How to stylishly decorate a one-room apartment for a

Design of one-room apartment for a bachelor from Anastasia Muravyova

For visitors of our portal we have prepared an unusually fascinating story about one unique idea of ​​talented master Nastya Muravieva. Her client was an unmarried man who appreciates the minimalist stylistics in the design. On some outline sketches of the bathroom it will be possible to see two variations that the master has developed for him.

Specialist Anastasia Muravyova graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov and VASHD at MArkhI, as a result of which she was awarded an MBA at the University of Bristol.

At the moment, she is engaged in the design and implementation of the decoration of private housing and country cottages, as well as experience in design activities in the field of decorating public institutions. Besides, she is fond of art and photography, she is engaged in contemporary creativity and all her professional and creative ideas come to an end with luck.

Designer Anastasia Muraveva

Participated in art criticism presentations (CHA, passage "VHUTEMAS" and "73 street"), where she showed her creations. Its mission in the field of professional activity sees the embodiment of a rational, fashionable and comfortable space that takes into account the client's preferences and desires, as well as his financial capabilities.

Can work in all popular stylistics, without imitating other examples, but bringing a delightful uniqueness and special charm to any of your conceptual ideas.

Customer and wishes

The client of this project is a man. He prefers a simplified and calm direction in the design and a cool shade palette. Was well informed and carefully prepared for the project, when meeting and the first conversation with the designer presented the images of the desired decoration. In details he told about his demands (clear outlines, aphoristic decor, natural building materials) and technical aspects, which, in his opinion, need to be looked closely.

The project is implemented in the style of minimalism, as well as in a calm shade of colors. When designing the goal was set - to divide the living area and kitchen space, but not to apply the classical method, namely the solid partition. As a result, an exquisite configuration of columns and air glass fences was created, which provided the necessary separation, and maintaining spectacular illumination.


The apartment had a rational layout of rooms, but it was necessary to design a functional zoning.

Beige color in the interior of the kitchen

Illumination and coloring

It was decided to purchase lamps trade brand Fabbiani and Lucente, because their appearance is innovative and sophisticated. Among the collection there are unusual samples: in the living room - a lamp "Beluga" on extravagant consoles, over the dining area - hanging lamp "Amak", which consists of three plafonds.

The tinted palette was originally presented by the client - azure, turquoise and gray tone. Many will like this cold and indifferent gamma, but such wishes are rarely expressed: many people in most cases choose a cheerful sunny color.

To make the decoration look exquisite, the designer tried to avoid too saturated and colorful colors and to support the whole apartment in a serene, calm palette.

Interior of a small bathroom Interior of a small bathroom


If the time of the project allows the items to be ordered, the headset should be ordered according to the individual sizes and the drawing, since when purchasing from the samples in the assortment in the store, sometimes you have to make concessions. Thus, this decoration was also implemented, the author used the Eicholtz, Calligaris furniture, Haecker kitchen, Benedetti lockers and racks.

Interior of a small dining room

Accessories and Textile Matter

In the atrium of the composition of the main space of housing - painting Artem Diatyan Icons. In the kit, the designer picked up the carpet from the famous Jan Kat from the collection of Artworks with philosophical sketches of a similar turquoise hue that dominates the image. They seem to exist in the world to merge into this apartment!

Interior of a small living room

Possible difficulties

Design development was not so heavy, on the contrary, attractive and entertaining. The area of ​​the house allowed to arrange all the most necessary and at the same time not to load it. This is significant when developing the stylistic trend. The customer approved basically all the proposed ideas, but the choice of the design for the bathroom turned out to be quite painful, as a result, two variations were proposed.

I had to work on the spatial layout. The place of separation of the kitchen area from the residential was indicated by the location of the window opening and the supporting wall. To connect the two areas together the customer did not want, and the architect was against the classic option - a solid partition. Therefore, it was suggested to use two fences made of opaque glass panels.

Between them was a plasterboard partition. On the side of the kitchen area, a countertop is attached to it, in which niches are built, and from the living room there is a television display and an electric fireplace.

To the layout was correct and rational, the existing column half a meter in width was also planned to be lined in plasterboard sheathing.


Design of sketches and drawing plans was carried out in one month, about seven days was spent on the coordination of all aspects and details. The idea will become reality in a quarter.

Gray walls in the bathroom Gray walls in the bathroom

Tips for resource readers

Try to form an impression of open planning, even in modest in size housing. Do not load it with a furniture set, use built-in wardrobes and wardrobes. Use the volume vertically: plan the tallest lockers and other structures.

Facing should be uncomplicated, but sound. With such a calm and moderate interior, all the inaccuracies of decoration and bad building materials will look bright and visual for the gaze of the guests.

The decoration in the style of minimalism should not be monotonous and uninteresting. If you have chosen a moderate coloring, organize bright and colorful accents, play with the texture of matter. In some areas, use a variety of ways to wall cladding, create different levels of illumination system.

Brick walls in the living room


The total area is 56 square meters. m.

footage по помещениям:

- Corridor - 12 square meters. m; - living room - 21 square meters. m; - kitchen - 12 sq. M. m; - bathroom - 5 square meters. m; - Loggia - 6 square meters. m; Ceiling height - 3 m.


Layout маленькой квартиры Layout маленькой квартиры Layout маленькой квартиры

Additional Information


The lining was made by Benjamin Moore paint and varnish. The floor is covered with granite from Brennero Ceramici. The furniture set from Calligaris and Haecker Household appliances SMEG Lighting from Lucente


The walls are decorated with tiles from Keore Sanitary ware and mixers from Teuco Illumination system from Fabbiani

Living room

Облицовка выполнена с применением лакокрасочного состава серии Benjamin Moore, дизайнерская плитка Underground Пол декорирован паркетной доской «Таркетт» Furnishings от брендов Eicholtz, Calligaris Палас от Artworks Художественные аксессуары от Артема Диатяна, Алены Шаповаловой и пассажа «73 улица» Техническая сторона представлена маркой Philips Система света от Fabbiani