices for curtains фотосовременные cornices for curtains фото

Cornice for Roman curtains - a special element of modern decor

Roman curtains - this is a separate kind of curtain, which can significantly enliven and decorate any interior. The main mechanism that ensures their uninterrupted operation is the cornice. Such a construction can be made from any of the above materials.

The main criteria by which this or that cornice can differ for Roman curtains are the dimensions and methods of control. Designs for standard curtain sizes are attached directly to the wall above the ceiling. For small windows the mini-cornice, which is mounted on the window profile, is more suitable. According to the mode of operation, the cornices are divided into those that are controlled by a system of cords, fixing the curtain at the required height, using a chain mechanism or controlled by an automatic device, such as a console or a unit on the wall. Choosing this or that variant, it is necessary to adhere to the general design of a premise (for an hi-tech style the aluminum cornice for the Roman curtains with the automatic device will approach, and for giving of an antiquity to an interior - a wooden cornice with cords).

Despite the fact, on which version of the cornice stopped looking, it is worth paying attention to its quality characteristics, in particular, the reliability and integrity of the structure. Also, curtain rods should harmoniously fit into the interior, complementing it. For example, wooden cornices in the strict version (without a lush curly decoration) will look good in classical style, plastic ones can be used in a room decorated in hi-tech style, but forged curtains with curvy tips will fit the Empire style (photos show some interesting design solutions).

design of cornices for curtains Photowhich cornices + for curtainsнастенные cornices for curtains фотоcornices for curtains