Practical and cozy interior of a small apartment

Interior of a small apartment in light colors

Interior of a small apartment 13 m2

In front of you is the interior of a small apartment, designed by Polish designer Simon Hanzar. Despite the very compact area, there was a place for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in the dwelling. Bedroom under the ceiling in the interior of a small apartment

The mezzanine design with a closet and a berth

The designer's goal was to optimize the space for a more comfortable stay, as before the apartment was used only as a place to stay overnight. Wardrobe in the interior of a small apartment

Multi-function built-in wardrobe

According to the owner, this small studio was for him something like a hotel, but at some point he decided to turn it into a full house. 

The double bed is arranged on the upper level of the mezzanine structure, inside of which there is a bathroom, finished with white tiles.

A tiny kitchen is located behind the entrance door, which creates minor inconveniences in the operation of its individual components. Use a sink, cupboards and built-in cutting board can only be done when the door is closed. Hammock in the interior of a small apartment

The sleeping place is arranged on the mezzanine

In front of the bathroom, in a large closet, a washing machine, clothes and some household items are hidden.

The staircase, moving along the edge of the wooden structure, provides access to the cabinet. Sleeper under the ceiling

View from sleeping area

A small table is located opposite the roomy chest of drawers.

The presence of well-chosen elements of the decor made the apartment not only functional, but also cozy. Even a small square did not prevent the designer from combining comfort and functionality: for fans of hanging in the clouds there is a hammock suspended in front of the window. Dining area in a small apartment

Bicycle is the main decorative element of this small apartment

A bicycle, according to the designer, is an indispensable attribute of city life, as well as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Due to lack of free space, he hung a bicycle on the wall, turning it into an interior decoration. Bicycle in the interior of a small apartment

Workplace Design

White walls and floor visually increase space, and table lamps and plants enliven the minimalist design of the room. Retractable table in the kitchen

Kitchen interier

Today, the organization of space in small apartments is of great interest to designers. Specialists from different countries create multifunctional wooden structures containing several rooms and places for storing things, and even entire mini-houses. Small bathroom in white color

Functional design of the bathroom

Limited space is not a sentence. Even in a small area you can create a unique design that will be functional and comfortable. The layout of a small apartment

Plan for the design of a small apartment

Interior of a small apartment - side view

View from the workplace