How to create a cosiness in a small apartment - several

Interior design of a small apartment

Probably, many inhabitants live in small apartments and dream of changing their housing for the better. This can be done even when there are ready small interiors, gradually changing those or other features of the premises. Modern designers are actively working on creating ideal solutions for a small area.

First of all, you need to choose the right finishing materials, the color and texture of which will visually add space. The optimal solution will be to use one basic and sufficiently light tone for all rooms, which then will easily come in combination with darker or more vivid shades.

Further, furniture should be purchased with appropriate dimensions, not too large but not too small. For the organization of storage areas, there is nothing better than built-in cabinets that can use any niches and occupy the minimum space. If you make them a height under the ceiling, then to accommodate things enough for just a few designs.

Drawing of a sofa

It is necessary to strive to ensure that there are as few separate items and decorative trifles. Laconic design is the best choice for a small apartment, and you can make the atmosphere cozy and rich with plants, floor lamps and sofa cushions, mirrors or chairs of unusual shape.

But from other trifles will have to get rid of, as they clutter the premises and make them uncomfortable. If some porcelain figurines. or products are very expensive as a memory, for them it is possible to allocate a small glazed corner. Photos should also be placed in groups, in order to avoid the complete hanging of the walls.