How to create the perfect house for a bachelor - iconic

Interior of studio apartment in black and gold palette

Visitors to our site will not deny the fact that the dwelling is one of the main spokesmen of their characters and personality. Therefore, when choosing accessories and decorative ornaments, one should be guided only by one's own taste.

Let's try to decide. If you find yourself in a cozy little cottage with one bedroom, decorated in warm colors and decorated with symbols of love, you understand that there are newlyweds living here.

If the fashionable studio apartment is oversaturated with soft toys and pink color, we can assume that this is the residence of a group of young girls. If the house is struck by minimalism, exquisite simplicity and ultramodern gadgets, most likely, in front of you is the home of a wealthy bachelor.

Studio apartment in black and white Interior of studio apartment in pastel colors

The main feature of this bachelor lair is simplicity. There is usually no confusion, too many details and accents and a variety of colors. Especially often used traditional black and white palette.

Bedroom in red and black color

The fewer pieces of furniture are found here, the easier it is to look after the living area. No single bachelor will spend the whole day in an apron and with a rag in his hands. He would rather buy a functional furniture set, hiding all that is superfluous and allowing you to spend a minimum of time cleaning.

Cloakroom behind the glass in the bedroom

The main part of the true bachelorage environment, of course, is a comfortable, spacious sofa of very high quality. In our time, especially popular corner leather sofas, which look bright and impressive.

In combination with glass coffee tables and modern lamps, they create a stunning interior in a modern style.

Interior of the living room in gray tones Living room in a black and white palette Interior of living room with fireplace

There is only one detail that almost absolutely meets in the house of any man. Even in adulthood, members of the stronger sex remain children who will never grow up from football or computer games. Therefore, in such an apartment you can find a corner dedicated to sports or your favorite team.

Billiards in the studio apartment Sofa with built-in TV

If the bachelor has enough funds, he will necessarily organize a special room for board games, a small pool and a sauna, as well as a cinema room in which the television screen will be pulled out from the sofa back, and the lighting system will be controlled using the remote control.