Fascinating design of the room for a girl or 61 idea of ​​a

Today's girls are not languid creation of the century before last. The interior of the room for a modern girl should not be pretentious, pretentious and heavy, on the contrary, now there is a light youth style in the trend.

Modern women are no longer so romantic and dreamy. They are no less active than boys. Therefore, if the parents are going to create a new room design for a girl who has already grown out of the "puppet" age, they should first of all rely on her interests and tastes. When creating an interior, take into account the age of the hostess.

The design of a room for a teenager of 13-16 years is significantly different from the design of a 20-year-old girl's bedroom, and the color scheme will depend on the chosen interior. In this respect, it is important to remember that monotony and purity of colors can quickly become boring, brightness and variegation - annoying, so it's better to choose halftones rather than pure colors.

In a room of bright pink color

According to the classics of the genre for decorating the room for the girl, you can use accents of bright pink color.

Stylish, concise design of the room

The stylish, laconic interior of the girls' room is practical and functional. A white-pink tone is the dream of any young lady.

White interior

The white interior is notable for three paintings with bright red thin frames.

Gently-violet color of the room

Gently-violet color organically fits into the interior. An interesting decoration solution is a wallpaper with a picture of flowers.

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The room of a teenage girl

The grown up girl aspires to self-expression, therefore, thinking over the design, it is first of all to listen to her opinion. You can arrange a room in a variety of styles: from classics to high-tech. You can create your own bedroom design, which will fall out of traditional styles. The main thing is to observe a sense of harmony and action.

In the room of a teenage schoolgirl there must necessarily be a desk with bedside tables or shelves for textbooks and other school supplies, a wardrobe and a bed. In a room of small dimensions, it is not so easy to fit all this, so furniture is traditionally placed along the walls.

Turned lamps

Correctly selected lighting for the girl's room. Turned lamps and a ceiling chandelier complement each other and give enough light.

Creative design of walls and ceilings

Creative design of walls and ceiling. Shelves are arranged in a niche made in the form of a flower stalk with leaves. A functional and practical solution for the room of the little princess.

Bed for a teenage girl is better to choose a single, but for adults, so as not to change it every 2-3 years. To place a bed is better in the far corner of the room. Well, if under the bed will be drawers, in which you can store not only bed linens. You can also choose a bed-transformer, which in the afternoon will turn into a cabinet.

The wardrobe for the teenager must contain an increasing wardrobe. It is better to make it shallow, so as not to occupy excess space in the room; The clothes in it will be hung parallel to the back wall. However, the length of the cabinet should be more than 1 casement.

Hobbies and interests in adolescence often change. Therefore, the design of the room for the girl needs to be formalized taking into account the fact that the hostess will want changes in a couple of months, and will have to do a reshuffle. In this regard, you need to leave as much room for maneuver.

Design project

The design project was commissioned by a teenage girl. The combination of white and pink make the atmosphere cozy and romantic.

Pink Room

For decoration small in country style, white furniture and a ceiling chandelier simulating candles are chosen.

Student's room

When a girl passes from the status of a schoolgirl to the status of a student, she no longer needs so much room for textbooks and notebooks.

The place for classes can become more compact and organized. She needs more space to meet with friends, so the room is better zoned, separating the visually working area from the guest. Do it by using ceiling and / or ceiling levels. The working space can be made shaded, and the area for guests to brighten more brightly, placing there ceiling lamps: mounted or dangling; Single or located in groups of 2-3 pieces.

In a small room it is difficult to single out a separate sleeping area. Therefore, as a bed, it is better to choose a sofa bed for guests to sit down.

Flower motifs used to decorate the walls in the girls' room can also be traced on curtains and bed linens.

Flower motifs used to decorate the walls in the girls' room can also be traced on curtains and bed linens.

Classic white and pink decoration of the room of a small fashionista.

Classic white and pink decoration of the room of a small fashionista.

Cozy room

Noble light beige shade in a stylish room for a lady. Muffled light makes the atmosphere warm, home-like cozy.

Stylistics of the girl's bedroom

A bedroom is a room for rest. It can be allocated a corner for the workplace. However, you can not use this room as a party lounge, unless the room has a large footprint, where you can select a guest, working and sleeping areas. This option is possible either in a one-room apartment or in a country house. However, in the mansion the bedroom does not need to be combined with the living room.

There are different design ideas, and the choice should be based primarily on the nature and hobbies of the hostess.

Mediterranean style

For the design of the girl's bedroom was used the Mediterranean style. Turquoise accents and thematic wallpaper with photo printing make the interior easy, unobtrusive, summer.

Stylish room for two sisters

A stylish room for two sisters is equipped with functional, roomy furniture.

For a romantic girl

The design of a bedroom for a girl with a romantic character can be decorated in a classic style.

For walls and ceiling choose pastel colors. Textiles - curtains, bedspreads, pillows, upholstery - can repeat the color of the walls, but be more saturated with shade. Furniture is chosen from natural wood warm colors. Bright spots in such an interior will be inappropriate.

As for the accessories for the bedroom in the classical style, it can be photos in the framework, vases with flowers, lamps on the bedside table, chest of drawers or a table for make-up. They can be made of bronze, porcelain and imitate candlesticks.

The design of a room for a girl in a classical style must necessarily include mirrors of an oval or irregular shape in the frame. They can be placed simply on the wall or above the dressing table.

Romantic natures also choose such styles as art deco, shebbie or country, which are more free in choosing colors and materials than the classics.

In the eyes immediately rushes a large bed with a canopy. The room of the creative girl is decorated with paintings painted personally.

In the eyes immediately rushes a large bed with a canopy. The room of the creative girl is decorated with paintings painted personally.

Stylish room

The stylish room is decorated in an art deco style. The combination of bright, catchy colors makes the interior rich and creative.

For active nature

The design of the bedroom for a young person is active and purposeful in a modern style, not seeking to match the ready-made interior solutions. The style can be eclectic. The main thing is maximum functionality combined with comfort.

Girls who spend a lot of time working should fully rest. Therefore, their bedroom should be equipped with the most comfortable bed, for example, a bed with lamellae with orthopedic mattress. In such a bedroom there can also be a TV set opposite the bed on the dresser or directly on the wall.

Laconic design

The laconic, modest design is notable for the panoramic windows that let in the room a sufficient amount of daylight.

Multi-Stretched Suspension Ceiling

Multi-tier stretch ceiling is equipped with a correct, unusual lighting. Luminous LED stripes illuminate the room with a pink glow.

To create the atmosphere that is most suitable for relaxation and sleep, the colors of the finish should be muffled. The bedroom can combine dark and light colors. The main thing is that they are not annoyingly bright.

Accessories for the girl's bedroom in a modern style - it's lamps without unnecessary decorations, black and white photographs in a simple framework or completely without them. Active girls prefer to choose their own.

Compact room

A compact room of an active girl who is a fan of Star Wars.

Active girls prefer to make out their rooms functionally and practically. Numerous shelves, restrained, but stylish furniture - everything a young activist needs.

Modern girls prefer to design their rooms functionally and practical. Numerous shelves, restrained, but stylish furniture - everything a young activist needs.

Variants of interior design of a girl's room