Design of a dacha with your own hands - ideas and photo

Design of the cottage

Design of the dacha with our own hands: we embody a fairy tale in life. What can be done to decorate the country house and the adjacent site so that passers-by would fold their necks, and the guests would instantly catch fire with the idea of ​​buying a hacienda and organizing on it the same corner of heavenly rest, peace and quiet as you? To design a dacha with your own hands means to tell your life story with natural materials, to carry out a project with a bright personality, colored with amazing impressions, favorite stories and a joyful attitude towards suburban life.

If the interior decoration items of the house can not be too large, mainly textile textiles, wall decor and small accessories that are the accents of the premises, the dacha's decor can be divided into large-volume, medium-sized and quite small - the "highlight" of a corner garden.

Elements of decor

Large forms of decorMediumSmall
Garden buildings

Decoration of the garden

Creating green arrays, alleys

Paths, access roads

МАФы (беседки, перголы)

garden furniture


Barrels, containers

Alpine hills, rockeries


Use of household items as pots for flowering plants

Feeders, bird houses, houses for useful insects

Decorate the entire plot is based on its features (shape, division into zones, height difference, prevailing verticals, available groups of green spaces), given the view from the window of the central room or the favorite room in the house, based on their own hobbies and financial opportunities.

Decoration of a site

To help beginner samodelkinu will come advice of more experienced masters, books and master classes, and "advanced" decorators should use the results of their hobby to decorate the surrounding space from improvised materials, or can learn from knowledgeable people something new.

Design of the cottage

Wooden decoration of the plot

For the decoration of the dacha, all parts of the tree are suitable, beginning with its branches and ending with stumps with remains of roots. In different variants, wood materials are subjected to various treatments: they are soaked, sawed, sanded, grinded, spread on boards, covered with stain, hollowed out.

Wood decoration

Braided decor. When it is made, a specially prepared willow vine or the length of cut branches of deciduous trees of small diameter are used. The main indicator of the material used is flexibility. By the method of weaving create:

  • fences, doors in the garden part of the plot;
  • framing of high beds;
  • The baskets and boxes, as a storage place for garden accessories;
  • volumetric containers for the landing of luxuriantly flowering summers;
  • garden sculptures;
  • balls of different diameters, as an element of the decor of strict minimalist gardens, replacing stone.

Wicker Decor

Council. When creating beds and containers, lay the inside of the object with geotextile or heavy cardboard, so that the ground does not spill out into the gap.

Wicker Container

Decoration with the use of natural forms. In this version we use oshkurennye parts of logs with a root and thick roots for making garden benches, bird feeders, the bases of children's houses in the style of Russian folk tales and the design of playgrounds.


To create a flower girl, the inner part of the stump is removed, leaving a few centimeters of the outer layer, a layer of drainage, a soil mixture is laid in the groove, then flowering flights are planted. To enhance the effect of naturalness, in some cases, the embossed woody bark is left untouched, and long-flowed ones, such as nasturtium, are chosen from plants.

Elements of decor

Woodwork decorated woodwork

Covered with stains or paints for exterior work on wood boards and bars are allowed on benches, small garden forms - arbors, arches, pergolas, canopies for grapes.

Summer decor

Special skill will require the creation of a slightly inclined cart for plants and ornamental pumpkins, from which flowering petunias or pumpkin "lanterns" flow to the earth with a bright waterfall.

Decor with flowers

A bridge, crossed by a small creek, made by one's own hands, as an interesting accent of the romantic corner of the garden, makes it possible to stand and look at running water - one of three phenomena that, according to the sages, can be observed endlessly.

The bridge across the stream

Beginner home masters can start making elements of garden decor from objects that require less effort, time and skills of woodworking.

  1. The wooden frame of containers for flowers, made from any plastic, tin or enameled containers, will allow to remove from the garden a disagreement and bring all the decor to one style denominator.
  2. Using as a starting material wooden pallets left after a large construction site, will clean the site of construction debris, turn it into garden tables, benches, stools, compost boxes or a seedling table next to the cottage for summer dachshund, where the gardener will conveniently dive and transplant plants.
  3. The simplest variant of decorating with garden elements is the creation of straps from textured ropes and wood laths (suitable for trimmed door trims of the required length) making plastic barrels to collect rainwater is not a foreign object that you want to remove from your eyes further away, but a full participant in the decorating performance.

Use of wooden pallets

Houses for domestic animals: decoration and use at the same time

Together with people in summer, those who walk on four paws move to the dacha. Getting "free bread", they refuse to stay in the house all the time, but they demand free walking. Also, if the owners have a certain courage or desire to eat environmentally friendly, natural products, in the backyard household can appear layers, ducks or rabbits.

House for rabbits

For the hand-built construction of a henhouse or a dog booth, which, in addition to the practical benefits, can become worthy decorations of the economic part of the dacha, it will take much more skill and free time. However, the pleasure that the master receives from admiring other people and realizing the level of his own skill is worth it.


Projects of modern buildings for pets are castles, cottages, mansions and towers in miniature, concealing behind a beautiful facade full-fledged premises for comfortable living of those who protect, nurse and relieve the nervous tension of family members. In such houses in different styles, the device of a flat grass roof, windows with painted shutters, a decorative balcony on the pediment or carved pillars supporting the canopy over the terrace for the general favorite is interesting.

Cat lodge

Paths made of stone and concrete

Materials of increased strength - stone and concrete, capable of taking any shape, are suitable for creating decorative elements of a suburban area of ​​various sizes.

Alpine hill

Horizontal planar decoration takes place by delineating a section with pedestrian paths, areas and access roads. If you look at the hacienda from above, then the correct lines of the tracks should be woven into a simple, but harmonious pattern. In small cottages are not recommended to do the path of straight or sharp turns.

Horizontal decoration

Variants of tracks available for hand-making:

  • concrete (continuous pouring, the creation of individual blocks by mold casting);
  • stone with gravel framing (on a dense base stones are laid, in intervals gravel with condensation is filled up);
  • stone with a lawn framing (around the main flat stones on the layer of the earth, lawn grass is planted, which is cut along with the lawns);
  • Gravel (in the bed of the track gravel is poured);
  • paving stones (granite blocks or concrete analogue of old street masonry are used);
  • pebble (a large pebble, put on an edge) is pressed into the cement mixture by a dotted pattern.

Gravel path

Selecting materials by color and shape, mixing different techniques, changing the direction of laying, a real master can create tracks that can not be repeated. The chain of routes laid at will of owners, connecting different corners of the garden, organizes space, delineates it into zones and makes it unlike neighboring cottages.

Decor from gravel

Council. When excavating soil to prepare the bed of the garden path, after placing the curb stones, lay the high-density geotextile on the bottom with the plant on the walls of the groove (used for the construction of road surfaces). It will not allow to leave the ground to the ground (sandy-gravel layers), to protect against the germination of weeds. Only then backfill and lay the facial material of the track.

garden path

Small бетонные формы

Plastic concrete can be used to create small in volume decorative elements that can bring intrigue into the quiet course of country life and revitalize the monotony of remote green corners.

Concrete tracks

The main thing in the process: the choice of a quality mixture, the accuracy of the filling, the removal of internal air bubbles and careful subsequent processing, including the decoration of various materials, if the concrete color of the concrete does not suit the master.

Concrete tracks

From concrete it is possible to make original decorations of a country site:

  • the base of a fountain or a small waterfall;
  • garden table and "eternal" chairs, finished with stone, tile, faience mosaic;
  • a sundial on a stand;
  • bathing facilities for birds;
  • man-made stones with moss grown in deepenings, cleaned.

Very interesting is a bird's drinker, cast from concrete, where a form of burdock or rhubarb served as a form. The combination of a natural pattern of sheet veins with technological material will successfully decorate the dacha in a modern style.

Bird's Bottles

The main task of any owner is to make your suburban area attractive, convenient for living. Even nature does not have everything perfect, but when a person intervenes, doing construction work and breaking harmony, then decorating is required.

Gazebo at the cottage

Some area of ​​the adjacent territory should be hidden, and the most successful prospect or cozy corner to accentuate, give the viewer so that he does not by any means pass by. Attaching diligence, patience, and also some efforts it is possible to turn the usual summer residence in the fantastic world by own hands.