Design of the orange kitchen +75 photo examples

Decor of the orange kitchen in the apartment

Creating a bright warm design of the premises in the house requires careful selection of the used furniture and furniture. After all, you can create an amazing design of orange cuisine by combining different colors. These can be catchy or soft muted tones, emphasizing a special comfort. Select a mandarin, pumpkin or carrot coloring can be part of the room. And you can make such beautiful accents in the usual design. For example, replace "boring" furniture or old fixtures. You can even install a bright refrigerator in the room, add colorful decor and curtains. In addition, you can use classic colors, add blotches of green, pink or lilac. Correct selection of tone transitions, gamma will help to stylize any area of ​​the room. It is important that the catchy design with correct implementation can increase free space.

The warmth of this color emphasizes the attractiveness and special softness of the interiors. It is widely used to create non-standard design. A special impact on a person is motivation for self-fulfillment. But a special combination of colors with pastel, discreet colors allows you to achieve ease and restraint of design, regardless of the purpose of the room.

Who fits the bright color

Not all owners are ready to decide to hold a bright decoration of one of the premises in the house. But with the right use of color, they can improve the comfort of living, change themselves for the better. Psychologists recommend choosing a bright design of the kitchen for people who are peculiar:

Constant indecisionEven a short presence in a room with a bright design will help you find the strength, quickly make the right decision.
Tendency to corpulenceAccording to studies conducted by psychologists, patients with 3-4 color color therapy started to feel more active with bright colors.
ApathyBrightness of color helps to get rid of indifference, low psychological sensitivity.

Orange apron in the kitchen Bar counter in the kitchen  African style in the kitchen  Kitchen in the style of Art Nouveau orange  Black and orange kitchen  The combination of orange and gray in the kitchen

Despite the positive effect of color on people inclined to fullness, it can have the opposite effect. The effect of orange with a bad appetite is the opposite: it promotes better digestion, causes mild hunger. Also, color helps maintain a normal level of hemoglobin: this color therapy is often used for children.

Small kitchen in the apartment Colorful kitchen in orange tones  Juicy yellow cuisine  Kitchen in Art Nouveau style  Orange island in the kitchen  Glossy kitchen set

Choose a shade

The presence of many shades of popular colors allows you to choose the most suitable options for the design of the house. They can differ in brightness, saturation. Most often when choosing finishes, furniture, appliances, decor, you can see products with this color:

  • orange: it is very warm;
  • honey (mixture with yellow or brown): it is distinguished by tenderness and smoothness;
  • Apricot (mixture with a gentle pink): attracts softness;
  • reddish-brown (mixture with chestnut): creates an unusual design, combining both restraint and active energy;
  • Tango (mixture with brown, can have a light red): differs "unobtrusive" brightness and special depth, saturation;
  • Carrot: stands out with ease of perception, creates a special comfort and warmth;
  • tangerine: bright and saturated color, has a powerful energy;
  • pumpkin: has the same qualities as carrot, but has less brightness, softer colors;
  • rusty (mixture with red): a saturated bright color.
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Bright lighting in the kitchen Kitchen in oriental style  Spacious kitchen in a private house  Corner kitchen set in orange color  Walls оранжевого цвета на кухне  Warm kitchen in a private house

Bright details and accents

The simplest solution to create a bright and unique decoration of the cooking area is the selection of a kitchen set with a mandarin or pumpkin facade. The surface can be matte or glossy. Create a less catchy, but no less attractive design will help choose furniture with white or gray facades and tangerine side walls. And you can focus on the following bright inclusions:

  • exhaust and vent box;
  • lamps, apron, sofa cushions;
  • furniture (table or chairs, sofa);
  • textiles (towels, cushions for chairs, sofa cushions, curtains);
  • finishing (wall, ceiling or floor covering);
  • shelves or decor.

Spacious orange kitchen Orange-green kitchen  Orange wall in modern kitchen  Wooden furniture in the kitchen in a private house  Gray-orange kitchen set  Stylish kitchen in black and orange color

Do not overdo it with a bright color in the setting will help the arrangement of 2-3 colorful elements on the entire area. They should be located in different parts of the premises, then they will not merge into a single spot.


Bright carrot or tangerine wall decoration allows you to distinguish different areas of the room, create a non-standard design. When painting or pasting all surfaces, the special warmth of the room is achieved. Optimum fit honey, carrot or pumpkin coloring, tango. True, such an option is not acceptable for the southern side, where the sun is getting: it will enhance the effect of the finish.

White floor and orange furniture in the kitchen

But for the northern side, this design fits perfectly. The absence of bright natural daylight will create an easy environment. Selectable wallpaper can have a monophonic execution, complemented by small patterns, large strips. A floor covering for such finishing should be chosen light or saturated brown (not dark). Then the overall design will be comfortable, not pressing. With a bright design of 1-2 walls, you can easily identify the zone of cooking and rest, visually divide the room into two parts.

Bright kitchen in the apartment Light wood in kitchen design  Kitchen-living room in orange color  White with orange in the kitchen  Solid orange kitchen  Brown-orange kitchen


The most advantageous solution for the design of the apron will be the choice of lining made of quality plastic. Such models are easy to clean, preserve integrity for many years. The surface can be glossy: it will contribute to a visual increase in the working area of ​​the countertop. Matte models are optimal for maintaining perfect purity. They are less accumulated pollution, do not see prints. Plastic pads can be of a monophonic design or complemented with drawings. The second option can have a dark or gray, white background and complemented by bright images: pumpkins, oranges, sunset views. Very attractive and panels with bright geometric shapes. The use of a mosaic will help you to customize the apron. It can be made from the same or slightly different in color tiles. At will can be supplemented with stylized curbs or panels.

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Black apron in the orange kitchen Bright lighting in the kitchen  Orange kitchen with hood  Corner kitchen  LED backlight in orange kitchen  Wooden orange furniture in the kitchen


An unusual solution for the bright design of the room will be the stylization of the ceiling. The budget option is a simple coloring putty, the use of colored foam curbs. Smooth matte surface will look original and catchy. For a room with a ceiling height of 2.7 m and more, a stretch ceiling installation is suitable. If you choose glossy surfaces and add point or small LED lights to them, then due to the illusion of a lot of lights, the space will be visually enlarged. Matte surface is perfectly complemented by a large ceiling chandelier. For rooms with a ceiling height of about 3 m, the installation of a multi-level ceiling will be ideal. One or more of its levels can be painted in carrot, tangerine color. It will also look good to split the ceiling into two parts with the help of levels (bright and bright), creating a pair of bright figured areas.

Orange furniture set in the kitchen

Curtains & Decor

Colorful curtains can bring in any design originality. To create a bright accent in the field of the window opening, you can use a variety of fabrics, curtain models. The simplest in the care will be short canvases to the window sill. No less simple, but more stylish look roll models. Flat cloth of such products is easy to clean.

Stylish decor of modern kitchen

To emphasize the unusual stylization will help the use of an exceptionally bright tulle. You can replace it with curtains. Such models make the design airborne, can be assembled into separate bundles or dropped to the very floor. The following products can be used as a stylish decor for decoration:

  • shelves with plates, bright collection service (different in shape, size cups and plates);
  • a pair of paintings with a white background and images of carrots, pumpkins, mandarins, with a vivid abstraction;
  • a series of lamps or a massive stylized chandelier;
  • vases for flowers or fruits, candy.

Large kitchen in a private house Terracotta kitchen  Small kitchen in the house  Kitchen in orange colors in the apartment  Luscious kitchen in orange color  Kitchen in high-tech style


Among the variety of modern technology, you can easily find non-standard models with outstanding design. Bright carrot coolers are very popular among many manufacturers. Models have a metallic surface, painted in bright colors. You can arrange this technique as a stylish addition to a bright apron or a dining group. But it is not worth buying for premises with bright furniture. In shape, the refrigerator can be either rectangular or slightly rounded. Such models under the 50-ies are perfect for creating a light and simple style. Standard technology will help to complement the ultramodern design. For a small family, one master will also suit a model in the form of a square with rounded corners. And you can replace it with an unusual pair with small dimensions: a stand-alone refrigerator and a vertical freezer.

Compact kitchen in orange color Small orange kitchen in the house  Kitchen-living room in orange tones  Kitchen of orange color  Kitchen set in a minimalist style  Flat black apron in the orange kitchen

Combination with other colors

Create a good color tandem with bright tangerine or similar colors will help the addition of such colors:

  • purple, purple. It is considered a classic combination, because warm colors harmoniously look together.
  • the black. Attracts the black-orange tandem with its contrast. It allows easy zoning as for width, length, and height of the room.
  • Gray. Neutral gray can easily be combined with catchy colors: it shades them, makes them softer and calmer.
  • blue, blue. Playing on the contrasts of heat and cold provides an unusual design. But to place products in polar colors should be as close as possible.
  • brown. Provides the creation of a warm home cosiness. The ideal complement is light brown, wenga.
  • pink. With bright colors, it looks good pink, marsala, clarified marsala.
  • green. Emerald and light green color can shade bright colors. Olive will emphasize its warmth. The other colors should be combined with extreme caution.
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Brown ceiling in the kitchen Combination of orange and wood in the kitchen  Kitchen 10 sq.m. with orange furniture  Orange kitchen with large window  Orange apron and white kitchen  Kitchen carrot color

How to increase a small kitchen with orange

Even a small kitchen with the right selection of bright colors can be visually increased and made as comfortable as possible. Decoration in this case should be chosen neutral: light gray, light-green, white, cream. The lockers and pedestals can be carrot or tangerine. For rooms with low ceilings it is worth choosing models with vertically stretched narrow facades. For visual expansion of the area, furniture with a horizontal arrangement of compartments is suitable. An attractive design solution for increasing the area will be the use of light red tulle to the floor. The floor covering can be light (for example, bleached wood) or light brown. But the ceiling should be white or cream. Both the natural and artificial light in the room must be bright, but soft. Otherwise, the walls will reduce the space.

Orange walls in the kitchen A huge kitchen with wooden furniture  Kitchen in Flower Terracotta  Stylish kitchen interior in the apartment  Carrot color in the interior of the kitchen  Simple kitchen in orange color

Style Selection

Using bright colors in the design is not allowed for all styles. Classics, Empire from him only will suffer and will be spoiled. But there are a number of areas that allow for the presence of catchy elements or finishes:

  • Mexican. For this style of catchy finish - the best option. As a supplement, it is customary to use deep saturated colors (blue, red, green).
  • Oriental. It attracts with its warmth, therefore it does not do without the introduction of pumpkin and carrot items of furniture or decoration.
  • Art Deco. It is distinguished by a special refinement and elegance. For such a stylistics are excellent fit in the colors of tango, rust.
  • high tech. Ideal for rooms where furniture with glossy red facades will be installed. Additional colors will be black and gray.
  • loft. The direction allows you to combine incongruous products. Therefore, against the background of a brick wall in the room, a pumpkin or red sofa will look appropriate and stylish.

Bright walls in the kitchen Orange cabinets in the kitchen  Orange bar in the modern kitchen  Печать с апельсинами на кухонном наборе  Black and orange furniture in the kitchen  Orange fridge


Bright and stylish decoration of the premises in the house and apartment is quite easy to make using original ideas. To begin with, the owners need to select the main and secondary colors to be used. The main color can be used to decorate the room, when choosing colorful furniture or appliances. Another variant of non-standard design is the creation of bright accents. It can be a combination of beautiful textiles, lighting fixtures or unusual decor. It is necessary to choose the appropriate style when creating non-standard design. After the catchy colors are not applicable for all directions. Also do not forget that carrots, tangerine colors symbolize energy, movement. Therefore, their abundance in registration is unacceptable for people prone to constant activity. But for indecisive owners such coloring will become a real find.