45 fabulous ideas for your garden

Soon the spring will come and it's time to do your garden, but for now why do not you plan how it will be? Here we offer you 45 fabulous ideas for inspiration that will help you turn your home garden into a truly magical place!

In the following photos you will find many different styles in which your garden can be made: with paved paths and lights, ponds and fountains, labyrinths and chess cells, small bushes and tall trees. Choose your favorite image from them and start planning! Some ideas may seem completely fantastic to you, but to implement them you need the same as for any other: garden supplies and suitable plant species.

You can do this business with the whole family or hire a landscape designer to help with advice. In any case, designing your own, albeit a small garden will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you, which can result in an amazing result! After all, there is nothing more pleasant than to enjoy a fresh morning or to admire the bright sunset surrounded by its own green paradise.

We hope that you will enjoy viewing the following photos, and let us know what ideas you liked most about the garden, leaving the comment below.

45 wonderful ideas for the garden (photo):

Flower gazebo on a private plot Balls of concrete for decoration of a yard Beautiful pond near the house Swing for children in the garden Mobile flower bed with flowers Landscaping of a large plot Design of a small garden near the house A small patio with an incredible garden Modern design of the infield Design of a garden with running streams Garden with a house for birds and other decorations Houses for bringing birds to the garden Path from pieces of wood A small fountain in the courtyard of the house A small garden in Japanese style Idea for plants in the garden Small toy house in the garden Idea for a small patio Beautiful stones in the garden Columns as a garden decoration Design of a small plot in the old style Beautiful infield design A small labyrinth in the garden near the house Furniture and other decorations for the garden Unusual homestead design The original idea for a yard in the style of a fairy tale Design of garden with partitions and tiles on the ground Backlighting paths in the garden Unusual planting of plants in the garden Decoration of the yard with plants in vases Chinese garden in the spirit of Zen Terrace with chic garden Small garden near the house Path in the garden in style Chess board in the garden Fantastic door in the garden design Decorating the garden near the house with stones Decoration of a courtyard and a garden with old things Idea for a stylish garden Arch with plants in the garden design A secluded place to relax in the garden Garden with narrow paths and high flowers A narrow patio in Chinese style Vases and a fountain in the garden