Master class for young owners "odnushki": several simple

Attractive interior of a one-room apartment

Unfortunately, for us, the problem of many small apartments, especially odnushek, is still vital for the rational use of the space available in them. Some tips from designers come to the rescue. As a rule, the only room used by the host or hostess as a living room is for the reception of guests, but in fact somewhere you need and sleep, work, eat ... For this purpose, a favorite reception of decorators is used, like zoning. It is done in different ways: with the help of today's multi-level ceilings, floor-podiums, light curtains, veils, carpets, various screens and partitions, for which even an ordinary school workbench will do.

They can be arranged from some furniture items, using for this purpose cabinets, bookshelves and bookshelves. Using simple equipment, you can get homemade racks that will help you to properly organize free space, dividing it into the required number of zones and using it economically to accommodate the necessary household items. Such help will serve, for example, a combined workbench.

Often, as a finishing material, a light color is used, which visually expands the space, and zoning is carried out using different shades. For a visual increase in the area, the mirrors also serve, and one more technique may be the placement along the boundary line of racks with green climbing plants located at different levels. In order to use everything to the maximum, modular furniture should be used for furnishing, freely composing it depending on the circumstances that develop. Perfect fit solutions with built-in or folding - these are the tables, beds. As an economy, you can use a serving table on the wheels: then as a lunch, then as a journal, and, if necessary, can serve as a written one.

Applying these tips, in a one-room apartment you can equip an office, studio, bar, gallery, museum, home theater and even a workshop, if you make a workbench, disguising it under a desk.