Interior design of a small apartment: innovative ideas of

Interior design of a small apartment in gray tones with red accents

Interior design of a small apartment requires, it seems, even more attention than the design of spacious apartments. How to fit in it everything you need and leave at the same time enough space for movement?

Taking the transformation of one of the tiny Boston apartments, which are L-shaped, the specialists decided to create a feeling of a smooth change of decor and maximize the available area.

As a result, entering the room, we get into the kitchen area with a small stylish suite on the left and a light glass table and high designer chairs on the right.

After taking a few steps, we find ourselves in a modest living room with a large TV, a soft couch and a circular carpet in the center. And if you turn your head to the right, you can see a bright bedroom, one of the attributes of which is a luxurious double bed. If necessary, it is hidden from prying eyes with the help of a sliding partition.

Interior design of a small apartment in gray tones

Interior design of a small bedroom

The whole room is decorated in light gray and beige tones, which makes it seem more spacious and spacious. The feeling of airiness intensifies when looking at large panoramic windows without any decoration.

The original find is an interesting graphic design of the walls and a splash of colorful spots in the form of bright orange chairs, crimson puffin, black floor lamp and other similar elements.

Openwork partition in the interior design of a small apartment

Dining area in a small apartment

This interior can be considered a model of elegance and a fresh modern look at the organization of living space. Maybe you are ready to give such examples? Then do not forget to share them with our readers.