Interior for a gentleman - exquisite design of a small

Interior of a bright studio apartment

In today's exclusive story, we will introduce you to the unmatched design of Victorian style apartments, which was designed and designed by Keir Townsend agency specialists in the British capital of London.

The main feature interior design consists in the formation of a calm and serene environment with bright accents and a classic furniture set.

This small apartment with a total area of ​​41 square meters is located in the London area of ​​Kensington in a building built in 1960. It had a simple and concise layout with one bedroom, a toilet and a kitchen with a guest cabin.

The couple wanted to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere in the apartments with plenty of storage space and chic furnishings.

The development of design for them involved a talented specialist Keir Townsend, who decided to demolish several walls and partitions, and replace bulky radiators with laconic and refined heating pipes.

Rational alignment designer furniture and the practical arrangement of functional spheres and zones not only markedly transformed the apartments, but also visually increased the area of ​​the premises.

The headset and accessories were specially designed for this creative project, they brought to the atmosphere incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

Interior of a bright studio apartment

The decoration of the dwelling was sustained in an elegant and refined style with a predominance of a light tinted palette that visually enlarges the area and brings comfort and warmth to the atmosphere.

For the reconstruction of the apartments, the master was picked up by chic fabrics and unusual textures that harmoniously blended with the overall style of the interior.

The kitchen area was equipped in the distance of the hall. It is equipped with a laconic and elegant furniture set with gray facades and a mirror apron. The dining table visually separates this room from the guest cabin.

He was surrounded by beautiful wooden chairs with interesting suede covers and neat brown trim. The luxurious chandelier with a long geometric lampshade, decorated with crystal pendants, accentuates attention to this zone.

Light studio apartment

For floor covering, the designer chose a sturdy ceramic tile with an expressive texture that looks like a wooden parquet. It fits perfectly into the overall stylistics of the decoration and brings to the atmosphere incredible comfort and warmth.

Living room of a bright studio apartment

Window openings were decorated with stunning Roman curtains and a beautiful translucent textured fabric.

Living room of a bright studio apartment

Bring in the design of the living space the brightness and creativity of the crimson accents used to upholstery pads and other interior items.

The workplace was equipped near the window. It is equipped with a miniature furniture set and a cozy leather armchair, which brings to the atmosphere incredible charm and magnetism.

Raspberry accents in the living room of a bright studio apartment

The bathroom was decorated in expressive and deep chocolate color scheme, which gives the atmosphere a special charm. The shower cubicle is accented with ceramic tiles, chrome plated modern faucet and glass doors.

Hidden cabinets contain a washing machine and additional shelves for storing towels.

Bathroom of a light studio apartment

The original sink was made using recycled glass with amber color and LED backlighting yellow. Richly decorated crystal lamps and Venetian tiles complete the luxurious decoration.

Sink with lighting in the bathroom of a bright studio apartment

The bedroom was kept in a neutral shade.

Bedroom of a bright studio apartment

In the next photo, you can see the layout of the housing with the functional layout of the main rooms and areas.

The layout of a small studio apartment

Unusual house from the specialist Keir Townsend in the British metropolis of London is a unique creative masterpiece.

It is remarkable for its location in the central part of the city in an old mansion of the 20th century, elegant interior decoration in a neutral shade of palette with bright smoky and crimson accents, as well as a cozy atmosphere that draws close attention and interest of the public.