How to make a cozy home on 34 square meters? guide from

Large sofa in the living room

This typical apartment is located in the capital of Sweden, and it is furnished with the needs of a young, lonely person. And this means that it has a kitchen, dining, sleeping and guest areas, and they practically do not intersect, being in the same space.

Guitar in the interior of the living room

So, here we see a completely unusual solution. In frankly small dimensions of the room, the bedroom and the living room are in different planes. Thanks to the presence of two windows, this looks logical. And if a pair of sofa-TV look ordinary, then the bed has a unique design. She stands on two chests of drawers, between which a laundry basket hides. And you can get on the bed only on the nightstand.

Bed on the podium in the bedroom Clothes hangers in the hallway

This approach allows you to take care of a healthy dream, and enter into modern interior design elements retro (coffee table, chest of drawers) is almost imperceptible, without bright contrasts. This is important first of all for organizing the daily routine.

Carpet with a geometric pattern in the living room View from the window to the city

The kitchen, habitually white and equipped with various adaptations for convenience, also has a built-in music column. It's only with music that a real student can cook, right?

Brickwork in the interior of the kitchen Partition with bar counter

The washbasin is integrated with the countertop, and they are made of steel. It is practical, durable, and does not require special care material. But the table in the dining area differs solidity and massiveness.

Small cozy dining room Entrance hall in white color

This accommodation can be safely called a student's dream, because it not only embodies the desires of young people about independence, but also allows them to learn how to run a farm on a practical and comfortable basis. Share this material with your friends who have a small home.

The facade of a three-story building Sidewalk along the road