Interior of a modern apartment with an intriguing color

Elegant storage rack for books and accessories

Elegant storage rack for books and accessories

This small apartment has been renovated, the concept of its design has a simple meaning, expressing individuality and modern urban chic. Light, a combination of colors, wooden floors and snow-white walls form open feelings.

Beautiful curtains on the windows

Beautiful textiles on windows

In the interior, the main canvas is a snow-white tone, on which, as on a canvas, the artist formed his collage. The combination of noble saturated shades occurs in each zone. Moderation and sense of proportion in the design of such colors allowed the image to be easy to perceive and at the same time attractive.

Bright interior of the living room with red and black accents

The magic of contrasts

The laconic design of the living room consists of a minimum of parts and accessories. A fresh and dynamic atmosphere, an abundance of light and contrasts in the entertainment zone are designed to inspire the inhabitants.

Snow-white sofa with black and white pillows

Exquisite minimalism

A little small dining area, defined by a chic suite. As a highlight of this housing are flowers, bright red poppies, the print of which is painted on the walls.

Stylish furniture

Stylish furniture

Painted on the wall bright flowers

Beautiful drawings as bright decor elements

A compact kitchen is designed in a similar way. Due to lack of square meters, developers had to compensate for them due to visual attractiveness. And they managed to achieve an excellent result.

Snow White Kitchen Set

Smooth matte facades of a stylish headset

Built-in furniture in the kitchen

Built-in furniture as a way to more efficiently use the space

The bedroom is much larger, but its interior is not distinguished by an abundance of furniture. Simply and tastefully formed picture impresses with its modesty. Thanks to the snow-white finish, you do not immediately understand where the boundary between the walls and the ceiling is and this condition allows you to organize feelings of freedom and airiness.

Bedroom in minimalist style

Unconditional and neat appearance

Elegant storage rack for books and accessories

Small but practical bathroom

Street, on which the windows of the apartment go

The busy narrow streets, which look from the windows of the apartments

Harmonious interior of a modern apartment more than compensates for the lack of square meters. Thanks to properly selected shades, their balanced combinations, the image of the dwelling turned out to be calm and inspiring.